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  1. Committing thread necromancy here, but what happened with this? We never found anything? That's kind of depressing. It's been a long time since this search started, but have we given up the search since the info has been released for Black Ops 2? I'm not pushing that a patch did anything, nor am I saying we missed anything (we are CoDZ, my friends. We don't miss things.) but is this case closed? I was just wondering if the search has been disbanded.
  2. This is so funny. Bringing flowers would be a good idea in order to soothe your ex-wives. Therefore I would use flowers voucher codes to get cheap flowers. Damn, that's a strategic Spambot.
  3. liltaz23

    Come on SEGA!

  4. No, well, kind of. I don't know. I don't exactly know if 115 radiation causes any adverse effects, like cancer or superhuman strength (comic book style), but my thoughts are that after teleporting, Richtofen was in Shangri-La without any hope of escape, and being attacked by the residents, decided to make a deal with them. He claimed that if they granted him life and 115, he could grant them eternal life. Being that eternal life is a large prize, they gave him a chance. He tested the same things he worked on at Griffin Station, and later, Der Riese, on the fearful residents, causing much of what Richtofen believed to be casualties. He was wrong, but continued testing, being driven crazy by 115 and not only attempting to create immortality, but also attempting to build a working teleporter model, which caused a lot of radiation to enter the residents of Shangri-La. The radiation was so great it caused cancer, which eventually caused many tumors, many in the brain, which connected to numerous tumors throughout the system. Therefore, whenever struck by enough bullets to destroy one tumor in the system, the whole body shut down. Unfortunately the tumors also caused them to lose control of their non-human instincts, and creating immortal zombified beasts. Meanwhile, the radiation caused schitzofrenia, and after bringing immortality, he created a working teleporter, and returned to Griffin Station. He feared his colleagues would turn on him. He sent Schuster through the M.P.D to meet his doom by the redidents, his slaves who worshipped him, and even built him and altar. Thats all I got...
  5. So we all know that Richtofen was in Shangri-La. And we all know that the residents of Shangri-La live forever. What if these are linked by more evidence than just that? I think I can. Today in my biology class, we discussed Cancer cells, such that they are invincible cells, and that we are currently experimenting on them for beauty products. I believe Richtofen decided to take things much further than that. I believe he used cancer for immortality. To support this theory, I reference what a common cancer treatment is: radiation. Richtofen found the perfect amount of radiation to use cancer for immortality in 115. Of course, he required a multitude of test subjects. You may recognize the failed tests as the bald, tumor covered, monk-looking zombies. They weren't entirely failures, but they weren't successful. None of them were entirely successful. Just about all of the zombies on Shangri-La have weird, tumor-looking lumps on them. IMO, thats exactly what they are. Cancerous tumors. Richtofen's solution to death; cancer.
  6. when I googled it, I found a cracked.com link that was about some creepy unsolved cases. There was apparently a secret code in the back of a book that I think might be a smart idea to decode it in the BO terminal. Knowing 3arc, they'd do something like that.
  7. I'm just trying to spark a discussion here, but I found something interesting when screwing around with the letters of "The Scavenger" and I got two words- Sacht and Revenge. The first is a German word meaning gentle. Therefore, all I can see is Sam wishing gentle revenge on Richtofen, which probably means killing him quickly and painlessly, or maybe even by giving him a fighting chance. Edit: The Fractilizer came out as trial, fire, and zecht (a german word meaning drunken merriment) I don't really have a theory about this one yet.
  8. on an unrelated side note, i would love to see Carbon rap battle Alpha.
  9. Shit just got real, Cause Taz just stepped in the thread, I'm the true rhyme master, ya'll are just undead, you afraid yet? Good, you should be, I'm as badass as you wish you could be, Waffles you're the greatest, or at least you think, but buddy let's face it, you make the gay guys wink, None of you punks can compare, so if you come at me ya'll had better prepare, I'll take you on and Ehjookayt you anywhere, I've got too many words, all yins say is "hurr durr," you better hit record because my speed is a blur, I'm just too fast, I'll whoop your collective ass, you can cry all you want, or you can get beat with class..
  10. Wow Faust. Impressive. I found myself asking where the story could go from the destroyed Earth, and you answered my question ten-fold. You've still got it, you foxy foxy Faust, you.
  11. thanks. To everyone. I plan to return to CoDz if I can, because we are, after all, the best community out there. This is Liltaz signing off. At least for now.
  12. Hey guys, liltaz here. I figured that since I never made a formal introduction, I'd combine it with my goodbye message. I'm a 14 year old boy with a long list of problems, that I won't get into much right now. I've been depressed for 8 years, and was about to commit suicide, until about a year ago, when I found CoDz. It was like paradise. Easter Egg hunters, Theories, Conspiracies; everything I could imagine to stimulate my mind. Plus it was a creative outlet, where no one judged you for being wrong, and usually helped you improve yourself. I have been addicted to zombies for about 3 years now, and have put up with so many randoms, that it lost its humor. Especially the randoms that make Tourette's Syndrome jokes (I have Tourettes, yes). I've been trying to organize an event that allowed people to play video games for a charity that supported the TSA:USA, to no avail, however. But anyways, I was sent to a doctor recently that believes that I have a form of Rheumatoid Arthritis, to add to the list of my pre-existing medical conditions. So I'm being forced into gaming retirement for a while. I just wanted to say thank you. To everyone on CoDz, for what you've all done. You saved my life and I'm forever grateful to you all. Sincerely, Denver A.K.A LilTaz23
  13. I was looking through some more of the audio files, and found a file named rare_response_maxis_00, which, when played was Richtofen laughing, and had nothing to do with Maxis at all, probably related to his attempted murder of Ludvig and Samantha. My computer also plays the Dempsey lines for Richtofen's Mythos Giant file, so I could use some help with his. Thanks. Yours Truly, DownbeatAura
  14. ... So where is it programmed into ascension or shi no numa to only occur between rounds 1 and 5 without a trigger. Its not rare dialogue, its dialogue programmed as an easter egg.
  15. Thats the thing. Its not normal dialogue. It's literally coded to be random, so it isn't normal dialogue. It's hidden dialogue that helps add to the storyline.

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