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  1. Just back from a 16 hour shift, 10 hour round trip and 6 hours on site. One unhappy client, I thought we could fix the issues in 1 day, turns out we couldn't and nothing we can do due what believe to manufacturing faults. I hate unhappy clients, I also hate poor workmanship.

    1. Chopper


      Gotta love that. I remember once driving 500 km between sites in NSW to get halfway and find out our network link provider had not sent something in time which meant we would be arriving somewhere at 2pm with nothing to do for the day, needing another 300km trip in the morning to fly home. Clients and providers suck at times

    2. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Big time mate, but when a client is spending 20K with you and he is unhappy, the client is within his rights to be pissed (Personally, I think the issues are minimal at best) but then it's his house and he has the right to be pissed).