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  1. I played Five then I got robbed. So I cried.... I will play it again once I reach Level 70-80 at Kino Kino=56 [brains]
  2. Hey Everybody I'm starting a conversation regarding that memorable Epic Fail or game ending events that left your eyes wide open staring at the screen...wondering wt... noooo! "Game Over" I'll start 8-) Last night my buddy and I started on our quest to Level 60. With a similar style of play we have no problems communicating and understood each others strenghts/weaknesses. Levels 1-20 Easy I had 1 down he had Zero..Levels 21-30 I had the Thundergun, the zombies could barely make it to the stage...Levels 31-40 We improved our strategy and kept track of how long each round would take to complete..Levels 41-50 Were on our best pace ever, feeling confident, alert and excited Level 51 - The zombies are coming faster after each death so we prepare ourselves to run the sequence.. but this time something goes wrong.... At this point I had Zues Cannon/CrossBows.. He had Balistics Knives.. and we both had full monkeys.. We ran the trap, killing multiple zombies coming in waves as the trap ended I shot an arrow freeing us both.. While running to safety I turned back to glance to see where he was and thats when I notice he was circling to find his exit, I knew hes was in trouble and before I could reload the next arrow he goes down.. I then fired the arrow... saying "I got you" switched weapons and blasted the zombies with the almighty Zues... Zombies died he was revived.. He ran..And BAM I went down! Instantly with no time to think.. I said "dont die, don't go down!" he manage to activate a trap and grab his jug.. with jug in hand he was faced with that one zombie.. and you know how it ends.. 1v1 he got pwnd! All in all we did not surpass our highest level or scores but we really learned something. We found a faster way of killing zombies.. We laughed it off because we both had Monkeys... So what's your Epic Fail?
  3. Yeah I've seen your signature it's an eye catcher :mrgreen:
  4. ok Thanks for the welcome and tips, I wasn't sure what I could to earn some "Brains".
  5. Hello CoDz Forum Welcome to my introduction I'm a PS3 User and primarily on COD Black Ops, Zombies. I was introduced to the game 6 months ago and have been enjoying every minute, including those random games where newbs jack my window for cheap kills... then I get all that money back reviving them. I'm not into hacks or using glitches I play for pure skills and fun. I love using strategies that can speed up the process of getting through levels, so I'm constantly thinking of what I can do to improve my game. My goal is to reach Level 80... which I'm assuming is a 20 hour max game... Currently my Kino level is 56... SN= ScVz_9Wolf9

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