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    Hello all! A brand new project of me, started and finished today. More chapters will come soon. Btw, if you feel like, dont hold yourself in to create your own spin-off/side story/chapter (of your own character) :P CHAPTER 1: LOST Near Monschau, Germany Anonymous was exhausted. Just at the moment she and Lenne discovered a food storage, a canned food storage though but what else could you expect in an apocalypse, an undead horde came out of nowhere and made Lenne and her empty their guns on it. The horde was too big and the magazines of their MP5’s were empty soon, and the two living creatures had to run for the living dead. Soon Anonymous had lost her soulmate and found herself alone in a dark forest. 'Ah see it from the good side’ she talked to herself (she had learned to talk to herself a lot in this quiet post-apocalyptic world): 'No more “ondoden” that are chasing me’. She walked on a barely recognizable path, surrounded by high oaks and beeches, and heard her footsteps cracking on the fallen leafs. The wintersun was going down in the cold, orange and cloudless sky, indicating that it would be even more dark soon. And truly, no one wants to be in a forest in the dark with frost at night and the chance of come across an always-hungry zombie. 'Curse you zombies! Do you think I don’t have hunger as well? Always thinking only about yourselves!’. Just at the moment all hope seemed lost, the nearly frozen Anonymous discovered a small dot of light at the horizon. When walking towards it, she saw its source was an abandoned gas station. Next to the building, a map was standing, barely visible in the nighty shadows. The map was written in German. 'Why did I had to come to Germany’ Anonymous thought. She remembered the last message she got from CoDZ, a call to all European members to gather in the German city Monschau. Advantage: It was pretty central for all European members (except Jiipee, who had to travel all the way from Finland). Disadvantage: She was not that good it reading German and in cases you would get lost in a dark forest because a bunch of running zombies had chased you, and you would find a map, you could barely read and use it. On top of that: Monschau was located in the Eifel, a mountainous area, and the temperature was much lower here than back in the Lowlands. But luckily, there was a huge red arrow on the map, indicating Anonymous’ location, and the word “Monschau” wasn’t that hard to find. It appeared that she found herself only 10 km of the centre of the town, and she started the walk. Except for a few zombies trapped in their cars on the road, the journey went quite safe, and when Anonymous arrived at their base in Monschau, she was received gladly. 'Anon, why did it took that long!’ Nieno shouted from the roof of the building. ‘The movie at the cinema had some delay, okay? Open those gates, Nieno, before I turn into a snowman!’. 'To what cinema? I heard Kino der Toten has very good reviews’ Nieno joked while pulling a lever that opened the gates. ‘The day you will keep your mouth shut will be just as great as the day this undead apocalypse ends’. 'Anon! I’m sorry I lost you’ Lenne yelled when Anonymous entered the dining room. 'What’s that awful smell?’ she replied. 'I’m sorry pals, the beans got a bit overcooked’ Blurryface said, wearing a white cook’s hat, holding a pan expelling a lot of smoke, while coming out of the kitchens door. 'God bless your beans, Blur’ screamed Slade, sitting at a table next to Spider. 'Anyway’ Lenne continued: 'I found you this’. He removed a cloth and showed an odd-looking, long, golden and stiff object. Anonymous was speechless.
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    We had loads of fun at the Zombies World Championship (ZWC) on August 19th! Aside the lack of sleep (and very seldom chances to eat those delicious tacos outside), we had the honor of being an integral part of the competition, as well as hanging with the Z-YouTubers, some very important people from Activision/Treyarch, and most importantly, awesome fans of all ages. I wanted to share with you some nice photos I managed to take during my time there. ----------------------------------------------------------------- We also wanted to take time out to see what we can do to improve ourselves (as CoDZ) for the next event! What kind of things would you want to see go down on our end? For example, game challenges, Mystery Box roulette, certain kind of store items, etc etc.
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    You've all fought hard and well. In concluswion of the 2017 Zombies Olympics, the Ancients have chosen their Champions. Congratulations to @andydabeast as the Olympic Champion and @skywhale0 as the Slayer Champion! Please PM me so we can arrange for your grand prize delivery! Things got really heated this year, and we thank everyone who participated and spent so much time grinding into these challenges. As our token of appreciation, everyone who competed will get 500 per challenge to use in our own Divinium Factory! We can't wait for next year's tournament that'll be bigger, badder, and with more rewards. We hope you all enjoyed the tournament, now let's get back to slappin' down some meatsacks.
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    @andydabeast No GGs at all!
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    So the WWII Private Beta finally came to us on Friday and what a weekend it has been. It didn't completely go to plan as my cars brakes decided to give up on me so not a good start to my Friday but the weekend got better. I spent so much more time than planned playing the beta and I can honestly say, well done sledgehammer. First of all, the game is still in beta as we know so we're going to give it a little space and time but for the first beta of the game they have absolutely nailed it. Such a big difference in gameplay and over all satisfaction. The 3 maps were really good. The only thing I had a problem with was how small they were and that didn't really give us the best advantage while using snipers but the new war gamemode and map made up for that. All of the guns were usable and good. ARs felt amazing, SMGs melted up close, LMGs were outstanding and longer ranges, especially on their bipods. Shotguns actually felt good and useable as well as the snipers. Another problem I came across was the fact that the game just seemed very SMG friendly. Everyone used them, hopefully with the addition to new and bigger maps this will make people use other guns. The new menu is very clean and nice. A problem i came across with it though was that you can't actually tell if your friend has joined your party. The only way of seeing is going into your party settings and make sure his/her name is there. I also really like the ability to pick character faces and I also love the Divisions idea instead of create a class . I will be playing it again next week in the open beta where more things will be added which should be even more fun. But for the games first beta, it is very good and steady game. The servers were fantastic. Never lagged or got disconnected once. The level was capped at 20 then was raised to 25 which gave us a few extra items bit nothing too big. I can't wait to see what zombies will be like as for only playing a still in beta and very small part of the game, I have been very happy with the outcome. If you have any questions to ask please feel free to ask me anything and I'll try and answer the best I can! :)
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    Zombies TCG (OFFICIAL GUIDE) Introduction On the brink of a fractured universe, the undead mindlessly roam the isolated wastelands that we once called Earth. An alien rock, dubbed Element 115, has become the source of energy for these zombies to continue thriving, reanimating long-dead survivors. This element, unfortunately, attracted an unknown extraterrestrial race from another universe - the Apothicons. These creatures were once said to devour and consume entire worlds, feeding off any form of pure energy and life with an insatiable appetite. This, however, was the least of our worries. In the tear of fabric of time and space, slayers from different corners of realities and time had seemingly bled into this broken universe, unaware of the chaos that lay ahead of them. At the same time, dark entities who once held power over these alternate realities had also passed into this one as well, some still connected to the Dark Aether’s energy. Familiar with these evils, the remaining survivors joined forces to defeat the undead and evil once again. With mortal forces going against both the zombies and long-forgotten evil, the survivors must find a way to eliminate them once and for all before they gain control of the Aether’s true power to take over this, and many other universes.... or before the Apothicons finally consume what is left of this universe. How to Play Respective to the current game-play mechanics of the Zombies mode, one or more players act as the Survivor(s) in a quest to defeat the other player, the Controller, of the dimension. Unlike the actual mode, however, there is an end-game: the one who eliminates the other wins and claims control over this universe. The Survivors are graced with Wonder Weapons, Traps, and Perks to aid them. The Controller has a wide arsenal of enemy types to assimilate the current dimension. What happens when good and evil clash against one another? Well...that's for you - the player - to find out. Since the Controller automatically presumes residence in the Aether, they are allowed to deal the first card onto the arena by pulling a card from the enemy pile. After the first zombie is chosen, the Survivor can now decide what the next move is. A card may be placed or bought which will use up 1 turn, or the Survivor can decide to attack the zombie. When an attack is performed, a card will lose HP in the form of “hit marker chips”. For example, if Tank Dempsey is attacked by a Zombie, his health will go 5 HP → 3 HP since a Zombie deals 2 damage. Thus, Tank Dempsey’s card will have 2 hit marker chips on it. If he reaches all 5 HP in chips at any point in the game w/o Juggernog, he will be downed. Likewise, if Tank Dempsey attacks the Zombie, the Zombie’s will go 3 HP → 0 HP because Tank Dempsey has 3 Attack Points (AP), and the Zombie only has 3 HP. At that point, the Zombie is killed and sent to the “Aether” (used) pile. The determination of how much health a card has is depicted by the value of HP chips attributed to it. In the previous example of Tank Dempsey being attacked by a Zombie, the player must take away HP chips, so there should be HP chips amounting to a total of 3 (the player can choose how they would like to set it up, so long as the total value equates to what HP is left). A die may also be used if certain events, such as special effects from certain cards or hits at the Mystery Box for a lovely weapon to defend yourself. Who knows - it’s all in the gamble! *I will be updating the OP with Basic set ups, Survior/Controller Setups, and much more! stay tuned! Basic Setup Minimum of two (2) type of players - one Survivor and one Controller. The game will allow up to a maximum of five (5) total players, (4) Survivors and (1) Controller. Every action takes up 1 turn, and 1 round is completed when both players finish their turns. At the end of each round, Survivors get +1 HP chip returned as a form of health regeneration unless max HP is achieved. Enemies, Bosses, and Controllers are unaffected by this. Points (Zombies TCG Currency) Rate generated for Survivors: Each attack = 10pts Each Enemy kill = 250pts Each Boss kill = 500pts How To Use A Survivor: Players can choose whichever Survivor they deem worthy to protect the universe. Survivors have the option to reshuffle their used weapon deck for a “Max Ammo” doing so will cost 10 points. If a Survivor uses die and rolls a 6 on the "Power Up" card pile a "Max Ammo” is Granted. (Trap cards require at least 3 rounds for re-use) Survivors can only damage a Controller if there are NO undead are on the field. A total of 4 Survivors are allowed on the field. (*An Extra Survivor can be added at any given time during the Survivor's turn. 1 turn will be sacrificed if a Survivor is added during a Solo game.*) If there are 2 or more players playing only 1 Survivor allowed per player. Chose wisely as you will be stuck with this character until the end of the game. Should a Survivor go down, another Survivor may sacrifice 1 turn to revive them. If 2 Rounds pass (1 Action = 1 Turn ) without being revived, the downed Survivor will bleed out for 5 Full Rounds (Unless reanimated by another card’s effect). If the downed Survivor is the only hero on the field, they automatically lose the game (Unless Quick Revive has been bought). Effects cannot replenish if a downed Survivor is revived or bleeds out.
