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    There's a new 'The Replacer' trailer that dropped today for the Awakening DLC There's some cool zombies footage in here. I just wanted to point out some of the new stuff I noticed that was not available to see in the previous map trailers.... Some interesting graffiti written in red on the wall seen here. Three distorted frames here show an underground area. Some kind of wall weapon is seen in the background Hell Hounds are making a return The Razerback SMG is making an appearance in this map. (Credit goes to chromastone10 on the Reddit forums for being the first to post this find.) Not sure why the new Panzer Soldat has two different colors of light emitting from inside it's helmet? Green... ... Blue Then at the very end of the trailer we see these 5 distorted frames. Are these images of the Castle blowing up? Could this be part of the EE? If it is the castle exploding, then I'm guessing it might be this section of the map in these frames... Hopefully I showed you guys some new info. Feel free to share anything else you guys find. - Mix
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    @InfestLithium Right side of the first frame looks to have trees in it. This might be related to the forest referenced in the Nikolai Memories video, which is also part of the advertising for the Awakening DLC Notice the video starts with a low angle looking up into pine trees. Not quite an exact match, but the imagery is similar. @MrRoflWaffles did an excellent job a little while ago theorizing some potential deeper plot points to the significance to this video here. - Mix
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    The Campaign mission "Evil Within" is very important to the Zombs storyline. In that mission we see the house that is in Nikolais memory's video, the trees outside of that house are the same as "The Frozen Forest" which is also identical to the Zombs menu screen. You also play inside a church where there is a Tank with the 935 logo on it At the end of that mission you fight Zombies inside a house The final cutscene also has the same type of cinematic as the Explosion @MixMasterNut posted above where there is a huge nuclear blast & everything turns inside out. Edit - I just realised from that this is the same mission where Dr Salim is killed. He is sitting in the same position as the Dead Man in SoE! Full Demon Within mission 41:20 shows the ending cutscene Everything is somehow linked together
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    I liked the example where they go to the edge of the universe and look at their alternate dimension selves wearing cowboy hats.
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    Hey guys, Tac here, and this thread is so we can talk a bit about both this mysterious M character! I first go through (what I've found to be) all the references to M, where the orange text blocks are ciphers and white are radios. Then, summarize the main points and try to think of who that could be. So, first and foremost, we have this letter in Shadows of Evil with an "M" on the front, and sitting in a dead man's lap: So, from that we can conclude that M: first and foremost, did not place the letter on the dead body (the reporter) as some thought, as he had it while he was alive is giving either guidance or orders to both the Quadrotor Dr. Maxis and House Dr. Maxis may or may not be benevolent, as it seems to be a grand figure in a time of darkness and that can go either way is interested in "worthless beings" might have authored that last cipher, we can't be sure Relating to the reporter, there are a couple paths we can take. We know the reporter is yelling at this person and waving the letter in their face, so maybe there's no relation, but perhaps he's waving it at that person because it's M. I'm unsure of which I think is the case, though I think it is a good thing to think about as it either leads us towards or away from Mr. Rapt, the reporters boss. Next we see that M is guiding both the Quadrotor Maxis (as he helps Richtofen jump through the universes) and House Maxis. However, Quad Maxis specifically states that he thinks M is withholding information, and because House Maxis seems to be in a low place, the standards on a savior are a bit lessened. Because of this, I can't be sure of M's intentions, but am excited to learn. Then, M is interested in some worthless beings. I think the answer to this depends a bit on the prior question. If M has good intentions, an outside force may be saying these two Maxis's are the worthless beings; but if he has bad intentions, one of these two may have written it about M's interest. And of course, the worthless beings could have nothing to do with either M or Maxis, and actually be the zombies, or humans as a whole, or some other thing. Finally, is that last cipher from M? This message seems to be coming from someone in command, and it's unclear who. It could be the drone Dr. Maxis from Origins, but the general issue with saying any Dr. Maxis is the author is that there is little evidence of him ever having "brief travels" through a teleporter. The only two references are the teleportation in Der Rise/The Giant by Richtofen, and then going through the portal in Origins. To me, neither of these are the kind of evidence necessary to conclude that Dr. Maxis wrote the cipher, though I think it's enough to at least consider. On the other hand, could it be this M? That's where I lean, but would love to hear all of your thoughts!
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    So I'm combing campaign looking for any zombie related imagery, because it IS there. Anyway, I was winding down from my search a couple of nights ago and I realized I never checked out the second story area in the first safe zone you get to (where you customize loadouts and the VR training) so I went up there and saw a few cool paintings, but I only captured one because it has zombie stuff to it....sort of. The first picture I saw was a building covered in florescent lighting, it really had a Shadows of Evil feel to it, the second was of a giant robot, but it didn't look like G935's giants, and it had this abstract color patters coming from it's face, a very cool design but I couldn't really connect it to G935. Then I found this brown/red smeared painting and it instantly looked out of place to me, it's literally nothing but smudges, and someone has drawn on the glass where dust collected. Here is the photo, captured from my ps4. And here are the images I've found so far the ones in red are what I know to be there, the two blue circles are things I can make out, but I can't tell what it is. The longer blue circle is definitely some lettering, arching over the "poster" anyone with some photoshop skills care to play with the image? I have inverted it and gray scaled it but I cant make them out any easier. What do you guys think? I know it's not ground breaking but all the big stuff has been found for the most part (save a few ciphers) so I thought this would be semi important, or if anything give us something to play around with.
