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    So our lads at Treyarch just tweeted a Zombies timeline after the reveal with JCbackfire: In that tweet, they provided an interactive DESKTOP-ONLY web page containing vital information, Keeper language, and an interesting map of how our crew traveled. There are so many different elements to look into with it, that I will keep updating this thread with all new pieces regarding the lore from each map, important events, and what the Keeper language translates to. (Image source: u/zzFuzzy on r/CODzombies) https://www.callofduty.com/zombieschronicles IN THE BEGINNING AGARTHA FRACTURES DIMENSION 63
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    The Mystery Box that I got this year via donating has finally came to use. Since we moved house and I now have my own room, I went out today and got some frames for my posters and zombie cards. I'm really happy with how they look and the frames were a good price too. Hopefully I will get the other posters to finish the collection and also some more cards soon. Hope you guys like it. :) @InfestLithium @Spider @Lenne
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    In these times, in which zombies in Shangri La wear Group 935 clothes, Mason can be seen in Kino der Toten and Samantha playing hide and seek in Shi No Numa. Agartha might not be the same as the Aether, Origins in not a 115-mine and dr. Monty becomes a more important character. This is a time of Primis, Ultimis and Victis. A time of people who 'tried so hard to do the right thing". A time of the release of the very first Zombies Timeline, and the release of Zombies Chronicles. This is a time in which our old view on things change. Because of this all, I thought it might be a nice idea to look back at a previous map.... DIE RISE! Because why not? The zombies timeline gave "Die Rise" only one piece of text, and the map has basicly no background. That's why! A lot of possibilities for theories! On the Great Leap Forward loading screen, one can see the name Province 22. You must know that the present China is divided into many provinces, and that province number 22 is Jilin, laying in the northeast of China, just above Korea. The biggest cities of Jilin are Changchun and Jilin city, both cities WITHOUT enormous skyscrapers, as we see in Black Ops II's first DLC. Relatively few cities in China actually have so many high skyscrapers, as cities like Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai have. Talking about Shanghai, have you ever seen this particular tower in Die Rise? It's the Jin Mao Tower, located in Shanghai. A China in the near future may change its province-numbers (district Shanghai might be province 22 now, and Jilin has another number): Names can be changed. Buildings, however, cannot. That's why it is almost certain that Die Rise takes place in Shanghai. But the Jin Mao tower does not only help us with solving Die Rise's location, but also time: The tower was built in 1998. Another proof that the map does not take place in the Cold War, unlike it's name might refer to it, is that there is a poster saying: "Since 1996". As a last note, in Die Rise one can see zombies wearing SDC suits. The SDC (Strategic Defense Coalition) is an Asian military alliance in the near future. This is prove that Die Rise takes not place just after 1998, but rather in the future (which could be a reason of the "Province 22 change"). As a side note, I started this theory before the release of the Timeline. Now we know for sure that Die Rise takes place on 22 October, 2035. A'ight, so now we've got the location (Shanghai) and time (near future): Let's start. The sleeping cages Has anyone ever noticed the countless cages in Die Rise? Some empty, some with a basket or plate in it, and others with some filthy clothes in or on top of it. Have you ever thought about the fact that these things exist in real life? Thousands of poor Chinese people who want to have a shelter in Hong Kong rent "bedspace apartments", a.k.a sleeping cages in high skyscrapers and flats. The conditions are terrible: Hot, sultry and filthy. Full of cockroaches, rats and bugs. The ideal location for diseases. Because there is no **** please report this topic, post ****, are those who live here forced to spend the little money they have on fastfood. In Die Rise, we also see such Sleeping Cages, in the building with the Dragon on the roof. The SDC As said before, the SDC (Strategic Defence Coalition) is an Asian Chinese-led strategic military alliance in the near future. It is one of the largest military alliances in the world during the so-called Second Cold War in Black Ops II. In Die Rise, we can notice two different main types of living dead: Normal zombies and zombies wearing a SDC suit, and therefore with more health. What did those SDC soldiers there, before the Apocalypse? And why so many? I mean, usually soldiers don't just walk around in skyscrapers in a big and safe city, Shanghai, far away from the SDC borders. This is why I assume that Die Rise takes partly place, or at least near a SDC base. The fact that there is a poster of Tian Zhao, the chairman or general of the SDC (depends on how BO2 ends), on top of the Dragon building, proves this theory even more. Now on a more interesting note: This is what that poster says, with many thanks to @DragonGJY: Okay so uhm…. Weapons of Mass Destruction? Suspected to be a zombie? I think our dear friend mr. Zhao has messed with Element 115! Could Die Rise be a SDC station doing experiments with Element 115? A few points. And note that ALL these points apply only on the building with the Dragon on the rooftop. • Most of the windows of that building are for some reason all closed off with barriers. Was what happened here secret for the outside world? Or were those things within the building not