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  1. Mictlantecuhtli: The Man Behind it All

    WOW, right in!
  2. [DECODED] "Where Are We Going" Secret Message?

    Simple, let go and and the beginning (the start of the map) will become the end, when you electrify yourself you end up back where you started, or there is a deeper meaning.
  3. falling tombstones ?

    Ummmmmm..... That is probably what the falling debris are, bits of the plane.
  4. falling tombstones ?

    Never been to packapunch!
  5. Spirit, Soul and Body MPDs.

    My advice: Lay off the bacon... it could do you some good.
  6. Spirit, Soul and Body MPDs.

    Cool.... Advice Hitler
  7. In Depth: Operation ECLIPSE - Safehaven - Paperclip

    Wow... Amazing!!! good job, I myself am trying to post a big one but can't get spoilers working :P
  8. The mysterious guy seems creepy.... Jokes. Some good stuff here... :D