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    I will keep adding things to this thread to make a library of information. Suggestions welcomed! The Reddit has a lot of information. SOURCE and Credit Unlocking the Mystery Box Room Shoot 10 lanterns around the map. Once done the room will be opened. This can be done in the Prologue as well. Queen's video Pack-A-Punched Mystery Box Obtain Jack-In-The-Boxes from the Mystery Box. Throw a Jack-In-The-Box on top of a beam above the staircase near the MP-40. Give the piano next to the Mystery Box room 9999 Jolts. You can now obtain Pack-A-Punched weapons from the Mystery Box. Queen's Video Armor You can purchase Armor for 500 Jolts, and every time you have to re-buy Armor it costs more Jolts. Armor will save you from being downed 3 times. After the 3rd time your armor is depleted and you have to purchase more at an Armor station. Armor is downstairs near the STG44 wall buy. Perks Perk Cost Location Description Lebenblitz (Solo) - Random Blitz Machine While solo, Lebenblitz automatically revives the user, but is limited to 3 uses. Lebenblitz (Co-op) - Random Blitz Machine While cooperating with others, Lebenblitz increases how fast you revive allies. Laufenblitz - Random Blitz Machine Laufenblitz ensures your legs keep moving and never tire. Gain increased sprint speed and sprint indefinitely. Faustblitz - Random Blitz Machine Faustblitz makes every strike your best. Your melee damage is increased. Schnellblitz - Random Blitz Machine With Schnellblitz, your weapon feels like an extension of you, as if you have used it your whole life. Gain increased reload speed. Schildblitz - Random Blitz Machine Schildblitz will protect you when your gun cannot. A burst of damaging electricity comes forth when you reload. Kugelblitz - Random Blitz Machine With Kugelblitz, your weapons have new life, increasing their damage output. Random Blitz Machine 2000 Jolts Upstairs Grants the user a random Blitz; Requires time to reset after use. Weapons There are 3 weapons on the wall Gröesten Haus and many more in the Mystery Box. Weapon Name Cost Location STG44 1000 Jolts Downstairs MP-40 1000 Jolts Downstairs Winchester 1897 1000 Jolts Upstairs Assault Rifles Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s) M1941 Emma-Gee Mystery Box - - M1 Garand G.O.A.T. Mystery Box - - M1A1 Carbine M2 Carbine Mystery Box - - FG 42 Device 450 Mystery Box - - BAR FU-BAR Mystery Box - - SVT-40 AVT-40 Mystery Box - - SMGs Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s) PPSh-41 Dedushka Mystery Box - - Type 100 Blood Type Mystery Box - - Waffe 28 Flapjack Mystery Box - - Grease Gun The Greaser Mystery Box - - M1928 Chicago Typewriter Mystery Box - - Shotguns Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s) Toggle Action Lucky Mystery Box - - M30 Luftwaffe Drilling Trips Mystery Box - - Sawed-Off Shotgun Winchester's Last Model Mystery Box - - Light Machine Guns Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s) Lewis Belgian Rattlesnake Mystery Box - - MG 15 Chatterbox Mystery Box - - Bren Ronnie Mystery Box - - MG 42 Bone Saw Mystery Box - - Sniper Rifles Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s) Lee Enfield Smiley Mystery Box - - Karabin White Death Mystery Box - - M1903 Illinois Mystery Box - - Kar98k War Model Starting Weapon - - Pistols Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s) 1911 Bacon and Eggs Mystery Box - - P-08 G.I.'s Souvenir Mystery Box - - Machine Pistol Red 9 Mystery Box - - Special Weapons Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Jack-in-the-Box - Mystery Box Shovel - Starting Weapon Power-Ups There are a number of Power-Ups that can be obtained by killing Zombies or through Consumables. Name Description Duration Toten-Griff (Insta-Kill) Allows all players to insta-kill all normal zombies. 30 Seconds Taschen voll (Max Ammo) Refills the ammo reserve of all held weapons for every player. - Elektromagnet Players receive double the amount of Jolts for the duration of the power-up. 30 Seconds Eclipse Kills all normal zombies on the map at once. - Fire Sale Makes the Mystery Box cost ??? Jolts for the duration of the power-up. ??? Überladen (Full Meter) Refills your special ability meter -
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    Gorod Krovi, a map taking place in an fracture of the original universe. A universe in which the Battle of Stalingrad has grown into an even more bloodier conflict that seems to never end. A universe in which the Nazi Group 935 has created Dragons. Many people over here, including me, seemed to dislike their sudden appearance, without any background/story why they are here. No explanation: Group 935 just seemed to breed these creatures out of nowhere. But after doing some research, I found out that this might not be true. As you might know, the Nazi party stimulated the racial purity of the Germanic people, with Aryan ancestors, origination all the way back to the mythical Vril-Ya (according to Nazi beliefs). East-Europeans, Jews, Gipsy’s and mental ill people were “purified” a.k.a. murdered in the most gruesome ways. What you might not know, is that this whole idea of Germanic purification even stretched to animal wildlife. Being funded by the SS, German zoologist was experimenting with tamed European animals, in order to create ancient Germanic beasts, similar to the ones Nordic god Siegfried used to hunt on. Heck was messing a lot in the genetics of animals and was breeding complete new “more Aryan worthy” creatures, almost like is seen in the movie “Jurassic Park”. The “park” was in this case the Polish Bialowieza Forest: One of Europe’s largest ancient woods. The SS burned down complete villages, and executed and deported it’s inhabitants, making space for the forest to grow. The plan was the forest to cover complete North-East-Poland, but when WW2 ended, the woods had basically the size it are today; Still an enormous size, currently covering parts of East Poland and West Belarus. A place where dr. Heck and his SS colleagues were attempting to create Aryan breeds of wild animals. Group 935 might very well have had its influence in this operation as well, concerning their Dragons. But still, you cannot breed a Dragon out of no-where, right? So Group 935 had to get Dragon DNA or genetics from somewhere. @Tac had discovered something interesting a few years ago. In the book, “The Coming Race”, the book where a lot of the Zombies story is based on, there is a scene in which two explorers in the Himalaya’s discover Shangri La. While walking through a river or lake next to this Lost City, they feel that something swims underneath them. It appears to be Naga, an mythical creature seen in Buddism, Hindoeism and many other ancient Asian religions/cultures, that is mostly seen in the form of a snake or DRAGON! The myths about Vril and Agartha often include Naga’s as well. Now the whole part about two explorers searching Shangri La might have ringed a bell at you as well: Our good old fella’s Brock and Gary. And one radio/conversation of them in particular. Brock and Gary are lost in an semi-underwater tunnel system in Shangri La, feeling something swimming next to their legs. It’s a Naga! A dragon! They are present in Shangri La. There are even statues of them in the spawn room, vomiting water out of their throat like the water they seem to live in. They were in front of us the whole time. Whats more, there is a cipher written on the gongs that are scattered through Shangri La. Once deciphered, they say "BEWARE THE DRAGONS FIRE". More hints for the fact that there are Naga's/there is a Naga present in this secret temple complex in the middle of the Himalaya's and gateway to Agartha. In Zombies Chronicles, we can notice zombies wearing Group 935 suits in Shangri La, prove that the location is not only found by Richthofen, but that a complete 935 Station was built here, possibly enslaving the natives to work in the 115-mine system. Undoubtedly, the Nazi scientists have stumbled upon (the) Naga(‘s), and tried to capture and investigate these mythical creatures. It was here where they got the Dragonblood/DNA from, enabling the Nazi’s to breed the Dragon race, with the help of the Japanese Division 9, who have proven prior to master the ability of messing up with nature. Possibly together with the Germanic creatures breeding program of dr. Heck and the SS, Group 935 attempted to create the Dragons, with a single goal: To support the German Warmachine. The Dragons were released in Stalingrad, and now you know how the story continues.
