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  1. Thanks TAMB! Currently we are at a stand still in progression. The main artist is having financial issues AND somehow got his new xbox. Needless to say he is a busy individual. Something that has changed about this is that the castlevania game is going to be a future project. As i am the main programmer, i am new to this sort of thing, and he hasnt done this much artwork for one project, so we are taking it easy with something a little less demanding. The game is called Gumbo: the oddly-shaped little gummy bear dragon. Sounds cute, but there shall be twists n turns that might keep peopl
  2. ever heard the song "so sick" by Flyleaf? Thats how I imagine that would go. It'd start of slow, and the chorus would be epic. No screaming though, Adele would butcher that.
  3. There would be moderation. In stead of 3 hits, you can take four. Double tap changes to 2.5x. Tombstone allows you to either keep a perk or weapon from when you die. etc. This is possible, not sure how the animation would be, but I'd go for it if it were real. Happy Hunting! Aaron/RR
  4. A new friend of mine has asked me the strangest thing: How do you feel of a Castlevania style game? When he asked I assumed he meant the new one, Lord of Shadows, but I was wrong. He wants the 8-bit, 2D scroller style gameplay. I was intrigued, not knowing what he wanted. His answer was that He was an artist, and a damned good one by the images I have seen, and he had this idea of a Castlevania tribute. He doesn't want the same exact thing, but close enough so people know what it goes towards. He asked me to be his programmer. I was struck by this, oddly because he hardly know
  5. The Ghost Chili is one of the, if not the, hottest pepper on the earth
  6. I was at a friends house, and we were talking about game creation and all that, and his girlfriend comes in and goes, "try this" My buddy and I read the label, and it says "Ghost Chille Salsa" Now, I've heard enough about the Ghost Chili to know that it is one mean pepper. But, being the curious George I am, decided to defy the law of logic and doubt everything I have ever heard about it. This was a huge mistake. Its now been... 20 minutes or so, and my mouth feels rubbery. My lips were numb, and I cannot taste a damn thing. There is a lesson learned from here friends
  7. NOT SAYING THERE WILL BE A NEXT DLC] But if there would be, I have a theory: I do not know whether or not the easter egg has been completed. But, if the zombies are stopped in the easter egg, what happens to the future? I think there will be a map far in the future, to contradict the past. Maybe a world beyond BO2, where someone has found 115 again, and the cycle repeats. The quote from the trailer could be "Those who forget the past... Are condemned to repeat it" and you have more mechanized weapons, WW, perks, etc. I think it'd be a different change. Side note: Didn't Treyarch
  8. I mean all of the separately. Lizzy Hale and David Draiman did a song it was cool. Mind you it was a ballet, so it was different. But she can have that growly, scratchy voice kinda like Elena Siegman. i think it'd work.
  9. Im a music guy, or at least portray myself as such, and I think a colab of a few artists would make a KILLER song! Lizzy Hale Maria Brink Amy Lee Lead singer for Flyleaf David Driaman M shadows (already done, but still) Ivan Moody Rob Halford Jamey Jasta John Mayer (interesting mellow part in the middle either before a huge solo or before a strong part of the song) Slash Santana Zakk Wylde Lead Guitarist for Dragonforce This would be an intense song. It'd have ups, downs, and mixes no one has quite heard of. Of course this would be a rather large song, la
  10. You appear to be talking about Deadrising 3.
  11. I wish there was a way to "like" your status. I remember my first game on Kino, I made it to round 12 and felt awesome... until I managed to get cornered.
  12. Thanks ev'ryone! He's an all around zombies fanatic. Im trying to do what I can! :)
  13. Brother. My folks don't buy us a whole lot, so I stick out for my brother when I can. My check covers my car payment, gas, and little things I need and want throughout my check until next payment. Im JUST out of highschool. I dont have a place yet, but i will shortly :D
  14. It surprised me to see him light up. WE dont get along much, especially since im out of school and hes only in middle school. But yeah... hes still my bro. So I gotta be nice and spontaneous every once in a while :)
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