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  1. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    WOW! u should write a book lol seriously havent had chance to read alll of it yet, but i just read all the origins part & really explained alot so thank u :)
  2. Which mobster do you want to be?

    a bronx tale a gd film so id say chaz for pretty much the same reason, he like the godfather enit lol
  3. How did you find out about Zombies Mode?

    i first ever played zombies at the end of black ops 1 & wont lie i thought "what is this crap" but then my friend was like "lets play zombies kino" & tbh i only played cus she asked me to, but after playin over & over again i started learning farley quickly what everything was & what i needed to do to survive & now its my number 1 played game on ps3 lol & play more then my original friend who kinda introduced me lol
  4. Snipers

    the dsr 50 upgraded is a beast xD i aint a sniper person at all, but love that gun in zombies xD
  5. PHDFlopper found....

    damn i was jst gna post dis lol but yhyh yet to find out how to get to it, or unlock it
  6. What's Your Best Zombie Setup?

    I Mainly Play Town Survival & Usualy Run This Set Up - Perks - -Jug -Quick Revive -Stamin Up -Tombstone (& I Do 6 Perk Glitch Around Round 20) Guns - -M1911 - Mustang & Sally (I Upgrade About Round 15) -HAMR - SLDG HAMR (I Upgrade Only When I Need Ammo) OR -RPD - RELATIVISTIC PUNISHMENT DEVICE (I Prefer The HAMR But Obv The RPD As More Ammo) Melee's, Tactical & Explosive - -GalvaKnuckles (This The First Thing I Reali Buy & Use Until Round 13 NO SHOOTING) -Monkey Bombs -Semtex
  7. A Zombie Apocalypse, A Tesla Revolution!

    wow! alot to process! lol very intresting thread tho! nice work!