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  1. I am a hardcore Zombies enthusiast. Currently my leaderboards are Kino: 49, Five: 60, Ascencion: 50, COTD: 51, Shangri-la: 42, Moon: 94, Der Riese: 52, and Shi no numa: 39. I have high speed internet (30Mbps/5Mbps) and live in NY state. I have a pretty good PS3 mic. If you're interested in doing 2 player matches and making it to high rounds I'm down for that. I specialize in the maps listed above but I'll do any map including Dead Ops (32), Nacht (34), and Verrukt (46). Hit me up on this site or send me a PSN message. Make sure you have a mic, a decent connction, atleast 30s and a couple hours
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