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  1. The Official Mule Kick Jingle

    I'm really happy they didn't put it in game now XD Awesome find though :)
  2. Bad choice, Treyarch.

    I got the hardened edition only for the maps 4 months ago. I really didn't care about the medal. I already owned normal BO before, so I had to repay 60€ for it. Finally I sold the hardened for only 35€... Treyarch could have given us more then just a free map. It is kinda disappointing. Besides, I am not sure if the fact that eveyone gets access to the W@W maps is a good or a bad thing. In fact, until now I met rather good players in random (even if it took a lot of time) where I get to at least round 20, whereas on BO maps I only meet selfish players you nether try to revive you even when they have the Thundergun, Gersches and the RG. This is why I only play with randoms on the classic maps, because the chances to meet good players on the other maps are way to low. And now that the maps are going to be all-public, it will be the same as the other maps. Finally, since 3arc are updating the maps, couldn't it be possible they put only BO weapons in the classic maps ? I really don't want to loose the Thompson, the FG42 or the STG...
  3. The Monkey Bomb has Returned

    Yay, so I was right about what I said ! Great to see them return.
  4. Best perk overall?

    Of course Jug is the best perk. That's why I voted for the second best perk IMO, speed cola. Even if the cost is really high, it saves your life more then once in a game. With the Lamentation / Predator it makes you almost untouchable by reloading instantly. Besides, it is a must for weapons like the H115 and the R115 which reload too slowly.
  5. Have you not seen the other posts about how they say welcome to paradise, have the same ferns, and the same temples in the campaign mission Crash Site? I do agree that this is a very awesome find, but I think that more evidence lies elsewhere. Of course I saw the other posts, but what I meant is that this pics is undeniably the best proof for the localisation of the map.
  6. You've definitly found it. [brains] to you, it can only be this.
  7. Classic Maps put into Map-Pack for Black Ops.

    I was kinda lucky since I found on a site a brand new Hardened edition for only 60€ But yeah, they should clearly put the maps on the PSN.
  8. Theory for Picture with no one in it

    Here is the pic of Maxis : IMO I don't think it is him, but the quality of the picture isn't good enough to see details.
  9. Richtofen must be getting suspicious of Takeo

    Anybody willing to do Nikolai now ? That would be funny xD Besides Richtofen, are you planning to make another DG-2 ? Because now that it's back in COTD as a power up, we want it back as a regular weapon.
  10. GK seen in the new Ascension Icon??

    Sorry, but I can only see a "G" and a "M" right there :/ But on your pic we can see Sam's face rather good :)