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  1. ever heard the song "so sick" by Flyleaf? Thats how I imagine that would go. It'd start of slow, and the chorus would be epic. No screaming though, Adele would butcher that.
  2. There would be moderation. In stead of 3 hits, you can take four. Double tap changes to 2.5x. Tombstone allows you to either keep a perk or weapon from when you die. etc. This is possible, not sure how the animation would be, but I'd go for it if it were real. Happy Hunting! Aaron/RR
  3. NOT SAYING THERE WILL BE A NEXT DLC] But if there would be, I have a theory: I do not know whether or not the easter egg has been completed. But, if the zombies are stopped in the easter egg, what happens to the future? I think there will be a map far in the future, to contradict the past. Maybe a world beyond BO2, where someone has found 115 again, and the cycle repeats. The quote from the trailer could be "Those who forget the past... Are condemned to repeat it" and you have more mechanized weapons, WW, perks, etc. I think it'd be a different change. Side note: Didn't Treyarch say that we were supposed to get era-based weapons for Origins? So far I've seen MP40, Mauser, and new machine gun. Is that it?
  4. I mean all of the separately. Lizzy Hale and David Draiman did a song it was cool. Mind you it was a ballet, so it was different. But she can have that growly, scratchy voice kinda like Elena Siegman. i think it'd work.
  5. Im a music guy, or at least portray myself as such, and I think a colab of a few artists would make a KILLER song! Lizzy Hale Maria Brink Amy Lee Lead singer for Flyleaf David Driaman M shadows (already done, but still) Ivan Moody Rob Halford Jamey Jasta John Mayer (interesting mellow part in the middle either before a huge solo or before a strong part of the song) Slash Santana Zakk Wylde Lead Guitarist for Dragonforce This would be an intense song. It'd have ups, downs, and mixes no one has quite heard of. Of course this would be a rather large song, lasting a while in gameplay, but after its all said and done, it'd make one killer song. What are your thoughts? Who would be your zombie song dream collaboration? Have a good night guys! Aaron/RR
  6. I wish there was a way to "like" your status. I remember my first game on Kino, I made it to round 12 and felt awesome... until I managed to get cornered.
  7. Thanks ev'ryone! He's an all around zombies fanatic. Im trying to do what I can! :)
  8. Brother. My folks don't buy us a whole lot, so I stick out for my brother when I can. My check covers my car payment, gas, and little things I need and want throughout my check until next payment. Im JUST out of highschool. I dont have a place yet, but i will shortly :D
  9. It surprised me to see him light up. WE dont get along much, especially since im out of school and hes only in middle school. But yeah... hes still my bro. So I gotta be nice and spontaneous every once in a while :)
  10. So, as many if not all of you know, Origins came out today. My brother was excited because he knew when I got my check I'd go get it. Because of my financial situation, I could not afford to get any of the other map packs. But my check was rather large and I went the extra mile: I got the boy the Season Pass. Some of you go "big woop I already had it" etc., but tell you what: Fighting off a middle schooler to play the xbox is much harder then it looks. He fought with all his might but I eventually won. He was patient, and when the load was done he could play. When he went to zombies, he noticed there were many other icons (NT, BRID, MOTD, etc) and asked me, "What are those?" I told him to go look at multiplayer and he saw the extra maps. It clicked instantly, not to mention he found the points cards where I hid them. He was happy, and he doesn't get that way often. His pets died, and he's kind of alone at school, but he lit up when he noticed it was all there. We played for hrs. Moral of the Story: Even the gory, sarcastic, brutal maulings of undead, sub-human creatures can make a child smile Aaron/RR
  11. Im not a good zombie slayer in the least bit, and get frustrated if a map becomes annoyingly difficult. But this... this is amazing. Finding random things in the ground, the generators, The sweet-yet-scary voice that is samantha, and everything else, its down right amazing. My latest game earlier today went to round 8, because I panicked when I saw the mech suit zombie chasing me. So many twists and turns, you dont know what you could come into next. ALSO!: I enjoy the fact that the characters actually have a conversation when you play co-op. It all explains what happens as the story goes on. Quotes are great, game play is great, all around, very well done Treyarch. Well done.
  12. My guess is where a new perk/weapon/something will be in the room that they found Richtofen in. Also I feel the operating room he was in will play a key roll in any easter eggs found on the map.
  13. Hey Mock, try to get all of your countdown pages on one document and see if you can send it to me.
  14. Wholy cow... I didn't expect people to move... that fast on it. You both caught me off guard, sitting in my work uniform, going "Uh... tf just happened" Then I smiled and started drawing concept machines and buildings and other thing we would need.
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