allowed to exit it…. • There is a huge neon board outside on the building with "International Zombie Centre on it". The word 'International' immediately stands out to me. Like, did the SDC work together with groups like Broken Arrow concerning experimenting with 115? Another, more likely possibility could be the fact that the SDC is, in some way, already international. China, Mongolia, Russia and many more countries are members of it. So this neon board litterly says that the building was a place where zombies existed. • Back to Tian Zhao's poster, it simply says that he might be a zombie. Like, really? Every normal Chinese who reads that would think that's a joke, wouldn't they? So maybe that poster only hangs in and on top of THAT particular building, since the people who live/work there, know the truth behind Element 115 and the undead effects of it. • The Sliquifier. I know the Victis crew built it themselves, but maybe they build it up from parts of a previously built Sliquifier, built by the SDC. After all, all the Sliquifier parts lay in the Dragon building… • In the depressive floor, as I always call it, the floor where you can turn on the power, one can see some mysterious looking wooden boxes. They look the same like the crates in Farm and Shi No Numa, so perhaps they have pieces 115 in it? So assuming if the Dragon building was a SDC station, doing experiments with 115 and with the undead, why are there so many sleeping cages and sewing machines? Perhaps the cages held test subjects, or possible even zombies. The sewing machines could be some distraction for the test subjects, to make the conditions a bit more humane, or possibly the SDC overseers wanted the test subjects who weren't doing something, make effective by putting them on work. Another reason could be that the sewing machines were already there when the SDC started to use the skyscraper, and that they never took the effort to take them away. The Jumping Jacks The Jumping Jacks, the clicking, jumping and teleporting creatures that spawn in Die Rise during special rounds, have NOT anything to do with the SDC. Here’s why: The Jack’s, as I like to call them, only spawn during special rounds, when you can Richthofen say “Fetch me their souls”, and when purple lights begin to flash (flashes from the Dark Aether), similar to Samantha when sending her Hellhounds. I have always wondered why Richthofen sends killing creatures to the Victis crew, who only try to help Richthofen gaining the ultimate power. The Timeline gives an explanation of that. So apparently the Victis crew did not help Richthofen at all, and Maxis’s end is canon. Richthofen blackmails Stuhlinger in the hope he will listen to him, and when that not works, Richthofen sends his Jack’s in the hope he could convince Victis with fear, or perhaps in order to stop Maxis gaining ultimate power. Anyway, the Jack’s are not from Province 22. They are teleported to there, similar to the Hellhounds in Shi no Numa, Kino der Toten, Groom Lake, Green Run (survival) and Der Eisendrache. Because Jumping Jacks look so familar with Nova-6 Crawlers, I think it was either Group 935 (Theatre Facility, Griffin Station) or Broken Arrow (in the Pentagon) who did experiments with Nova-6 Crawlers, ending in the same result as with Fluffy. These, now by Aether corrupted and mutated Nova-6 Crawlers, are send by Richthofen to Province 22. They have nothing to do with the location itself. So this was my story. Have you not seen enough of the Great Leap Forward? No worries, @RequixEclipse might release some stuff about Die Rise in the future as well.....
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    Official Trailer That's right, the DLC 5 map names have been found in the games code along with the recent update. Thanks to xPorter for putting in the work. Here are the maps we will be seeing. Kino Moon Shangri-la Ascension Origins Nacht Vertuckt Shi No Numa Here is the full Reddit post here! https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/68xtg0/black_ops_iii_dlc5_zombies_chronicles_decrypted/?st=J28MQ0F0&sh=c56002e7 List of New Gobblegums Source: charlieINTEL Zombies Chronicles Poster Remastered Maps Cost and Download Size Zombie Chronicles will cost $30 USD. For the UK the price is £25 GBP. A great price for 8 amazing remastered maps. The download size for Zombie Chronicles has also been confirmed at being an easy 12.2GB download. Zombie Chronicles Calling Cards Here is the absolutely amazing MGS themed calling cards that we will be getting along with Zombie Chronicles. They are really well designed and all MGS fans will truly love them.
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    We had loads of fun at the Zombies World Championship (ZWC) on August 19th! Aside the lack of sleep (and very seldom chances to eat those delicious tacos outside), we had the honor of being an integral part of the competition, as well as hanging with the Z-YouTubers, some very important people from Activision/Treyarch, and most importantly, awesome fans of all ages. I wanted to share with you some nice photos I managed to take during my time there. ----------------------------------------------------------------- We also wanted to take time out to see what we can do to improve ourselves (as CoDZ) for the next event! What kind of things would you want to see go down on our end? For example, game challenges, Mystery Box roulette, certain kind of store items, etc etc.
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    In about 2 hours time, I'll be taken the website offline for a period of time, we will be upgrading the site to IPS Suite 4.2.1 - which brings a host of new features with the site and also brings us up to the most recent version. This is not just a simple update, this is a new version of the suite taken us from 4.1 to 4.2, you'll like the new features.