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    After a lot of grinding, sweating, dying, stress and fun, I finally completed all the challenges to unlock The Mountaineer character on WWII Zombies. The challenges are Survive 20 waves without opening any doors in The Final Reich map. Survive 20 waves without opening any doors or going down in The Final Reich. Survive 25 waves in the Prologue mission. Survive 25 waves without going down in the Prologue mission. Survive 25 waves without unlock the secret room in the Prologue mission I must say the hardest one of these was the Survive 25 waves in prologue without going down. It gets very difficult and with the mal being so small, it just gets too crowded! I plan on making a thread soon that will show everyone how to unlock these characters and also what they look like. If any of you guys need some help then feel free to comment below! :)
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    Where were you when you first played zombies, and what year was it It was 2014 and my friend lent me his copy of bo1, i tried zombies and instantly got hooked What was the first map you played Kino Der Toten, in my opinion one of the greatest maps ever, to this day all my skills come from the hours i poured into it What was the first strategy you ran Training round the stage xD When did you know you were hooked When I first discovered the amazing storyline, I immediately went back and got waw to experience the classics What was your favorite weapon in WaW Oh man, the mp40, I could use that thing all day Do you remember your first down Lol yes, round three when I discovered that they can sprint xD First ever easter egg discovery I shot the kino chandelier with the Mustang and Sally randomly and discovered the radio, I was on google immedeatly What was your first easter egg song 115, man I still love it
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    Thanks! see that @sushine1?
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    Best strategy by far is camping in the HVK room just above the church and before the power switch room, with the door to Richtofen's room closed and the door to the church open. This strategy is not only one of the fastest and the Gobblegum machine is right there, but also it makes for very easy Panzer kills. To kill the panzer, on a suspected Panzer round (remember, ever 5-6 rounds, so keep count) if you stand inside the power room then the Panzer will always spawn in front of the Death Ray. So all you have to do is stand inside the doorway to the Death Ray, look out for the Panzer, and as soon as he spawns, run straight for the Death Ray. Like this: If you have the upgraded KRM with all the attachments in your loadout then you'll kill the Panzer with less than 2 clips of ammo regardless of the round. I literally never use the box when playing this map, no need to! Keep watching after the Panzer kill as well as he also uses the HVK room strategy, and you can see where to go/stand for this strategy. Definitely worth building the Ragnaroks - if you're standing in the doorway waiting for the Panzer, and he doesn't come that round, then run back through the power switch room, pull out the gravity spikes and use them to slam your way through the stairs back to the camp spot, as it tends to get a bit congested on your way back and the jump-forward animation clears the way and makes you invulnerable in the process. You can also place them on the ground in front of you as you sit by the gate in the camp spot to get a bunch of kills and save ammo. I wanna do another 100 on this map as it happens, I'm annoyed that I didn't record it and I've got the full gameplay of my other BO3 round 100s, so I wanna get the footage of this map. It's one of the easiest maps to get a round 100 on and takes 4-5 hours, typically.
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    Have you worked at Treyarch? Nice thought! I'm also curious why there is an imagine of a (broken) Raygun on the PaP, and why Buried presents Raygun Mark II. Has it something to do with Jeb as well? Is he the real inventor of the Raygun, and are the Raygun blueprints, found in Shi No Nina, actually his blueprints, found by Group 935. If it would be truly Jeb who has lived in Buried, and if he truly is the inventor of, besides the PaP, the Paralyzer, Timebomb, (movable) Wallchalks, Raygun and possibly Perk-a-Colas, this one part of the PaP song brings us an great amount of new theories.
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    It's cool. this file would never have been heard by anyone if I hadn't posted it. Probably shouldn't have posted it but I don't really care anymore since I no longer work there.
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    In these times, in which zombies in Shangri La wear Group 935 clothes, Mason can be seen in Kino der Toten and Samantha playing hide and seek in Shi No Numa. Agartha might not be the same as the Aether, Origins in not a 115-mine and dr. Monty becomes a more important character. This is a time of Primis, Ultimis and Victis. A time of people who 'tried so hard to do the right thing". A time of the release of the very first Zombies Timeline, and the release of Zombies Chronicles. This is a time in which our old view on things change. Because of this all, I thought it might be a nice idea to look back at a previous map.... DIE RISE! Because why not? The zombies timeline gave "Die Rise" only one piece of text, and the map has basicly no background. That's why! A lot of possibilities for theories! On the Great Leap Forward loading screen, one can see the name Province 22. You must know that the present China is divided into many provinces, and that province number 22 is Jilin, laying in the northeast of China, just above Korea. The biggest cities of Jilin are Changchun and Jilin city, both cities WITHOUT enormous skyscrapers, as we see in Black Ops II's first DLC. Relatively few cities in China actually have so many high skyscrapers, as cities like Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai have. Talking about Shanghai, have you ever seen this particular tower in Die Rise? It's the Jin Mao Tower, located in Shanghai. A China in the near future may change its province-numbers (district Shanghai might be province 22 now, and Jilin has another number): Names can be changed. Buildings, however, cannot. That's why it is almost certain that Die Rise takes place in Shanghai. But the Jin Mao tower does not only help us with solving Die Rise's location, but also time: The tower was built in 1998. Another proof that the map does not take place in the Cold War, unlike it's name might refer to it, is that there is a poster saying: "Since 1996". As a last note, in Die Rise one can see zombies wearing SDC suits. The SDC (Strategic Defense Coalition) is an Asian military alliance in the near future. This is prove that Die Rise takes not place just after 1998, but rather in the future (which could be a reason of the "Province 22 change"). As a side note, I started this theory before the release of the Timeline. Now we know for sure that Die Rise takes place on 22 October, 2035. A'ight, so now we've got the location (Shanghai) and time (near future): Let's start. The sleeping cages Has anyone ever noticed the countless cages in Die Rise? Some empty, some with a basket or plate in it, and others with some filthy clothes in or on top of it. Have you ever thought about the fact that these things exist in real life? Thousands of poor Chinese people who want to have a shelter in Hong Kong rent "bedspace apartments", a.k.a sleeping cages in high skyscrapers and flats. The conditions are terrible: Hot, sultry and filthy. Full of cockroaches, rats and bugs. The ideal location for diseases. Because there is no **** please report this topic, post ****, are those who live here forced to spend the little money they have on fastfood. In Die Rise, we also see such Sleeping Cages, in the building with the Dragon on the roof. The SDC As said before, the SDC (Strategic Defence Coalition) is an Asian Chinese-led strategic military alliance in the near future. It is one of the largest military alliances in the world during the so-called Second Cold War in Black Ops II. In Die Rise, we can notice two different main types of living dead: Normal zombies and zombies wearing a SDC suit, and therefore with more health. What did those SDC soldiers there, before the Apocalypse? And why so many? I mean, usually soldiers don't just walk around in skyscrapers in a big and safe city, Shanghai, far away from the SDC borders. This is why I assume that Die Rise takes partly place, or at least near a SDC base. The fact that there is a poster of Tian Zhao, the chairman or