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  1. Chloey


    oh! haha I don't remember much of my time here except that I did post a story somewhere here for Tranzit ... thanks guys
  2. Chloey


    Hi there! I was once an active member pretty much three years ago during the hype of Black ops 2, after a long break away from the zombies community I think it is now time to reignite my love for Zombies! Anyway.. Cya!! Wow.. the forums have changed a lot during my time away, can barely find my way around here!
  3. I love everything about the game, the game makes me want to cry tears of joy because I love it so much. Just gonna go play... bye.
  4. Final part in OP. Also, lol. WHY SO FORMAL?
  5. For the one person liking the ray gun, in my head I see as them seeing this weird looking gun which we know as the wonder weapon or ray gun but to them they've never seen it before and not quite sure what it is or what it does, so only the girl has the guts to really get the use out of it until the others decide to try it (possibly). As for the commas I know I have problems with misplacing them in sentences and I tend to leave them as they are but when I begin writing a new part I will correct my errors with the other parts. and I just noticed you called me chlojob. Lol I had to re-read that to make sure I wasn't seeing things.
  6. No problem, good to see that it's getting you excited for the game :)
  7. I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. But I will find you, and I will give you a hug. +1. haha, yay!
  8. If that's how you like to see it then see it that way, won't make any difference to me +2 for not argueing with Titan. I'm not one to argue, gets me nowhere. That's fine, and I'm sorry that it came across like you saw it but I genuinely want everyone to be positive about the whole thing instead of being so negative, it's not nice to see.
  9. I think she basically wants to say that people should play the game before they make a judgement on it. And that she is tired of people writing how bad it will be only because they haven't seen a full gameplay video. :roll: This. My point exactly.
  10. If that's how you like to see it then see it that way, won't make any difference to me :)
  11. That's what I like to hear. agreements and good spirits :D
  12. I'm putting this thread here for the sole purpose of most of the whining and disappointment here. I've witnessed a hell of a lot of whining and ungrateful comments about the info we are receiving regarding black ops 2 zombies. I for one am really excited just for the little glimpses we have been given and I think you all should be too, have any of you ever thought about Treyarch not wanting to ruin this for us? Drip feeding us tiny bits of information so that we can figure it all out for ourselves, which by the way is something we have all been doing to piece together the zombies storyline for quite some time. Now, feel free to put opinions below or whatever. I'm just sick and tired of seeing so many negative comments about the whole thing, we need to be grateful seeing as this is more information than we were given for Black ops 1. Remove this thread if you like, I just wanted to put my point across somewhere where it'd maybe be noticed. Be happy everyone, Black ops 2 is being released in 31 days and counting. Just a month away! :)
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