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  1. one night at der riese rougue zombie saw dempsey & decided to help him but before he did a zombie bit him but he lad there for 2 years at the age of 18 he became a almost zombie aka 90% human & 10% zombie but he had super speed,jumping & shooting! he was known as the rougue zombie but little did he know dempsey was his parthner in verruckt but he sniped zombies on a villiage rooftop near verruckt! later he went to the moon to stop the 115 rockets from being launched but he was too late......... it hit him & now hes 52% zombie & 48% human soon he will have to kill rictofeon but the real reoson dr.maxis died was because rougue zombie used to be his assistant & help him kill him & samantha! part 2 will be out once the next cod is out! :)
  2. k! also survivor guy how do i enter your thing!
  3. name is rougue zombie but call me RZ for short! i play BO 24/7 & its really cool & i have every map pack but my disc only works for moon,shangri la,call of the dead, kino der toten, five, & ascension! friend me on xbox live my gt is k1ller dude 34!
  4. iron wolf has nothing to do with activivision it was even confirmed by them on twitter so its mostly bo2 for you! :)
  5. some zombies will be ai & some are controled so its like 50% for both! :D
  6. dude justsaying this is for COD zombies only so leave if you want to talk bout this stoff go to cod.com! :roll:
  7. so like 6 people work together to escape the map AKA objectives & people can control zombies like l4d versus & there objectives for them to kill the 6! it might be risky cause you got to get treyarch to do this so i think there should be no rounds,similar bosses, & mostly a horde of zombies coming after you after a objective or if your a zombie mabye nothing! & mabye new types of zombies! there will be voting for 2 maps on xbox live or PSN! also people should join during the game with a class & i was thinking we should customize our guns & rank theme up like mw3 but there will be 35 levels on the guns & at 35 you unlock pack a punch & you cannot use equipment because you get it when you spawn aka the gernades you can unlock sentries,defenses,bombs etc. by leveling up! so do you think this could be a game type! if yes would you add anything if no why? ok thank you!
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