general of the SDC (depends on how BO2 ends), on top of the Dragon building, proves this theory even more. Now on a more interesting note: This is what that poster says, with many thanks to @DragonGJY: Okay so uhm…. Weapons of Mass Destruction? Suspected to be a zombie? I think our dear friend mr. Zhao has messed with Element 115! Could Die Rise be a SDC station doing experiments with Element 115? A few points. And note that ALL these points apply only on the building with the Dragon on the rooftop. • Most of the windows of that building are for some reason all closed off with barriers. Was what happened here secret for the outside world? Or were those things within the building not allowed to exit it…. • There is a huge neon board outside on the building with "International Zombie Centre on it". The word 'International' immediately stands out to me. Like, did the SDC work together with groups like Broken Arrow concerning experimenting with 115? Another, more likely possibility could be the fact that the SDC is, in some way, already international. China, Mongolia, Russia and many more countries are members of it. So this neon board litterly says that the building was a place where zombies existed. • Back to Tian Zhao's poster, it simply says that he might be a zombie. Like, really? Every normal Chinese who reads that would think that's a joke, wouldn't they? So maybe that poster only hangs in and on top of THAT particular building, since the people who live/work there, know the truth behind Element 115 and the undead effects of it. • The Sliquifier. I know the Victis crew built it themselves, but maybe they build it up from parts of a previously built Sliquifier, built by the SDC. After all, all the Sliquifier parts lay in the Dragon building… • In the depressive floor, as I always call it, the floor where you can turn on the power, one can see some mysterious looking wooden boxes. They look the same like the crates in Farm and Shi No Numa, so perhaps they have pieces 115 in it? So assuming if the Dragon building was a SDC station, doing experiments with 115 and with the undead, why are there so many sleeping cages and sewing machines? Perhaps the cages held test subjects, or possible even zombies. The sewing machines could be some distraction for the test subjects, to make the conditions a bit more humane, or possibly the SDC overseers wanted the test subjects who weren't doing something, make effective by putting them on work. Another reason could be that the sewing machines were already there when the SDC started to use the skyscraper, and that they never took the effort to take them away. The Jumping Jacks The Jumping Jacks, the clicking, jumping and teleporting creatures that spawn in Die Rise during special rounds, have NOT anything to do with the SDC. Here’s why: The Jack’s, as I like to call them, only spawn during special rounds, when you can Richthofen say “Fetch me their souls”, and when purple lights begin to flash (flashes from the Dark Aether), similar to Samantha when sending her Hellhounds. I have always wondered why Richthofen sends killing creatures to the Victis crew, who only try to help Richthofen gaining the ultimate power. The Timeline gives an explanation of that. So apparently the Victis crew did not help Richthofen at all, and Maxis’s end is canon. Richthofen blackmails Stuhlinger in the hope he will listen to him, and when that not works, Richthofen sends his Jack’s in the hope he could convince Victis with fear, or perhaps in order to stop Maxis gaining ultimate power. Anyway, the Jack’s are not from Province 22. They are teleported to there, similar to the Hellhounds in Shi no Numa, Kino der Toten, Groom Lake, Green Run (survival) and Der Eisendrache. Because Jumping Jacks look so familar with Nova-6 Crawlers, I think it was either Group 935 (Theatre Facility, Griffin Station) or Broken Arrow (in the Pentagon) who did experiments with Nova-6 Crawlers, ending in the same result as with Fluffy. These, now by Aether corrupted and mutated Nova-6 Crawlers, are send by Richthofen to Province 22. They have nothing to do with the location itself. So this was my story. Have you not seen enough of the Great Leap Forward? No worries, @RequixEclipse might release some stuff about Die Rise in the future as well.....
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    See I completely forgot about mentioning F1. I hope it will be Kimi's last season, so the suffering finally ends. (Or he will finally get a grip (no pun intended) and at the very least win some races)) Other than that I also hope Mclaren will finally be higher up, cause the suffering they had to endure these last 3 years also has to end. The championship I hope will go to either Hamilton, Räikkönen (wishful thinking) and Ricciardo. @anonymous I am only jokingly bitter at spain. I was refering to the World Cup Finale. ^^
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    2018 has to be better than 2017 for Call of Duty Zombies. 1. New Treyarch Call of Duty, Zombies I hope they do a better job than BO3. 2. F1 2018 I'm hoping McLaren with the new engine supplier starts to finish higher up with Red Bull and Force India, Then Hamilton picks up a 5th Drives Championship. 3. More big games come to Nintendo Switch.
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    You don't need a mic! Im sure we will be able to play. But of course, exams / school comes first. So get studying and in your free time I would love to play some zombies with you. :)
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    w00t w00t! A new chapter! You cant even imagine how happy I always am when a new part of the story is released. I post this comment just on impuls after reading of your update, so I haven't read the update yet, but I'll definately will. @Mods: the teleport button in the book still show the old chapters, while when clicking on "next chapter", you get the new chapters. I also just thought about how huge this project actually is. The story of a very popular game (mode), with countless followers/players, being described in the formaat of a book. Not just an informative book, but a real nice to read story. One with characters with interesting characterisms, one with jokes, one with complete descriptions of the environment and atmosphere, and one in which we get a view in the heads of the characters. And that while all what you write is either canon or described in such way that it could be canon. If you dont mind, I'm going to try to make contact with Treyarch. I'm sure the zombie developers would be very proud on their creation when reading your CoDZ Tales. Keep up the good work, and dont make my words hurry you. Work on it when you feel like.
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    Makes me cry. Am I the only girl here now? @Lenne nevermind fella, it's gonna be a brother-sisterhood from now on
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    I just listened to Elena's album and I gotta say, it is pleasantly surprising. Edit: I also had to think about 5 years ago. @PINNAZ @MegaAfroMan and of course the one and only @Undead I really hope, the next 3arc game will be good and has no silly contract with Sony/Microsoft, so this place can really flourish again. Never forget, yo.
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    Updated the thread leaderboard, GG guys! @ZombiesAteMyPizza!I'm coming for your record ;)
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    Yes, I'm sure we'll probably end up hearing a lot more about the organization, as they've probably meddled in these affairs more deeply than they can comprehend... not unlike Group 935. That being said, I find the idea with Barbarossa more interesting, simply because of the mythos and legend that follows closely behind. I mean, it's not the only legend like this, and it has its own archetypal name for itself ("King in the mountain"), and isn't limited to Germany (or Frederick I, but I understand less how important Frederick II is to the legend [EDIT: Reading into it, it seems the legend originally was applied to Frederick II, yet it transferred over time to Frederick I. For whatever reason. Time will tell which emperor they portray.]). Kind of warrants research of its own for me, and I may well post something regarding it. Of course, not on the caliber you guys have with Barbarossa already... that's something I didn't even think of and I'd rather leave the research there as is. It's more of the backing of it I'd want to do, the legends behind it and the whole backing allegorical meanings as a whole. So...
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    Bye IW zombies. Props to you, Blurry, for playing that mode so religiously and making topics for it.