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    kudos to anyone who reads all of that.
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    That is an excellent observation. Yes. Zombies are revitalized by 115 due to it's highly electromagnetic properties. In addition, an EMP can interrupt signal, in this case being the MPD's signal to the zombies. Remember how in the Tranzit EE, zombies had to be killed under the pylon to collect that energy. Also note the similarity in response the mystery box has to the EMP. The EMP interrupts the signal from the MPD, locking the controller out of his Aethereal access to that area, ergo, he can no longer 'insert' weapons or objects into that time via the portal known as the mystery box due to that disconnect. Note that the box is still there, the same way the guns you have previously purchased are still there because they have already been completely manifested and are now physical and out of the reach of the controller. However, the guns remain guns and the box remains nothing but a box. Hope that made sense. Again, excellent observation. Very fundamental, but not one I have really thought of.
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    In Tranzit we saw that when you throw a EMP grenade, zombies become passive, and the light in their eyes will turn out fur some time. Does that mean zombies also run on some 'electric' energy?
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    If you jump to the right place in beast mode, you can see the cuneiform symbol of Waterfront and Canal.
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    Thought it was easy to collect one of each medal on CoDz thus far? If you thought you were done, you're gonna have a bad time. With the upcoming release of Der Eisendrache as Black Ops 3's first DLC of the season, the staff decided to do a couple of mind games of our own with the community. In this case, brand new medals with prestigious new tiers to truly test your slaying abilities. Question is, how long can you survive the onslaught? More to come in this awards update, so stay tuned and happy slaying! Request your medals here:
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    Excellent observation! I actually had wondered if SoE was an exception, but good to see some consistency there!
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    Even in Shadows of Evil, Nero has a quote that goes something to the affect of this, "Its all about the Transferal of Energy". Not too dissimilar, if you've noticed anytime we've ever dealt with this, "Energy". It's always had the same Blue Hue color to it (colorblind don't know the exact color).
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    Abel, please refrain from making such haughty comments as the one you just did. This is a friendly verbal warning.
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    I always saw it as further emphasis on his stereotypical American attitude, what with him always shouting out "Tank Dempsey!" in many of his quotes as he plows through zombies like a tank. I mean the O4 are quite literally personifications of most stereotypes of their respective countries of origin that were in WWII.
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    You were hanging them boards so fast, from all that "Speed" you was on that night.... "Speed Cola" that is.
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    Haha, I cannot tell you how many times I got F****D up in the beginning, due to this "Lack of Knowledge".
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    Plot twist... his first name is peter.
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    The mod tools arent going to be a simple "Drag & Drop". It will basically be as complicated as the WaW tools. Pretty sure it is still developed in Radiant & not much will change from the way WaW custom maps are made. You ain't going to learn this "in a few hours". Otherwise Treyarch could pump out maps or even have 1 map that isn't full of glitches
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    Haha, it was at this moment, Ragdoll knew he had F****D up! _____ Shit, I like running Maggie's goofy ass on and off the stage inside the, "Black Lace". It's funny to watch her go up and down, like gee George which way did he go. All the Ritual zones are fun outside of "The Anvil". There's no way possible for that spot, except certain Death, or the Arbgwaoth which would be Very Nice. Still, somehow I always find myself in that damn "Rift", running laps around trains. "Exercise the Demons"!
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    For solo games, Waterfront strategy is pretty fast and straight forward. Keep the door closed by the ctuhulu statue, and camp with your back to that door. Rounds in the 50's can be completed in around 2 minutes. I like to use alchemical antithesis, pop shocks and cache back, meaning you have a 3 in 5 chance when hitting the gobblegum machine of getting a gum that will allow you to camp. I always start the round in this spot, and if a Margwa spawns you can either throw a lil arnie, use pop shocks and continue to camp, or throw a lil arnie, bail out down the stairs and kill the Margwa in the rift. This is also the bail out strategy if ammo runs out. Always keep at least 2 shots in the WW, and one lil arnie and whenever ammo runs dry just run to the portal and train in the rift with vesper and blast furnace. The sword is also surprisingly useful in this spot. If you don't have cache back or alchemical antithesis, start the round by throwing out the sword. You can run a small L or U shape in that room and the spawn rate is ridiculous. As soon as the sword runs out, camp by the door for 3 shots of the WW, which will recharge your sword, rinse and repeat.
