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  1. You're Banned!

    And you're banned for banning someone for being nice!
  2. Infected!

    I used to enjoy it but now I just get frustrated with it, especially when playing as the zombie - evryone just camps in a corner where it is impossible to get within 10 metres of them. :evil:
  3. cosmic silverback

    I have heard this rumour, and I've heard it far too often to be honest - there is no proof apart from the weird roaring that you occassionally hear. But anyway, welcome to CoDz. Need a hand with anything, then feel free to ask anyone for help. :P
  4. Hello! :D

    Heya, welcome to CoDz!!! I would say more but it seems that everyone above me has said everything there is to say, so instead... Have a cookie!
  5. Congrats on 10000 views Tac, this thread definitely deserves it! :P
  6. ~Undead's 115-inator Workshop~

    MLH: What. The. Hell. Is. THAT??!?!?!?
  7. ~Undead's 115-inator Workshop~

    Mm, most definitely not obsessed jolteon. Not a bad thing though - everyone has something that they absolutely love/are obsessed with, just so happens that you're crazy about Pokemon!
  8. ~Undead's 115-inator Workshop~

    Woah, jolteon, that is a LOT of Pokemon right there. Weird thing is I can still name all of them, even though I haven't played Pokemon for about 8 years... :?
  9. CoDz Has Made Me a Worse Player

    IFQ, don't worry about it so much - after all, it's hard to beat some of the people on here simply because they are World Record holders. There's also no need to get frustrated with zombies, just chillax and try and enjoy it. Remember, zombies is there to be played however you want - you can try shooting for high rounds, but you don't have to. You can just as easily ignore all the stuff about round 80 or round 90 on here and just play the game the way you want. And by the way, getting into the 30s is most definitely above average. My proof: do what you're doing and play with randoms, they are all the proof you need ;)
  10. Xbox 360 Playdate Schedule

    I'll be able to do some of these after exams, so from about the 23rd June. Based in UK, at weekends available from about 6pm GMT onwards for zombies, or earlier if wanted. GT etc is in my signature :)
  11. Zombie Suggestions

    Nice idea that's been seen a couple of times, but I think that it would need to cost closer to 10,000. Otherwise you could have your 3 other perks as Jugg, Speed and Mule Kick, which have a combined cost of 9500, which is a fair bit more than 6000. Also, could you imagine how OP this perk would be in solo - get loads of points and you can have Jugg and Quick Revive pretty much forever as long as you keep rebuying Gregor Grip.
  12. Riddle Me This- CoDz Edition

  13. Zombie Suggestions

    Exactly - if they were going to add PaP'ed perks, then you should only be able to PaP once. So, let's say for Juggernog, PaP'ing it will increase your health regen by 15% for example, or you move 10% faster when on red screen? Just little increases, nothing drastic otherwise you will become invincible basically.
  14. The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    Ah, OK, cheers for clearing that up! :)
  15. The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    If I get someone to verify my rounds by adding me on Xbox + lokoing at leaderboards, would that count as valid evidence? I.E if I added a trusted CoDz member on Xbox, and they vouched for me, would that count? Or does it absolutely have to be photographic?