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    After almost a full year of grinding, fun moments and a lot of exploring, it's time to finally say bye to IW's Zombies. I honestly really enjoyed Zombies this year and even for IW's first try at the mode it was absolutley fantastic. The maps were fun to play, the general gameplay was good, easy to understand and get a hang of and even the easter eggs were up to scratch. Over the year I managed to grind to level 999 which was the highest possible level. I also completed all of the Easter Eggs, Directors Cut Easter Eggs and also the final Super EE Boss Battle. I then helped so many people with the eggs and level grinding and had such a fun time playing it. Now with only a week to go, the WWII hype is on and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us. Still a little dissapointed that there has been no Zombies gameplay trailer or anything like that yet, but it will add to the surprise when I finally get on to play it. So to round things off here, IW Zombies was great and fun and kept me busy enough through the year. I really dont have much bad things to say about the full game either apart from the fact that I didnt really enjoy the multiplayer. The campaign was okay and I enjoyed the side missions. I'm hoping we will get to see another season of IW Zombies again in the future nd hopefully they will have some more new and fun stuff for us!
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    I want something completely new and fresh. It is really getting old after like 7 games with almost only round based 4 player survival. The zombies can stay, but please 3arc make something new.
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    WOW!! that is amazing! I honestly can't believe I won! I did try harder than I did for the Ancient Trials and I know I have grown as a player in skill and knowledge because of all these challenges. @sushine1 you are a fierce competitor! I wish @mralways1 and @RequixEclipse could have done the other challenges I know you would have done well. You guys beat me in the Ancient Trials multiple times Thanks @InfestLithium for the organization and prizes! I look forward to WWII challenges in the future. EDIT: @sushine1 should have 10 points and I should have 11 because of challenge 2 but that doesn't change the outcome.
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    I never said hello to IW Zombies
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    Hey, guys. The Meh here. Look, I already made the "Pre-DLC" review and I know exactly what everyone is going to think I will say in regards to it in post-DLC. So... y'know what? I think I'm just gonna get this post out of the way and state pretty much everything I've said these past few months, given it being here, over Xbox, or anywhere else. I'll say what I've wanted to say, what I mean to say, everything. Nothing will be juxtaposed in my belief. The short way of saying things? This game was a joke. A goddamn joke wrapped up like a present - bow and all - with Modern Warfare Remastered, which, in comparison, would have been better off releasing this year ON ITS OWN than being paired with the shameful Black Ops III/Advanced Warfare crack baby copy-paste offspring that Infinite Warfare truly is. Infinite Warfare has become the game that completely destroyed my trust in Infinity Ward's delivery of Call of Duty, and, likely because of this, I won't be buying for their seasons... I simply won't. At least, not before its release. Not before I know what I'm to expect. This game, it's gone as far as to effect how I feel about the future of Call of Duty, whereas I've already pre-ordered WWII (speaking of, why do we want this if we've got like 10 games from back in the day about it... I don't understand that one... but hey, hype train amirite), and yet I have a doubt that Sledgehammer won't deliver, and this will just be worse than Advanced Warfare, where, albeit belief, I though was a solid game... with issues, yes, but it was not a bad game. I wouldn't want to give Infinite Warfare a shitty time here, though, so I'm going to do this the way I did for the last review and go by category... and, hey, if you'd like to read the pre-DLC review, I'll link it here for you. But, yeah... let's do this. Campaign: Yonder a year ago or so, the Infinite Warfare reveal trailer was posted, and, in the description, it reads the following: "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare returns to the roots of the franchise where large-scale war and cinematic, immersive military storytelling take center stage. Prepare for a gripping war story in which players fight against the Settlement Defense Front to defend our very way of life." While I don't completely agree with the addition of the words "returns to the roots of the franchise"... I don't think it's the most wrong statement. For a while now, actually, a lot of the campaigns we've been playing have a gripping story to them, and they all play out rather well. The full Modern Warfare series, while not entirely my favorite (minus MW2 - you can't beat that), is exactly what they are referring to if they mean to recall their roots. Not that it was - they used to do WWII games and storytelling was awful... and I played Call of Duty 2 on my Xbox recently. It's not that great. It's almost cheesy. Off-topic, anyways, the point is that Campaign has definitely been in the forefront of Call of Duty for a while now, and a lot of them are great... Advanced Warfare was even good, y'know? All that being said, I still feel confident in saying that the Campaign of this Call of Duty is great. It may even be the best of this series yet. I'm sure that somewhere out there, they say that the heart of darkness is made of gold, and I agree with them. This Campaign is exactly what I would have wanted to see in this game if we went this far... and their execution of it was perfect. They used the new environments space provided to their advantage and made most missions feel unique. Their storytelling was echelons above normal, actually going as far as environmental storytelling at times, and building characters that you grow to have a likable bond with, and uses that psychological storytelling very much to their advantage. The Campaign, at the end of the day, is like a diamond in the rough. I'll probably go on to say how shitty the rest of the game is, but I would never tell you this Campaign is bad. Never. The Campaign, by far, is what you NEED to play for this game. It is an experience that, for a while now in CoD, has been unmatched among others. I'm definitely an advocate for it. But... unfortunately, that cannot save the game, can it... Multiplayer: I did not play this game much. I still don't play this game much. This is because, after the campaign is done, what's left but to try these other modes? Honestly, while the campaign was good, its replayability is... sparse. So, given, you'd play multiplayer. Just... don't play multiplayer. How could Infinity Ward FUCK UP a multiplayer? They're the masterminds of the mode compared to others! They do it right! How do they fuck it up? They take the couple of ideas before it that broke it down and implemented them: Gun variants and supply drops. Admittedly, nobody outright likes gun variants. They are a cool concept, yes, and can work, but you can't outright make them OP and the only gun people use (*cough* ASM1 - Speakeasy *cough* Bal-27 - Obsidian Steed *cough*), then not fix them. That being said... they never do. Infinity Ward definitely doesn't seem to have, and, if I've heard right, still has issues with everyone and their mothers using the NV4 - Flatline variant. Also, fuck supply drops. Honestly. They're not better here. They're much, much worse. In fact, I'm more than certain they only promote their lack of balanced gun play even selling them. I mean, what the fuck are Mark II variants supposed to be? Honestly, I'll only ever give credit to Sledgehammer for doing supply drops, since they were the ones that introduced them, and kind of did them right (and wrong at times, but generally right, if not at least correctly). Not here though. Anyways, let's move on. The more I talk about this multiplayer, the less I want to write this shit. Case point, it sucks. It's always gonna suck. Nothing will ever suck more... unless you are referring to "particular" characters from Shadows of Evil, then maybe it has competition. But otherwise, no. This multiplayer is worse than that old retro E.T. game that caused a video game market crash in the first place back in the day. I thought we were better than this. Zombies: IW Zombies was supposed to be good. Let's be fair about that. It had a lot of potential. There was a lot they could have done right in a setting that can parody the genre as much as it can anything else, while even giving it the twist of music as it did. There was a lot it could have done and a lot that should have been done. But, in the end, it pains me to say it failed. It sucks, both in the perspective that this potential was wasted, and that this mode in general just isn't great. I've not felt the need to buy much in the line of DLC and that is because I know it won't yield a return of enjoyment for me. But I still experienced this for what it was. I have opinions, and I will voice them. In the original post, I suppose I wasn't great with explaining my uncertainty with Zombies in Spaceland. Justifiably, it is a rather... difficult map to explain and discern. I'll do my best here: Zombies in Spaceland is, indeed, your quintessential IW Zombies map. If you're trying to like this series of maps, you're essentially gonna start here. It's pretty much a cut and paste of the regular Zombies formula, but somehow they complicated it. Part of me would like to think it's a lack of depth or explanation of the world, or the mechanics and their difference (i.e. buildables and how you're meant to get them), but... it's honestly just boring after a while, either way. Kind of like the rest of the game. Funny. (Oh, and Mr. Hoff-9000 cannot save it. No amount of 80's retro will ever make Spaceland fun again, especially the Hoff himself.) Rave in the Redwoods, in my eyes, was... admittedly supposed to be a good map, likely. It had a different set-up from its predecessor (admittedly, the 90's rave scene looked great), the