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  1. Pope


    Well i am leaving the site for good probably i have been having a lot of problems with some of my friends and just never Really had time for the site anymore. if i do come back it will be for black ops II See you guys later, Scott S.
  2. What's with the spambots lately?
  3. i was thinking about getting an HD capture card my budget is $60 any suggestions?
  4. Nice to see you back [brains]
  5. eye i posted this a while back :?
  6. Was very disappointed no one was on saturday. :cry:
  7. i saw apollo 18 the other night and it was pretty boring they really drug out the storyline but the ending was alright.the main reason i wanted to see it was because of the moon references but i didnt catch any of them did you?
  8. Pope


    I dont even know you but most people who say they're leaving dont usually you just need to vent that's all. not trolling just saying.
  9. Pope

    New smilies....

    i'd use this one a lot
  10. Pope

    Ash Wednesday

    Just chillax im the pope end of story lol EDIT:Nobody saw that right?
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