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  1. It was a great episode! I think Morgan will eventually come to his senses and join the group. And Morgan will get in trouble and Rick will return the favor and help him out. I was waiting for SO long to see him a Duane. A shame Duane turned though. Anyways, it's great, and I can't wait to see next episode. You see Talking Dead? They showed a clip of the governor in a room with Rick and the governed says "We need to talk about a few things". What could that mean!?!? I'm so pumped! Btw sorry for the horrible grammar. I'm on my iPod.
  2. Thank you, I appreciate your feedback!
  3. WOW! I didn't even think about vehicles! That sounds amazing!
  4. (Please excuse any spelling errors and poor grammar) Hello, Codzies! Okay, how would all of you like it, if we were given an open world zombie map. This would probably be either like The Walking Dead, or Left for Dead. Instead of having to start a game, there would be servers that are always online. I would LOVE to see this. Also, this would take place before the moon Easter Egg. As much as the Easter Egg was fun for all of us, what we were left with sure does grind my gears. I absolutely hate this apocalyptic, devastated, hideous burnt wasteland we now have. I want to have it where
  5. Well, although I have been on this site for more then a few months, I don't believe I have 50 posts. So, even if that is true, I am still here, Alone. Without Skyrim.
  6. Hey, you know what would be insane? If that zombie was Menendez.
  7. They do reference to him. In the third mission when interrogating Kravckenko( Probably not spelled right), Woods says "An eye for an eye!?" referencing to when he stabbed Weavers eye.
  8. I think Tranzit is the 'Campaign' and Green Run is just plain old survival. Not to sure though.
  9. False. That has never been officially confirmed, in fact it was a troll orchestrated to demonstrate that certain site's precedent to report leaks & check facts later. That is, of course if I'm thinking of what you're thinking of. As far as I can recall we haven't had any "Elite 2.0" announcements yet. Hopefully we'll find more about BOII + Elite next week
  10. The man giving the pendant was not Mason... But Menendez..
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