lead-up actually looked relatively intriguing (if not lacking some depth), and it just seemed like a step up from Zombies in Spaceland in general... and, it was! For what gameplay I have seen, it looks like actual fun. From what "story" I've heard of this map, it's also kind of interesting, what with the story of Kevin Smith and the one other actor whose name leaves me at this moment. That being said... I've heard a lot about how easy the map is. My friend got to round 69 on the map, and all he did was stand in a single spot with crossbows... which, if I've heard right, are copy-paste bows from Der Eisendrache, an actually good map by comparison. Not every time does something like this feel as though it breaks the integrity of the map - we have seen examples before, mainly in Ascension and Revelations, albeit both having different issues - though, something like this certainly does exactly that. Now, I wouldn't innately align my opinions on Rave in the Redwoods with that of a friend I play Xbox games with. While it is jarring, and while it does say a lot about the map, I cannot simply go and say that it fixates my opinions to "oh, this map's just a copy-paste high round map" (even though it probably is). At the end of the day, though, the map kinda just ruins the first impression... which, believe it or not, can be important. This map falls ever so short from grace, indeed. Now... I feel odd moving forward, because, quite frankly, these next few maps are just odd in themselves by my standard and understanding. Nonetheless, I suppose I must talk of them. Oh well. So, copy-paste Shadows *cough* I MEAN Shaolin Shuffle... is an interesting follow-up from Rave in the Redwoods. Given, the jump from 90's to 70's (I think) seems rather quick and strange, but that is kinda the shtick of IW Zombies. At least, at this point you should have realized this. That being said, the mechanic change and the way powers and such would work here actually seemed to look appealing. It actually, once again, fueled my intrigue. From what gameplay I've actually seen and what story I know, this map actually seems the most solid of them yet. The style and map on its own is a gimmick, yes, but the map looks to play very well. I'd go as far to say that it's the quintessential DLC map... next to a certain not-so-great one to come... but, hey, what do I know? The community probably understands the DLC better than me, which is fine. I'm not writing to boast, complain, or justify which side of mine should be correct - I'm just writing this because I want to, and... because I kinda got myself stuck doing it with the Pre-DLC Review. Anyways, I'm rambling. Moving on. Ah... Attack of the Radioactive Thing. Acronym for "A.R.T.", if you think about it. Ironic. Self-righteous, too. Anyways... this is one I actually bought. Recently, too. I hadn't played IW in a very long while, and I pretty much told myself I didn't care, I had the money to waste. So, I bought it, and I played it... and, well... Look at it this way. The style is meant to call back to that basic 40's/50's style, which, even then was its own kind of gimmick, and has aged. The style would not have been right either way, but they went with it. I can commend and respect that. That being said, I understand less why Elvira is in the map... minus whatever sense spells and shit makes, because I'm pretty sure that's what I've seen of her in this map, and I find it both fitting to her and strange to IW Zombies. But, at that point that statement is the same as all of what I've said so far about Zombies being strange in this game (to be fair, I do certainly see a certain level of strangeness and uncertainty with this game mode). At the end of the day, I don't think I would have asked for this map. I don't think I would have asked for mutated crabmen and crabzilla. I don't think I would have asked for a meth lab EE. There's... a lot of things that I don't quite like about this map. Can't say I'll ever change my perspective on it. But oh man. I think the worst offender from the previous map is the finding of the tapes that chronicle Extinction. While it kind of is a cool meta thing for them to do - the world of Extinction was made by Willard, so I suppose that means he is good at making movies then, yaaaaaaaay happy emojis and unicorns shitting rainbows infinitely - it essentially called for The Beast from Beyond. Which sounds fucking stupid. There's a reason remakes are bad, Willard. Haven't you learned from the way the box office works? I figured your retirement was because of the money you wouldn't be making. But yeah, "Beast from Beyond". I don't care what anyone says, and I don't care what the game says - I'd never call the Cryptids aliens. Nor would I imply they are, and I would NEVER choose to tear that name asunder from its pedestal by doing so. That pisses me off. It pisses me off that they decided it would be a good idea to put Cryptids into Zombies (which is called Zombies for a reason goddammit). While, say, Treyarch's rendition of Zombies with Black Ops III doesn't exactly do it any favors, adding Cthulhu-based monsters and occult shit, it does well to keep them within their bubble of the "Zombies atmosphere". I'd go as far to say they even fit their aesthetic. But... Cryptids? Really? It just ruins the experience, in my eyes, when they MAKE THE CHOICE to put something into a map that you can tell doesn't belong. It's insulting to me, as a Call of Duty player, to see the company that used to make the best games of its series insult one of the better non-Zombies survival modes by tearing the very fabric that made it unique to pieces and throwing it up to the wind. At this point, it reminds me less of the greatness that Extinction was, but more-so reminds me of how much better Ghosts 2 would have been if that were the game Infinity Ward made. It reminds me about how much I'd love to see Extinction return to form. It reminds me of how good Extinction was. But, unfortunately, that is not what they did. They chose, instead, to make this game, and to release this map, which taints the memory all the same. It taints the idea on its own, creating its own poison... and I want none of it. Now, I honestly don't know how this map plays out in the EE or how it works with the Cryptids, as I've tried to ignore that. But, I do know how this map played out the ending of IW Zombies. I'd always thought that the coolest part of IW Zombies lore, admittedly, was the fact that all this was driven by the devil himself, Mephistopheles. That a simple producer like Willard had to make a deal with the devil and essentially collect souls for the devil to gain his fame. It was... well, an unoriginal idea, but something that gave the story an... admirably respectable form. Given all this, I'm sure the boss fight was good, too. But, I didn't think my last memory of IW Zombies would have to be Mephistopheles depicted in full demonic form like he just came out of MS Paint in an official cutscene. Emphasis: OFFICIAL CUTSCENE. I expected this: But got this: Jesus Christ... I guess, past that, though... not a bad ending to Zombies, I guess. Perhaps a little too open-ended for my liking. But... not bad. I'd give an overall rating for Zombies here, but I think this next part will do better. OVERALL: Shigeru Miyamoto once said that the "obvious objective of video games is to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences". I feel that something like this is important for us, as an entire community devoted to Call of Duty - Zombies specifically - should be thinking about in stride and live by in a more passionate sense. Infinite Warfare, by all standards, is not the perfect CoD, and is far from perfect by a longshot. With a Campaign that, on its own, would stand as a perfect set-up for a franchise outside of CoD's reaches, and a Multiplayer and Zombies mode that don't add anything to the experience, it would be safe to say that this game is a failure. Not only financially, as it probably did sell much less, but personally. I've never regretted choices when buying video games - most are good, most I play. This would be the first. I hope it's the only one. If I were to rate by mode, it would be safer than not to say that the Campaign is due a good 8/10 for solid gameplay, actual choice of mission and course of action - something I loved from Black Ops II that I haven't seen since - and an overall compelling story that defines what duty means in the face of impossible odds. At least that is something that holds true to it. Multiplayer would receive 2/10. I'm not evil, so it is not 0. But I fucking hate it. Y'know, the last time I felt this vehement about a CoD Multiplayer was Black Ops II, and my mind was honestly jaded when I considered why I hated that Multiplayer... in fact, all things considered, Black Ops II actually has my favorite Multiplayer now (next to Black Ops III - I know, I'm petty, but it is a fun time when you get into it... and ignore blaring sirens that form into Cryptokeys and Supply Drops). Zombies... would be a 5/10. I feel indecisive when saying that, but that seems to be what it deserves. Like what Exo Zombies deserved (speaking of, I should do my post-DLC review for that too). (So, overall, that's 15/30. 50% in a review? What would that tell you...) At the end of the day, however, all things considered... I wouldn't ask you to ignore it blatantly. As I keep saying, the game is a bit of an experience of its own. You pretty much have to experience the Campaign to understand how good it is, and actually understand that Infinity Ward, on an overarching perspective, tried their hardest to deliver something that resembled a quality game (they went as far as to put the relatively typical thank you at the end of the credits... which is fine). I mean, if this were released before Black Ops II and had no ties to Call of Duty, would you consider the game to be bad? Hell, it could have become something great, with its own franchise behind it if it were good enough. I'm rambling, though. My point is, while you shouldn't really buy this game, experience it for what it is if you DO end up buying it (that is, if you haven't already). Experience the almost unmatched stortytelling skills from Campaign, then experience the actual stupid shit after. Experience the bad to understand it, I suppose. ...yeah, I should end this post now. What do you guys think? How did you like or dislike Infinite Warfare? Feel free to reply if you want. Per aspera ad astra, -The Meh
