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  1. Der Eisendrache - Main Easter Egg

    @MrRoflWaffles, @NoahJ456 and the rest just finished the Easter Egg on the stream, that final cutscene was amazing. So much to analyze.. Holy crap.
  2. All Ciphers

    That would seriously (sadly) not surprise me, although I truly hope that there is something more to this that we haven't discovered yet, and that this is not the case.
  3. Pablo Marinus, the Mexican?

    Great stuff, it's important that we start discussing this major hole in the storyline, although I think I'm missing a small detail. How is the old Richtofen (to the right in the picture you posted) any different from the (original) Der Riese-Richtofen?
  4. Samantha's Drawings

    I like the general fact that the clock in that room shows 1:15.
  5. Der Eisendrachen

    They are considered sister-castles and were raised in the same time period, so they are pretty similar in architecture, although the placement and nature surrounding it are widely different. Also, your last source refers directly to the Hohenwerfen Castle.
  6. Der Eisendrachen

    @InfestLithium The two pictures you used in your post on the Hohensalzburg Fortress are two different castles. The second is indeed the Hohensalzburg Fortress, although the first is called the Hohenwerfen Castle and is located south of Salzburg.
  7. Shadows of Evil Jump-Scare EE - Zombified Richtofen

    I've been wondering this too since my first teleport in The Giant. Why is there a zombie Richtofen? I agree the popup is lame as hell and seems lazy, but why exactly him? Zombie Richtofen as a boss in the future maybe?
  8. What are the ?s on the map mean?

    Seems like my pictures got extremely small, but on the first you can see 4 marks whilst the other shows 2 marks.. Should be one screenshot from each of the games, if I'm not mistaken.
  9. What are the ?s on the map mean?

    They've always been there though, no?
  10. Life size juggernog build

    This looks really, really cool, man! What materials are you using?
  11. The Giant - Hidden Song

    That right there might simply be the best put thing I've read this week. I agree though, it took away the whole mood of the song. Back in the day, BoA really made me hyped and feel great while running around on Der Riese, but this version just puts me off. I respect their attempt at making it "the same but different", but some things just shouldn't be altered.
  12. BO3 SDCC 2015 Photos - Nero & Widow's Wine Perk

    Could be a date for a future Zombie map, but even though we should not rule that out yet, I find it highly unlikely that we will go from 1918 to the 40s, and then BACK to 1928.
  13. Nazi Richtofen missing his Swastika

    We should have to forego historical accuracy because some peoples feelings may get hurt or others might get offended.Feelings should never be more important than facts. Right, so you want 3arch to lose out money from a slight inaccuracy because a lot of people (including whole countries) are sensitive about this subject? It would be a slight amount of money, so yes. I hate how sensitive people have become. I understand why Treyarch would be doing this, no doubt about it. The issue is not what they chose to do about it, it is the fact that they had to do something about it in the first place. The fact that people are still this sensitive about something that happened 70 years ago is simply mind boggling.
  14. Der Riese/Shadows of Evil Link

    It's been 20 hours since Milo uploaded his video on this, and I don't understand how there hasn't been a topic on it yet. In the Shadows of Evil trailer, there is a single frame with information we have not yet discussed. The location of Der Riese, Lower Silesia, is mentioned on a poster. "Silesia Stahlwerk" What do you think about this? It could of course be a "easter egg" in the sense that it was put there "just for fun", for us to discover and laugh about, but nah, not with Treyarch. Milo had some great theories about it in his video, but I want to hear input on it from the gods of codz.