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  1. And so this marks the first time in years that I return to the CODZ forums... ....anyway, this is interesting. Though, dare I say this, I may be too pre-occupied with The Phantom Pain to pick up this upcoming COD game....despite the fact that it's by Treyarch, and I have a liking to Treyarch's COD games. Having been abstaining from the COD series, I was willing to make an exception for Treyarch's COD games, but The Phantom Pain is going to be my game of the year.
  2. The Ultimate Zombie Media Thread - Origins

    I apologize if this may be asking for much, but I was wondering if anyone here has all the sound files for the screams, moans, and grunts that the zombies make. All the links and vids on YouTube didn't have every sound archived; they're missing the sounds the zombies make when charging toward you. If I'm posting this inquiry in the wrong thread, please let me know.
  3. NEW Gknova6 Update! 12-23-10

    Well, effective as of 12/27/2010; 5:41PM CST..........the Vitruvian Monkey is gone. When you go on GKNOVA6.com you will see the loading circle spin for a while, then fade to black, and then the September version of the TV screens will display. There doesn't appear to be anything else, let alone anything interactive. Man...looking at all those displays makes me wish Zombies had all that the TV's were showing. Shame most of the spiffier things, like NBC soldiers, a chopper crashing, and burnt corpses....they were all just for the Campaign. Right? I mean what else could it be? Maybe a sequel to Dead Ops Arcade?.....of course I think that would be sad, because as fun as Dead Ops Arcade is, it just doesn't feel the same as the Zombies mode we all recognize and love (first-person shooting, etc).
  4. NEW Gknova6 Update! 12-23-10

    lRoJkrVStZ0 Looks like you guys beat me to it.
  5. 47093- EBOLA.

    No references to Ebola in Campaign? Nope. No references to Ebola in Zombies? Not yet.....not yet...:twisted:
  6. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    Thank you. That's the farthest I've ever gotten on KDT....too bad it will never be recorded on the Leaderboards, all because I didn't have a teammate. But that's what my personal record-keeping is for. Anyway, the AUG is a nice gun, but the biggest issue with that, and those nicer guns from the Mystery Box, is that there is no ammo available OTS, and you won't always get a Max Ammo item at the most opportune moment, either. I seriously think Treyarch should implement an Amm-O-Matic in future Zombies maps, or some special item that doubles your ammo capacity. I've got some ideas for Perksacolas, but I can't come up with decent names for them. :lol:
  7. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    It was either on Thanksgiving night, or the night before, or the night after, but whatever the case, I set my own epic record (albeit on solo): 36 rounds. 279160 points. 1337 kills. 528 headshots. PAP'ed the Galil, AUG, M16, Thundergun, HS10, MP5K, M14, M72, AKS-74u, MP63, MPL, Crossbow, and FN FAL. Consumed a total of 3 Revives, 3 Jugger-Nogs, 3 Speed Colas, and 2 Double Taps. Was playing as Takeo (as always ._.); during this session I decided to try buying all the guns OTS and got The Collector trophy (so, if you want to get this trophy or achievement, you have to buy the weapons on a map such as KDT, not the old Nazi Zombies maps like I tried a while back). It's a shame solo sessions don't count toward being on the Leaderboards (or do they?)....not like I'd be in the top hundreds or anything. But during this session I seriously felt as if I could go on forever, but I think I messed up somewhere while I was in the theater, and I got surrounded and subsequently raped by the hordes. The trick to surviving for a long time on KDT is to trust your intuition of where the zombies will burst out depending on where you are in the level. As you go on to higher rounds, you may end up having to run in circles around the whole level, which will lead to a line of fast-moving zombies following you. But sometimes you will get a zombie that appears right in front of you; this will happen when you use the teleporter, then teleport back to the lobby, let them come towards you, then (for example) run to the upper section (with the portraits) and expect a zombie or two to ambush you...so keep your gun at the ready. Use the teleporter as often as possible, or as often as necessary. Of course, with each time you use the teleporter it will have to cool down for a minute or two....plus, you need to reconnect it after each use, by going to the teleporter first and then legging it to the core in the lobby. From there, depending on how many rounds you've survived, you may have to take the long way towards the teleporter, such as the path I described above. Also, as you proceed to higher rounds, there will come moments when you have to say "Eff it," to any items they drop, whether they be Max Ammo, a Nuke, or anything else. Usually if you try to collect those items, you'll get surrounded and smacked around until you die (which by then, even with Jugger-Nog, will be quick). The weapon I used the most was the PAP'ed M16. The M16 may be sh!t at first, but once you PAP it, it's a real beast. It's full-auto and can help you rack up points when you're going to expend the line behind you, and it's easy to deliver headshots with it as it doesn't kick as much when blasting it. Drinking a DT will obviously increase its firing-rate; this is something I did for craps & giggles, so it's your choice if you want to use a DT while using the PAP'ed M16. Uh oh...running out of space to type; damn body keeps scrolling back up...

    Well it will very pretty fucking up our minds if there is a easter egg that decoded to "Henry Langham is real" now THAT is fucking up our minds. Personally I think that would be funny.