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    I am a story person, so the thing I desire the most of Treyarch, is: >Make the story less obvious: The entire story is created by the game studio. Thats not nice. There is little room left over for theorists. I mean, yes, before we got all the DLC's we could guess how the story continued. But that was pretty much everything. Once DLC 4 was released, we knew all about the BO3 story and the story talk and theories dried out. WaW, BO1 and BO2 were different: The theorizing and story talk had just began when the last DLC was released. Please, decrease the intel you give us about the story, and tried to remain mysterious, and keep the story more open and empty, so there is space left over to theorize about. > As an effect on previous wish: Don't make it too unrealistic and complicated. We are never able to theorize about multiverses, the House, the children, etc. Thats just unknown territory for us. > Please stay with reality. Unit 731 did exist. But Pohnpei was never a military Japanese base. There ARE legends about the Vril Ya. Not about the Keepers. The Golden Rod and Vimanas existed in real life (myths). The Primis staffs and Summoning Key NOT. The battle of Stalingrad did happen. But not with robots and dragons. If the story is built on real events, places and myths, it's easier to theorize about. If you start telling things about the Keepers, Apothicans, Monty and the children, we can only guess what will happen/did happen. There are no sources on the internet that can give us intel about them. >Keep it sciencific explainable. I dont mean that everything has to be real (like the MPD, Golden Rod, Vimanas, zombies, etc) but at least give it some realistic looking sciencific background. Not just like: "Ohh a red portal suddenly appears. Hey look, a robot with a laser in his finger. Did you know these spiders grew so big because they are infected with 115 A FUCKING ELEMENT THAT IS THE SOURCE OF OUR UNIVERSE, AND NO GROWTH HORMONE!". You get it? >Dont relate every small secret thing to the main story. Let a few things open to discussion, or perhaps a side-story. Russian signs in Shangri La and Green Run? How odd, and while I know it has nothing to do with the main story, I am curious to find out more and theorize about it. Illuminati symbols on TV screens? A brick with a face in Der Riese? The Wisp in Buried? And many, many more small hidden neat mysteries. In BO3, every small mystery that was found either referred to the Keepers, Monty, the Apothicans, Primis, Alcatraz or the Loop. Berlinski Square in GK and the hyroglyphics in the Nan Sapwe room in ZnS were the only things in BO3 that were not like this. >About Easter Eggs, make more of them. Not just the main quest, ciphers and side-quests with a reward like in BO3, but also secrets hidden in textures, actions, quotes, models, etc. >Make the locations real and give them a background. And something deeper than only a "laboratory of evil scientists". Develop the environment in such way that we see what happened here. Process it in the quotes of some characters. And most important: Let us browse through the internet to find some myths and facts about that location. >Make the characters less obvious. Monty and the Keepers are such obvious good guy,s and the shadowman and the Apothicans are such obvious the bad guys (to start with the name, SHADOWman. Really?) that the majority of the Zombies community is actually not sure anymore if Monty is actually a good guy, and the Shadowman the bad guy. "I mean, Treyarch wouldn't make it that obvious, would they?" >Keep adding beautifull music. I am really fund on the Revelations music, but I really hope music like Ascension and Shangri La would appear on loading screens again. >Continue the comic book pages loading screens. Btw, mods, thank you SO much for making the editor remember what you have typed when you refresh a page
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    You had all those weapons during the game?! That is fantastic luck lol that sucks it crashed tho. Congrats on the good run though!
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    Challenge #1 has officially ended. Scores from this challenge will be posted later on in the week. Now comes Challenge #2. Champion Pool: Challenge #2: Locked Map: Nacht der Untoten (ZC) Type: Solo Power: N/A Gobblegums: No Time Limit: N/A Rules: Only players who won as Wildcards or Champions in the past Ancient Trials Tournament are allowed to participate. Players may use any weapon that is NOT from the Mystery Box. Grenades, knife, sniper cabinet, starting pistol is allowed. Perks are NOT allowed. Mystery Box hits are NOT allowed. Buying of ammo is allowed. Glitching is NOT allowed. Gobble Gums are NOT allowed. The furthest wave reached wins. Slayer Pool: Challenge #2: Limited Map: Origins (ZC) Type: Solo Power: Yes Gobblegums: No Time Limit: N/A Rules: Players must survive using only limited weapons - starting pistol, starting room wall weapons, grenades, knife. Perks are NOT allowed besides the Reward Chest Double Tap II.. Crazy Place is NOT allowed. Buildables are NOT allowed - including Shield. Easter Egg is NOT allowed - including progression of the collection of Elemental Staff pieces. Max Ammo/Zombie Blood cart Easter Eggs are NOT allowed. Reward Chests are allowed EXCLUDING the free Pack-a-Punch’ed weapon reward. Reward Chest Double Tap II is allowed. Wonder Weapons - including Elemental Staves, Giant Beacon secondary, One Inch Fist - are NOT allowed. Ammo buying is allowed. Mystery Box is NOT allowed. Pack-a-Punch is allowed. Traps are NOT allowed - however, Tank is allowed for this challenge. Glitching is NOT allowed. Gobble Gums are NOT allowed. The furthest wave reached wins. /--------------------------------Official Information--------------------------------/ To upload your video submissions, please use think Google Form link. Please ensure that your videos are in full-length, and are made available by link via Twitch, YouTube, Mixerr, or any other streaming platform that will save your gameplay. Only one submission is allowed per competitor. Competitors must have registered for their submission to be valid. The challenge will end October 7th at 11:59 pm PST. Once finished, the next challenge will be posted the following day alongside the results of the previous mission. Happy slaying friendos, and may the Ancients guide you through the Aether!
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    Hello everyone and welcome to my last Mega Thread of the IW Zombies Series. I know I still have Attack of the Radioactive Thing to finish off but I promise it will be here soon. I hope you all enjoy my last mega thread for IW Zombies and I hope it helps some of you out! Note: This Mega Thread is still in progress and what you see so far is only a small part of the final thread. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Easter Egg Steps Step 1 Activate Power and place 4 Floppy Disks into N31L in Spawn, obtain the Floppy Disks by doing the following: 1 - Dropped by the Pack-a-Punch-spawned Phantom 2- Left of Pack-a-Punch Portal 3- Obtain the Entangler, navigate to the Red Hallway near Bang Bangs. Entangle the Floppy Disk and shoot it toward the grate at the back. Locate and obtain it near the Zombies spawns around the Hallway. 4- Obtain the Entangler, navigate to the Med Bay, Entangle and shoot a Space Helmet at the Green Monitor in the back-right of the Room. The Forcefield will now open, the Floppy Disk can be found on the desk straight ahead. Step 2 Locate the Paper Scrap around the Map that matches the Symbols on your 4 Floppy Disks. Once located the order in which you need to insert the Floppy Disks into N31L is top-to-bottom on the Paper. Once entered correctly N31L will become Angry, activating Traps and Doors located around the map. Step 3 Obtain the Entangler, navigate to the Theater near the Brute Cutout and Entangle the Button on the wall. Carry the Button to the 'The Beast From Beyond' Poster in the Theater Arcade. If done correctly the Button will teleport and no longer be on the original wall. The Button will now be located on the bottom-side of the Desk in the Force-Field Room near Med Bay. Activate it. This will activate a 4x4 Grid of Dials in the Med Bay, you must solve the puzzle to turn all Dials Vertical. Step 5 Upon completion of the Step 4 Puzzle N31L will be temporarily Hacked, you are now on a timer to Entangle his head using the Entangler and take it to an unknown location? These are all the known steps so far. Thread will be updated when new steps are found. (Shoutout to everyone on Reddit helping out) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pack-a-Punch Obtain 3 Satellite Pieces (Video coming soon) In a corner opposite to Trail Blazers in the Cargo Bay To the right of the Blue Bolts perk machine Outside the theater to the right of the KBS Longbow on top of a car Navigate outside of the facility and place the pieces on the catwalk to the Pack-a-Punch Portal. Note: A Phantom is spawned when the Pack-a-Punch Portal is deactivated, or you are kicked out by the countdown timer. Double Pack-a-Punch Shoot open the Electrical Box across from the Proteus Wallbuy, hold square to obtain the Alien Fuses Place the Alien Fuses on the Sasquatch Cutout in the Theater Obtain the Film Reel from the counter of the Concession Stand in the Theater. Navigate to Pack-a-Punch and place the Film Reel in the Projector. If done correctly clips of Zombies in Spaceland will begin to play. Obtain the Entangler and navigate to the Theater Screen, activate the Theater Screen Trap and shoot the Entangler at the Screen to pull a Brute Helmet out of the portal. Once the Trap is finished the Helmet will fall on the ground and can now be carried using the Entangler. While holding on to the Brute Helmet, navigate to the Brute Cutout in the Theater. Place the Brute Helmet on the Cutout and activate it. If done successfully the Brute Helmet will zap the Alien Fuses on the Sasquatch Cutout. You will now be able to obtain the Charged Fuses. Navigate to the Pack-a-Punch Machine and install the Alien Fuses. Once complete you will be allowed to Double Pack-a-Punch your weapons.
