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    With the announcement of DLC 3 close by, I'd like to check what everyone else thinks of ZNS? I enjoy this map, to an extent. I think the worse thing is just the setup and tedious task of going back and forth between plants and water. Now granted, you don't have to do that. You can play it like a normal map. But in this map, those things help you a lot, compared to Der Eisendrache were the Bow and Ragnarok help you not as much. But I do enjoy the layout of this map. I like training on this map. The quotes are great. The Easter Egg is one of the more simple ones. The Spider Boss was a great surprise. There are tons of miniature easter eggs (Distant Monster, Doppelganger Jumpscare). So overall, I would put this map in about the middle of all the maps, maybe just below the middle. It's just the setup can just be annoying. What do you all think of the map.
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    Hello everyone, shirtlesservice here with another compilation of all of the high round strategies of a BOIII map. For the Awakening map pack this is Der Eisendrache, so lets get to it.The way I see it there are two types of strategies on this map: Camping and Training. The Camping ones seem to be pretty effective, so we'll start with those:First check out this fairly comprehensive video from BOYSTAA for most of the effective strategies we have so far in terms of camping, though below i list a few that are not featured in this video, so be sure to check those out too: Also, see his video on how to manage ammo and ammo upgrade types in the higher rounds, while camping: Now to other strategies I've seen/found/have been brought to my attention: I also believe that the end of the mule kick hallway would be a decent camping spot as well (if you keep the door from quick revive closed) but I haven't tried it yet and I can't find any videos of it, so I haven't posted on it, but be sure to try it and let me know how it works out :D I have to point out that one could camp at the rocket pad, but at this time staying there during a launch causes a TON of zombies (in the realm of a few hundred) to spawn in, so it is very very slow, and not nearly as effective as the other strategies listed here. EDIT: The spot was patched, but I'm not sure if the spawns are fixed or not. EDIT: It seems like the pros are claiming this to be the best spot. Go figure Those are all the camping strategies I've seen so far, now for the training spots: From @Rissole25: "... Rocket Launch area seem like the [places to train] but you also have smaller areas like the Main Lab, Smaller Courtyard with bridge, By Double Tap 2, and by Mule Kick that you can train as well" I don't actually know if these work as I haven't been able to find any good videos that cover these spots, but be sure to try them out and see how it goes. Personally, I think that camping is the most effective way to fly through the rounds on this map, but training is always a good time. That's all I've got so far guys, feel free to add strategies in the comments and I'll add them to the main post so everyone gets to see them :D Carry on zombieslayers
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    I don't know how I really felt about this map. It didn't feel particularly good or bad or special to me in general. I recognize all the effort and thought that went into it, I just wasn't its biggest fan. I didn't really like the ww, and I'm not a fan of the thrasher either, but it was still a decent map over all. My third favorite on BO3 so far, better than SoE, but not as good as the giant or Der Eisendrache. I think with them packing SO MUCH into it, it made it hard to really get into a game, with so much set up, similarly to SoE. 6-7/10, decent. Looking forward to DLC 3.
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    Hi. First off, I'm on my phone, so it's hard to watch those videos or wait for that first post to load, so if this was covered already, i apologize. My thought is from my DE map/mode thread; using Storm Bow in The Pit for speed rounds. The Pit: The area by DT2, both ground doors closed (750 point door by start, 1000 point door by GG/DT2). Area is accessed by opening the 500 point barrier above DT2 and dropping down. ABH! GG to leave if needed (for Shield or other reasons). You can build the Storm Bow without entering The Pit. PaP the krm (BF or maybe Turned) and you have a krm wallbuy in The Pit. The shotgun is good for Panzer or circling zombies. GobbleGum Machine always available to spam for the needed GG. Camp at Start Room steps, just outside of Start. Bow/Ragnarok keep them from you. Or circle by the Fire Bow circle. 6 entry spots for zombies in The Pit, 2 above DT2, and 4 more near that (courtyard broken wall, courtyard window bottom of steps, courtyard window by 1000 point door, window heading up towards Bastion). With 12 nearby load zones, zombies should load fast. Yes, no, or maybe? I will try it later, for now, it's academic. (The Unmazing Camp Method, DE version. Ha). Edit: First game attempt; i died on 36, but the rounds were under a minute and hectic. I had QR, to test how playable it is if you lose Juggernog. I went down on 35, couldn't get ABH! as I had just passed it up to get a needed AAntithesis, but it was fairly easy to run without Juggernog (but i did finally get a good slapping, escaped, only to fall to a speed load, speed attack dog). Zombies only came in the 6 closest spawns. I tested this by putting Trip Mines where they would drop down from the Wundersphere. Those TMs never triggered. So they come in the 3 windows and over the wall in 3 spots. Camping the steps was claustrophobic, but functional with Ragnarok and charged Storm Bow shots. Running an oblong loop worked best. The Panzer falls through the wall by the steps... The shotgun was hard to use so far due to the hecticness. Turned (camping), Thunderwall (running loop), or maybe Fireworks (either) might be more apropo? It's high risk, high reward. I feel it'd work as a good group game for fun and/or high rounds.
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