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  1. They do reference to him. In the third mission when interrogating Kravckenko( Probably not spelled right), Woods says "An eye for an eye!?" referencing to when he stabbed Weavers eye.
  2. I think Tranzit is the 'Campaign' and Green Run is just plain old survival. Not to sure though.
  3. False. That has never been officially confirmed, in fact it was a troll orchestrated to demonstrate that certain site's precedent to report leaks & check facts later. That is, of course if I'm thinking of what you're thinking of. As far as I can recall we haven't had any "Elite 2.0" announcements yet. Hopefully we'll find more about BOII + Elite next week
  4. The man giving the pendant was not Mason... But Menendez..
  5. Changing story line... :cry: I dun like it
  6. As I woke up this morning, I took a quick glance at the Black Ops 2 poster on my wall and I saw this: I'm not exactly sure if this was just a mistake or it actually means something. Maybe its showing that the US gained more land and power, and then our protagonist 'Raul' is bringing them down.
  7. Seriously, if you play on console and love zombies, you have had to dream about custom maps for zombies at least once or twice. I know I have. If you had the chance, what would you make for a map?
  8. I was really disappointed when I heard that the campaign will change due to your decisions. I play the campaign because I want one simple story filled with bad ass events. I don't want to choose one thing wrong in the story and f**k the whole campaign up. They should just leave the campaign be, I liked it the was they had it. One cool story, awesome twists, touching parts, and that's it. There, I'm glad I got that off my chest.
  9. I want to create my own maps as well. They should try and work something out. In the game Infamous 2 for PS3, you can create your own maps and its fairly simple, why cant we? :facepalm:
  10. I got goosebumps bro. Very, very, very nice job. Keep it up!
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