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  1. I wish there was a way to "like" your status. I remember my first game on Kino, I made it to round 12 and felt awesome... until I managed to get cornered.
  2. Thanks ev'ryone! He's an all around zombies fanatic. Im trying to do what I can! :)
  3. Brother. My folks don't buy us a whole lot, so I stick out for my brother when I can. My check covers my car payment, gas, and little things I need and want throughout my check until next payment. Im JUST out of highschool. I dont have a place yet, but i will shortly :D
  4. It surprised me to see him light up. WE dont get along much, especially since im out of school and hes only in middle school. But yeah... hes still my bro. So I gotta be nice and spontaneous every once in a while :)
  5. So, as many if not all of you know, Origins came out today. My brother was excited because he knew when I got my check I'd go get it. Because of my financial situation, I could not afford to get any of the other map packs. But my check was rather large and I went the extra mile: I got the boy the Season Pass. Some of you go "big woop I already had it" etc., but tell you what: Fighting off a middle schooler to play the xbox is much harder then it looks. He fought with all his might but I eventually won. He was patient, and when the load was done he could play. When he went to zombies, he noticed there were many other icons (NT, BRID, MOTD, etc) and asked me, "What are those?" I told him to go look at multiplayer and he saw the extra maps. It clicked instantly, not to mention he found the points cards where I hid them. He was happy, and he doesn't get that way often. His pets died, and he's kind of alone at school, but he lit up when he noticed it was all there. We played for hrs. Moral of the Story: Even the gory, sarcastic, brutal maulings of undead, sub-human creatures can make a child smile Aaron/RR
  6. Im not a good zombie slayer in the least bit, and get frustrated if a map becomes annoyingly difficult. But this... this is amazing. Finding random things in the ground, the generators, The sweet-yet-scary voice that is samantha, and everything else, its down right amazing. My latest game earlier today went to round 8, because I panicked when I saw the mech suit zombie chasing me. So many twists and turns, you dont know what you could come into next. ALSO!: I enjoy the fact that the characters actually have a conversation when you play co-op. It all explains what happens as the story goes on. Quotes are great, game play is great, all around, very well done Treyarch. Well done.
  7. My guess is where a new perk/weapon/something will be in the room that they found Richtofen in. Also I feel the operating room he was in will play a key roll in any easter eggs found on the map.
  8. Hey Mock, try to get all of your countdown pages on one document and see if you can send it to me.
  9. I started in the center. I got the middle ground. And im not saying hash up the old maps and return them, I am talking new maps. But they dont need to be gigantic with a 14 step, 4 player EE. I want something that people can do on their own. I would like something that can be done within 30 minutes or less, because usually thats all i got for time. Nacht is my favorite map, because not only is it the original zombies map, its basic. Box, Wall Weapons, and that feeling that there is no safe corner. Same with all WaW maps. The new ones have RT, choke points, thing that people can use to stratigize easily to survive to round 60.
  10. I never asked for complexity. I love the WaW maps, kino, and others that made playing the game enjoyable and a long lasting games. The more intricate the map is, the more you have to pay attention to the map as a whole as apposed to what is happening right in front of you. Now, in all fairness, I dont really do EE. It can become time consuming AND... Im not very good. I love the song EE because its rather simple to find once you know what to look for. Its interesting to see how its done, but my friends and I dont really have the yearn for doing side things. Id be fine with a medium-sized map, with a few choke points, but other then that a really open map. I play Kino and WaW the most, because they fit my zombies style. Town from TranZit kinda plays into that as well. This does not mean I don't enjoy the more in-depth maps, such as Ascension or Moon, or even the new one arriving late August, but I don't think I'd play it as much because I love, as someone said, the "roots" of the game.
  11. "The most impressive zombies map TO DATE" This statement could very well mean that up until this point it is the most impressive, and there is still more yet to come. I do not believe zombies is ending, but at the same time we might find ourselves dealing with a set of new characters in the next treyarch game. Iconic, amazing characters, unlike the N4. They were decent, but did not fit the lifestyle and desire that those of the zombies community love.
  12. IMHO The zombie head and the rifle, along with the backround, probably just states what era we are in. The zepplin in the background could be the way that the crew has to take down the giant
  13. going to the vials: What if Alcatraz was turned into a zombie testing facility, and the character holding the vials was supposed to get their blood to test to see if they were perfectly healthy? Idk, an offset from what most people have been thinkin on this thread. Also a few questions about the gear that the characters have (Unfortunately I cant take pictures of the screen): What is the switch that the man with the sword has? (not assuming its Takeo, because that gets my hopes up) Another character has what appears to be a gun, but with the gear and handles and other details, this cannot be a normal gun, so could this be a new piece of equipment? Or perhaps part of the new WW? The character with what appears to be a bowie knife is shown to have what look like flash bangs or other secondary explosives from the era, but they dont look like the usual grenades, what would these be, whether just for show OR a new grenade? The shot right before the chandelier on kino, there is a man holding a shotgun, it looks like the trench gun, does this mean WaW or older weapons? Last but not least: Does anyone notice that whomever's first person POV we follow at the end of the trailer before the robot, is getting shot at? There are flashes along the right wall as he turns the corner, as if he is running away from something/someone. What are your thoughts? PS: (I know this doesnt belong here) Did anyone have a SQL server problem when trying to get to the sight earlier? It was hrs before I could log in to see what everyone said about the trailer.
  14. This is what I get. I cannot make those last two fit in any way. The left one is the Last and the right one is the third. Does anyone see anything besides a bunch of circles?
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