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  1. Nice to see you back [brains]
  2. Was very disappointed no one was on saturday. :cry:
  3. i'll try to be on saturday you mind adding me covert?
  4. Pope

    Im baaack!

    Whoa thanks. nice to know i have been missed!
  5. Pope

    Im baaack!

    Hey guys just postin' to say im going to try to get back on CoDz!for those who dont know me i was quite active til late october and took a break to concentrate on other things...but im back and hope to see you guys soon! Scott.
  6. OMG AWESUUUUUUMM I am waiting for the next part you better right it soon too ^^^^LOL^^^^
  7. Pope

    Voice on Moon

    its the Pack-A-Punch powering up it says something like "here comes your trophy" :?:
  8. Thought i would gives you some [brains] you looked brain less
  9. very good work i like your story above all because it has the most dialogue but may i suggest changing the title it makes it sound like its about the 1 character nero
  10. really i got no [brains] for this :cry:
  11. So theres this thing goin on where you buy mtn dew and you get 1 hour 2x xp so will iw get rid of 2X XP weekend all together?
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