    Watching the video right now as we speak....[brains] 0:07 You're not my boy, buddy. Plus you make me envious because steganography is a recent fascination of mine and there are people like you who have more time for decryption and such so it makes me look silly. 0:10 Don't call yourself that. You're asking for angry minorities to come up to you and sass you like "Damn straight you is, cracka-ass-cracka!!11" or something. 2:00 Oh dear.....this reminds me of Dead Space for some reason. Alright; here's his list, in order from first level to however far he goes : X-Ray, Romeo, Echo, Zulu, November, Oscar.....oh sh!t.....Victor, Delta, X-Ray, India, Sierra, Delta, X-Ray, Echo, Alpha, Delta....XREZNOVDXISDXEAD. 2:58 Oh joy. Numbers. Here goes : 15-18, 9-19, 0, 8-5.......alphanumerically that is "OR, IS, 0, HE"... 4:24 I'm done here. Curse you, Treyarch, for f*cking with us. :x Putting in creepy subliminal messages into your game and making us speculate even further and stuff. Well, that was awesome. Brains for you, OP.
  10. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    I just set my own personal record tonight: 27 rounds. 96950 points. 769 kills. 169 headshots. 3 Revives, 3 'Nogs, 4 Speed Colas, and 2 DT's. PAP'ed the Spectre M4, Ballistic Knife, SPAS-12, and Stakeout. This was all solo, of course. If it were as a team I don't think I'd have lasted that long, but that's just my experience-based belief. With all due respect to any other team-players who would be well-to-do like me, I believe that my perfect teammate would be a clone of myself, with the same mentality and philosophy....of course that's extremely far-fetched and impossible. :ugeek: The SPAS-12, when PAP'ed, is a real beast; it fully reloads when inserting just one shell, and it's full-auto and can rip apart a whole line of freakbags coming at you. Sadly, you don't get a total of hundreds of shells in stock, and the SPAS-12 isn't available OTS (off the shelf) unlike the Stakeout. Plus, by around Round 27, the zombies became further resistant to point-blank shotgun blasts, even aimed at the face.....sadly I couldn't bring myself to bother any further with the Mystery Box since there were no wonder weapons (Ray Gun, Winter's Howl, Thundergun, Wunderwaffe DG2, Monkey Bomb...) each time I tried.....not to mention that higher rounds bring about more crawlers & zombies from out of nowhere, even after you defeat a whole wave of them, so I didn't want to stand around. The Ballistic Knife is convenient in some ways; if you're a point-whore like I am, the Ballistic Knife's quicker melee striking can serve you quite well. It can even kill enemies in one stab after you PAP it, though higher rounds will require more than just one stab....and the time may come when you will need to replace it; hopefully you'll be lucky like I was and get a SPAS-12. Consider these strategies if you want. :D
  11. 47093- EBOLA.

    Now I wonder if "47093" is just a coincidental number displayed on those machines. Some say that the number is treated as a date for when the Cold War began (March 9th, 1947), but I thought the Cold War started in 1946, on the day of Sir Churchill's quote about the "Iron Curtain"; this would have been May 3rd, 1946... ...others treat the number as "April 7, 1993", which was the date of a nuclear accident in Seversk, Russia, at the Tomsk-7 Reprocessing Complex. Of course I personally believed that it meant "EBOLA"; it would have made sense in a lot of ways, considering the tease that GKNOVA6.com showed us in late September. And Nova-6, though not being Ebola or any virus (as it's a chemical weapon), could've tied in to that possibility; sometimes biological weapons & chemical weapons get mixed up, though, and we may often consider them one in the same (they're not nuclear, and they produce nasty results when inflicted upon targets such as a populace, etc).
  12. Film-reels!

    Brains for you. [brains] I only caught two of those film things on my Handycam. I really should consider a PVR or whatever those things are called (I'm new to this stuff; pardon me).
  13. Film-reels!

    I managed to play one; you teleport to the PAP room, go to the movie-player's right side, hold down the Square button (or whatever button depending on your system), and you'll hear the film-reel insert. The one I played wasn't a movie, but some audio clip of sorts. Some dude with what sounded more like a Slavic accent than a German one...something about programming... Nice. Gotta love being a PC user if you can use God mode. EDIT/UPDATE Played another.... "In the past weeks, we've made great strides....subconscious..." I couldn't catch the rest.... UPDATE #2 Found another and played it.... ....something about "Subject Two-Six"(?) receiving treatment, resulting in far fewer violent outbursts and ability to respond to orders better....
  14. Film-reels!

    If someone already posted this, delete this topic, but I wanted to quickly remind you guys that there are what appears to be "film-reels" in those strange rooms you occassionally teleport to after the PAP room. I currently found one, but since I'm going on Round 17, I may not survive long enough to get the others. They can be identified by the Group 935 hand insignias. As said already, they are located in those random rooms you teleport to (sometimes) after teleporting to the PAP room. Good luck to everyone here. Or, if everyone already found them, good job.
  15. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    11 rounds.