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  1. It is released tonight correct? Midnight Central time?
  2. http://i.imgur.com/eF14QDJ.png i searched for other topics but i couldnt find any, Link to it if there is one.
  3. In case anyone doubts these achievements are legit youtube.com/watch?v=CbFmCqc8tA4 Video shows each trophy word for word
  4. 19. By the time I get to 15 im extremely = bored.
  5. I did but then I can't hear the real zombies anymore. Unless I'm changing the wrong setting.. Sorry, thought Zombies were under SFX volume
  6. Lower voice audio. Listening to the characters serves no purpose anyway
  7. This is what my friends and I have been trying. Its worked twice only to end with Someone lagging out and losing everything. Otherwise we have tried this maybe 30 times only to end with failure. So, At the Spawn room we each get 750 points then run to the elevator. One Person used the points to open the power room. Power comes on and everyone gets to the roof. Next guy uses his points open the couch that goes to the elevator by MP5. He stays there. Next guy uses his 750 to open the couch in the trample steam room. the 2 guys on the roof use their elevator keys at the same time. Then we all get on the elevators to complete step one. One guy stays on the roof by his chinese symbol and the other 3 take Quick revive up one floor. Someone stays on the balcony by his symbol and the other two go down the broken steps. one stays by his symbol at the sushi bar and last man goes down the broken elevator, uses his 750 to open budda room couch and jumps across gets of his symbol. BAM step 2 done on round 1. But wait. How do we build the sliqifier? how do we get the spawn room open to get the parts we missed? How do i get the sniper? Buy M4 and get headshots for 2 rounds? next thing you know its round 10 because we need more and more points, we need galvaknuckles correct? TL;DR. HELP ME. I need a strategy to get my TERRIBLE zombie player friends to get the easter egg on as small a round as possible. Written guide or someones youtube video would be equally Amazing.
  8. Round 11, no perks, I suck at the game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rfrpat-5iVo
  9. Strange, I shot the ball with the sliq and it took all but 3 shots to get it to spin. The second ball took all 40 shots of the first time then after a max ammo 12 more.
  10. Rict. Pros: Doesnt require mystery box. Cons: Sliquifier. It could take 1 or 2 max ammos to get the balls to spin. Launching Zombies, Making sure all the zombies manage to get on the tramples. and making sure the trample is aimed correctly, if not you could spend round after round re-positioning the trample because you aimed it wrong or zombies breaking it. Maxix. Pros: all you have to do is survive 2 rounds in budda room, simple. Simply launch the two balls back and forth. can be done with just 1 crawler. Cons: Mystery box. It can take forever to get ballistic knife as russman, making sure that player gets all the points. THats hard to manage buying wall weapons, opening doors. and using the mystery box God knows how many times. SO whats your opinion? which side will be easier for my friends and I who arn't very skilled at zombies.
  11. Will it be released at midnight tonight? or randomly sometime on Thursday? Need to know if i should get some sleep or stay up to download it.
  12. I noticed it looks a bit off. I drew lines connecting ends to end of the text and pictures. They are even paralleled correctly http://i.imgur.com/irF2qy0.png Its the best i could do but, still even without the green lines it just looks way off. I also took the line below induction and it doesn't line up with the lines in the map. http://i.imgur.com/ZaPudSV.png Pro. made posters would not have mistakes like this
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