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  1. Jolteon

    The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    Okay, I know this is the wrong place, with it being about the "Guardian" groups, but I would like to request joining the "Survivors" group. Sorry to be a bother I just feel it would be nice to have other users recognise how long Jolteon has graced Codz with his presence... Kidding of course, Codz has made Jolteon who he is xD Anywho, thanks in advance. -Jolteon.
  2. Jolteon

    CoDz Yearly Awards/Titles, Expansion from UOTM

    Rather than a UOTY, perhaps just new sections to the user of the month? things like: Discovery of the month- awarded for the biggest find that month Newcomer of the month- best person joined in that month biggest brain getter otm- name says it all just stuff like that, then the UOTM is a much bigger prestige to get... i dunno just throwing out ideas
  3. I heard something similar too, just never really noticed it until you brought it up... Perhaps he was in Verruckt? If he was it would tell us a lot about this seemingly unknown character... Good find.

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