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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    after playing online tonight on BO 1 a few more suggestions.. Host Migration. there is no way a game should be ended by one dickhead who decides as soon as he goes down the game should finish. Id imagine it will be easy for them to implement this in BO II since its on MP engine. If a game ends early (eg host ends game or the player leaves) the round should still be recorded and leaderboard updated if its a high score. They could then just put 'final round time' as 0 seconds. Again this will probably be easier to put in BO II since its similar to the MP function where all stats are recorded in game. Oh, and did I mention they should put in combat record and ranking/prestige system....
  2. Zombie Suggestions

    Combat Record and a ranking/prestige system. If they bring that in I probably wont play anything but Zombies for 2 years
  3. Letting go.

    Im not too bothered about older maps getting brought forward really. My only requet is that this time we get more than 2 maps to begin with. there should be atleast 5, if not more. think of it this way, someone who bought black ops and then every DLC for the zombies maps spent a grand total of about £85-90 for 10 maps (11 counting DOA) So a hardcore zombies player has to pay twice as much for all the game as an 'online' player, and multiplayer also has over double the maps, not even counting DLC. i dont see it as fair atall.