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    With the release of Infinity Ward's DLC 4 Zombies map, "The Beast From Beyond", we've created a new subforum for all discussion regarding the new map. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/273-the-beast-from-beyond/ Happy slaying!
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    It's largely due to us having two divisions instead of 1. We are working towards creating a larger pool in the future once we gain more traction.
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    Each challenge will be created in such a way that "hours" won't be possible. When we held the Ancient Trials for the Champion pool, a good chunk of the challenges were increasingly difficult. For the Olympics, they will perform the same way. We are estimating about 1.25 hours on average for each challenge, where there will be harsh limitations and limited areas to be in.
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    Champion Pool: Challenge #1: Shadow Noire Map: Shadows of Evil Type: Solo Power: Yes Gobblegums: No Time Limit: N/A Rules: Only players who won as Wildcards or Champions in the past Ancient Trials Tournament are allowed to participate. Players are allowed 3 perks of their choosing (excluding Quick Revive), 2 Wall Weapons, 1 Mystery Box hit Easter Egg including Elemental Swords is NOT allowed. Initiation of the Easter Egg beyond the Pack-a-Punch step is NOT allowed. Quick Revive is NOT allowed. All weapons are allowed. Mystery Box is allowed. Pack-a-Punch is allowed. Buying of ammo is allowed. Civil Protector, Shield is allowed. Traps are NOT allowed. Glitching is NOT allowed. The furthest wave reached wins. Slayer Pool: Challenge #1: The Jungle Map: Shangri-la (ZC) Type: Solo Power: No Gobblegums: No Time Limit: N/A Rules: Players must survive in the map unable to access the power room whatsoever. Power room is NOT allowed to be opened. Gobblegums are NOT allowed. Free Gobble Gum EE is NOT allowed. Perks obtained from Monkeys are allowed (however, if player obtains QR, gameplay is forfeited. Use as your own risk.) Quick Revive is NOT allowed. All weapons are allowed. Wonder Weapons are allowed. Mystery Box is allowed. Pack-a-Punch is NOT allowed. Traps are allowed. Glitching is NOT allowed. The furthest wave reached wins. /--------------------------------Official Information--------------------------------/ To upload your video submissions, please use think Google Form link. Please ensure that your videos are in full-length, and are made available by link via Twitch, YouTube, Mixerr, or any other streaming platform that will save your gameplay. Only one submission is allowed per competitor. Competitors must have registered for their submission to be valid. The challenge will end September 23rd at 11:59 pm PST. Once finished, the next challenge will be posted the following day alongside the results of the previous mission. Happy slaying friendos, and may the Ancients guide you through the Aether!
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    @NaBrZHunter Texas has turned red as well. ZOMBIE SLAYERS EVERYWHERE
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    I will allow extension of each challenge to two weeks instead of one. Plus, given the end of the ZWC1, I will have time to make it happen, haha.
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    I definitely agree that Edward was rather a victim of the agenda of the Apothicans instead of a genius/god. A good observation of you, one I have never thought about, is that the Apothicans are in control of everything that's teleported (the MTD "tunnel" you see when teleporting, is the Dark Aether, home of the Apothicans). Basically, the Apothicans are able to teleport you wherever they want you, once you've used the MTD and you're inside the Dark Aether. Usually, though, they don't care where you teleport to. Except one time. Though, I don't think the Apothicans chose him for his personality. If you think about it, Richthofen was the very first living human that used the Matter Transference Device. Humans are easy to corrupt, and the Apothicans needed a physical, 3-dimensional host for their plans. The problem is that the MPD, the Apothicans pyramid, is hidden in a cave on Earth's Moon, far away from any humans. The first time a living person teleported himself, Edward Richthofen, and travelled through the Dark Aether, the Apothicans were able to send him to the MPD to start the "outbreak" of the Apothicans. So I don't think it was Richthofen's character that was the reason, but it was pure coincidence that he was the first who used the MTD. What the Apothicans exactly are, and what they want, is indeed something vague. They originate from Keepers, an alien race from our 3th Dimension who someday "ascended to Agartha to become the wards of all universes". So the Keepers/Apothicans originate from the 3D, just like humans. But now they are extra-dimensional. The Apothicans are those Keepers who are corrupted by the Dark Aether, possibly a negative dimension. In WaW/BO/BO2 they were never able to directly enter our dimension, yet in SoE and Revelations, two maps who are set in a very extraordinary setting, the Apothicans ARE able to enter that particular dimension and directly face our characters. They enter that dimension with a small explosion, possible antimatter from the Dark Aether (if that's really a a negative dimension). So I would like to say that the Apothicans are besides extra-dimensional, also trans-dimensional. In the right circumstances, they are able to travel to other dimensions.
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    @InfestLithium I'm in it.... but it would be nice to have a longer time frame seeing I'm moving in 2 weeks. But between the relocation process and getting my internet reconnected, only 1 week to submit doesnt seem likely especially with my daughter starting school. Two weeks per challenge I could manage....
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    Wait. Are you speaking about the one who talks in TranZit and screams when you grab a power-up? Because that's for sure Richthofen. "Fetch me their souls", the quote that can be heard when the Hellhounds are teleported to Earth, is Richthofen too. It are Fluffy's puppies, stuck in the Dark Aether. Richthofen is able to teleport things from a location to another location, but also from the Dark Aether to Earth (Power-ups, jumping jacks, and yes, Hellhounds). The hounds don't really have a side they fight for. They are not loyal to someone and hate someone else. It are just by darkness corrupted animals, killing everyone on their path. So it does not matter if Samantha or Richthofen sends them, they do where they exist for: Hunting. And the voice is obviously the same as the TranZit and power-up voice: Doctor Richthofen. If you are talking about the girl giggling when you roll the teddy bear...I don't know. It does not really sound like Richthofen, does it? But it could be an ancient evil, sadistic spirit within him: the Apothicans, or the Dark Aether EDIT: or are you talking about the announcer in BO1 now?
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    This may sound cynical but when playing with randoms I have kind of given up on trying to force teamwork. It requires too much effort for it to usually fall upon deaf ears. Usually my online randoms games go like this- Wave 1-5 I and someone else who knows what they are doing get most of the kills, open doors, get guns. The other two are noobs and one goes down. By wave 10 the good player and I have perks and maybe a papped gun and we have tried to help the two noobs find jugg and a good wall weapon but they may just suck too bad. By wave 20 the two noobs have downed so many times they have just quit and the good player and I finish it out and friend each other. I had a guy once on the Giant not know how to play. like at all. He didn't know how to buy a wall weapon and had been running around with an empty pistol for a couple rounds.
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    Always hoping for the day when I can get an EE run in...been talking with my pal @FatedTitan and actually, my wife as well about one - you could be our #4! As usual, no ETA as of yet, however. lol! Family life keeps me on my toes. And I found out yesterday it just grew +1 brains (joke for the benefit of the old CODZers who remember). XD This weekend is jammed packed because I wanna give my lady time to get in some more thrill park stuff before it becomes "not doctor recommended." Otherwise, I'll keep you on the top of my list for folks to shout out for EE plans! The video is blocked by my employer's web filter, but I'll give it a watch this evening - looks like a good one!
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    Hmm. Well, I can see that the "Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts Club" post has been dead for almost a month now. To hopefully alleviate this in some way, here is a chicken sandwich.
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