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  1. BBS

    What the "Future" quote actually means

    Turn into TNT for the future of Call of Duty
  2. Sorry, but this was discovered and it was confirmed that FPSRussia that the Tacitus COD and FPSRussia are referring to, has nothing to do with the LLC, or the Website, orrr the Roman Emperor. Good Luck Next Time, hopefully we can figure this mystery out! When did he say the Website has nothing to do with it? I just checked all his tweets and he only denied it involving the Roman guy. It can't be a coincidence that this website launches the same day Treyarch teases tacitus.
  3. Probably already discovered by someone else, but... http://tacitus.com/images/
  4. BBS

    Inside Xbox Annihilation Map Pack Preview Video

    The easter egg on Hangar 18 has to be the floating apple. The original video of it is gone(Audioswap'd), and i cant find any reuploads of it, but if you've seen it you know its hilarious. EDIT: I found a reupload. The original video had more then 2 million views, and it would have alot more if the uploader didn't ruin it by putting a song over it. So i would definitely classify it as viral.
  5. BBS

    Weird Dagger Symbol! (Left from spawn)

    If you turn your head to the right and close your eyes it looks a little like this:
  6. I love Micheal Rooker, I am dying to watch the second season of the walking dead. I agree with you, its EPIC. Yeah, i cant wait either. I bet you any money that Merle will return in season 2.
  7. Michael Rooker probably probably wont be the most popular but hes my favorite character so far. Hes from the walking dead which is the most epic zombie thing since nazi zombies.
  8. BBS


    Dont worry they aren't making a sequel to MW2, its aq call of duty inspired project, so its probably some video series or something.
  9. BBS


    This isen't a HL situation, the people that made this are using it to promote some "Call of duty inspired project" that will be released once the countdown reaches 0.
  10. BBS


    Did you need to post a new thread about that? It was already posted in both threads about Find Makarov. :facepalm:
  11. BBS


    *cough*TWODOWN*cough* It's a possibility, but it has the "GKNOVA0.com" vibe to me...well, we can't really be sure until the countdown ends am i right? This is much more professional looking then Gknova0, plus the people that made this hoax sent out dog tags with findmakarov.com on them to Video game media sites to let people know about it. But anyways, Thatvideogameblog tracked the website down to some company out of seattle, but we dont know much about that company cause their website went down ever since they got revealed as the hoax-ers.
  12. BBS


    http://kotaku.com/#!5770833/no-modern-w ... -is-a-hoax I cant believe it, it was fake. Nice job to whoever made it up though.
  13. BBS


    Orly, this is a copy of gknova6? This is just a countdown. Its not even a mystery viral advertising thing like gknova6 was, not to mention gknova6 wasn't the first to do that.
  14. BBS


    Was there any zombies footage? If no, the extended version that should be up online this weekend (According to geoff keighley) should have some zombies in it.
  15. BBS

    Crawlers in kino aren't monkeys

    .....you deserve an award or something for finding this revelation.

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