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  1. Dempsey has a son?? and MULE KICK IN EVERY MAP IS DUMB!

    I would of rather had PHD in the maps but thats just cause i love the 72 law and china lake upgraded :lol:
  2. The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    I should be a nikolai but I have no proof, me and 2 friends made it to round 35 on kino but after a few days the leaderboards put me back to round 24 is this just me, and also I wish this counted for solo because I have made it to round 56 on ascension on solo then killed myself Gonna play again tonight and try to get really far :twisted:
  3. An idiot proof, WRITTEN Easter Egg tutorial.

    2:30 in the morning me and my friends finally did it took about 3 hours glad to have richtofen as my gamer picture Also I had the 7 perks :twisted: [brains]