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    Out of map: Footlight stage jump. The sword will glitch and take all weapons if you pick up any gun, not just the servant. The same can happen with a pod gun with the sword out. Running guns out of ammo, then using sword or shield gives infinite sword or shield. Pap guns away for infinite sword or shield. The pap won't accept the AS. Using ABH! GG on the Tram will teleport you back into the Tram when it arrives at the station. The store sells divinium, which should only be free in game, in a game that was paid for. This must be patched asap. Attachments can't be equipped to more than one gun. Civil Protector revives cause various glitches, including death and spectating when you have QR: no bleed out, just instantly spectating. The CP can ignore you as you bleed out. He can revive you, then some of your perks disappear as you buy new ones. You can be revived in a window, if not yet patched. If you ride the tram to Footlight, then drop from the perk area to the GG machine, that area is loaded with death barriers, despite being there legitimately. Leaving Waterfront, players can get pulled backwards out of the Tram for instant death. Players can get trapped in farthest reaches of tram when it stops. Max ammo constantly appears too high or out of map. Steps in front of pap stop movement. Curb, straight out from kn44 in Footlight stops movement. Buying the BK as your character answers the shadowman will glitch out your game. Teleporting a few times usually fixes it.
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    I love how this story remains vague and uncertain even three games later. I personally believe in my own theory of where the story is heading this season. I feel that there is/was some foreshadowing in previous maps that we never picked up on at least until now. For example, at the end of Origins, we were like "WHUT?!" but then as this game began, Origin's ending began to make sense. First, the house floating on the rocks. This photo was believed to be fake or whatever but it's apparently seen in one of the MP maps. My guess is, this is the house that Samantha was talking about. Well... Not Samantha but the songs. I listen to Treyarch Sound over and over and over AGAIN!(Black Sabbath joke) But there's one song that I listen to and when I hear the lyrics I keep hearing her talk about a house. "This house is not my own/home" is what I remember. So, let me explain why my words relate to this post. It's possible for me to believe that Black Ops the original was the original reality. That once Maxis sent his rockets to Earth he did more than just destroy that version of Earth, he distorted every other version in every other realm. Basically, this is why in Black Ops II our Earth isn't completely destroyed, it's just completely distorted. This leaves me to conclude that Black Ops II was an alternate Realm much like Morg City... Just... Not as well told... Anyways, this means from Tranzit to Buried, including MotD, we were fixing a different distorted realm. That once we activated Maxis' side (which is presumably the canon side) we banished Richtofen to the Black Ops II realm and allowed Maxis to communicate with the Black Ops III Realm. Origins characters are also from the BOII realm except these characters discover the rift between realms (The last thing you use in the Easter Egg is a "teleporter") this Rift sent our characters through time to when our tragic story began. However, Richtofen was taken somehwere else. Morg City, perhaps. During this journey, it's possible that Maxis was communicating with Richtofen his plans for the future and saving the children. Now, with the idea of separate realms in mind, we can begin to look at some of the anomalies within our game's story. For one, Monty could be an alternate Maxis. We recall our Perks-a-Cola drinks were supposed to be used to enhance soldiers and create a line of super humans capable of winning the German's a World War. Since this Black Ops III realm is considerably different, I would like to consider that a lot of things are considerably different. For example, the Richtofen we killed may in-fact be the original Richtofen but the reason we see so much difference in this map is because we killed Richtofen as our alternate selves. Once we changed history, we changed what the realm produced. The infinite will always happen it's only a matter of how or when. So, it's my opinion that this Gobble Gum mechanism was always in existence but in a type of limbo where it wasn't fully developed and wasn't in the physical in the BOI and BOII realms. However, it's possible that in this BOIII realm thanks to the death of Richtofen, the production of the Gobble Gum machine was made for the children. Now, we have two of each character. Two Richtofens, one dead. Two Nikolais, Dempsys, and Takeos. Two Maxis', two Samanthas. My main point is that Maxis is going to sacrifice the realm in which Samantha is in Richtofens body in order to save a realm where she isn't. This realm is where we are now. This realm is the realm we saw her playing with toys in. This house may just be the mystic house in the sky. Our Maxis could be named Monty, now. Only Time Travel Will Tell. Another point I wanted to make was something that Takeo says. "A thousand fools make not one smart man." I believe, when it comes to Richtofen, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. So, with this in mind, it seems that some things don't change. Well... The Variables always change.... As for this Mister M... "His work will be undone." Now, this could be our Maxis' work, or Monty's work, but one thing that leads me to believe in the two Maxis' theory is that line "His work will be undone." It's either positive or negative. Maxis at this point has done a lot to banish Richtofen and, not only that, but have him killed by another Richtofen. What work could possibly be undone besides what has already been undone? Undoing what is undone to undo it all? Maybe the M is for Marlton? Ever consider his cute face? Well, if the theory of the alternate realm and double the characters is true, this would have to stand true for all the characters. Not just Maxis and the Origins crew. Of course, there is also a heavy truth to this. We might still be in Black ops II during Shadows of Evil.

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