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    Hello everyone. Finally, I can get back to my long loved website after a rollercoaster of a year. I guess you could call this a re-introduction so I'll just post it in here. For the people that don't know me, I am Blurryface (Liam). I've been here for almost a year now and I've gotten to meet some great people along the way. If you haven't seen me around often it's because I've had some things going on and only this week have things came to term and settled down. Keeping it short, loosing a loved one so close to me was heartbreaking for me and I have been taking it slow and steady and finally I have started feeling a bit better. Moving on, some good news is that we are finally moving house! Which means for the first time in nearly 20 years I will have my own room lol. I will be finally start on YouTube again and I will have more space and time to put more effort into the site. I'll hopefully be making a bunch of videos weekly for everyone to enjoy. So yes, I am back. Still have a lot do do with the house moving but that doesn't mean I won't be around. I am currently working on IW DLC 3 Mega Thread and a lot of my time is going into that. I look forward to seeing you there when it's up. Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been here and helped through the past year. You guys are amazing. And for the new people, I look forward to meeting you and hopefully getting some games of zombies too. Now that you've read this, what are you waiting for? Get out there and shoot some heads off zombies!
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    I really think that each map should have some sort of symbol like the Summoning Key / Gateworm beside the maps name to show that you have completed the EE for that specific map. Sure, it's not a major or badly needed feature but I think it would be nice and would be a neat little feature. It would be really cool as well if by competing all of the ZC EEs, you would get a sweet Calling Card or Camo for completing them all. Just some cool little features that I think a lot of people would like!
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    Okay fellow slayers from all over the world, this is how far I know it. I know @jiipee95 is from Finland, @Lenne and @Nieno69 are from Germany and @The_Giant_935 is from Italy. I know @Rissole25 and @Doppelgänger are from Down Under, but I don't know what province, so I leave Australia white. If you haven't noticed it: The darker the colour, the more zombie slayers. And of course, still work in progress
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    Out of these two Timeline excerpts, we can conclude that the Aether and Agartha are two different things. The Aether, a higher dimension, and its energy, exists since the beginning of the Multiverse. Agartha is created later, made by the Keepers with the help of the Vril artifact known as the Summoning Key. With the Aether being a higher dimension (so 4D or possibly even higher), you can compare it with a hypercube. I believe that the Keepers have created a world within the Aether: Agartha. Agartha is like a 3D cube within the 4D hypercube: A physical location, for our 3D human forms able to enter, feel and observe. This could explain what Doctor Monty meant with "the world within the world". Agartha within the Aether. Now about the House. The House has proven to be one big mystery, and multiple theories about its exact location are made. So here's prove: The House lays in Agartha (I don't know who had theorized that before, but whoever it was: You're right!). Still, there could be two different ways to "be" in Agartha. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you my two possible theories: The Agartha Village Theory, and the Interstellar Ending Theory! (the names are debatable…). The Agartha Village Theory So, nothing special about this theory. The House and the buildings around it (like the Church) are just a village in the 3D Agartha. Agartha is a world like ours, but without the presence of Element 115 and the Apothicans: A perfect world. Agartha is the only good universe. At the end of Revelations, Doctor Monty says that he closes off all other (115 and Apothican influenced) universes. From now on, Agartha, the universe with the House, will be the only universe that continues to exist in our reality. Perhaps Agartha even is OUR real universe, free from all the evil. In that case, the House is located in the real existing German village "Ludwigdorf" (translated: Ludwig (Maxis) village). The Interstellar Ending Theory Anyone here who has seen the movie Interstellar? Great movie, but besides the story it also may have ties with the Zombies Story, especially the ending. In the ending, the main character is put in a hypercube (4D) by 5 Dimensional beings. From this 4D cube, the character is able to manipulate the lower 3th Dimension, our dimension, to do stuff in the past that cause him to eventually do what he did in the movie: A paradox. He is also able to message the 3D humans a way how to save humanity. So in short: The main character goes on journey, eventually finds himself in a 4D cube, messages a solution how to save Earth and messages his own self in the past to go on journey, so he will eventually save the world. You got it? Why do the 5 Dimensional beings help him and put him in this Hypercube, you might ask. Well, they are humanity. They are the humans in the future, having mastered and accessed the fifth dimension, and therefore help the main character to save the world, so the 5D humans will in the future exist. That’s a double paradox! Now to come back to the House, Agartha and the Aether. Following this theory, the Aether is not the fourth, but the fifth dimension. Agartha is the fourth dimension. This is why, in the Monty trailer, when Monty says he is in Agartha, everything black: It is not visible for our 3D eyes. If Agartha would be 3D, we would see trees, rocks and houses. So the Keepers, 5 dimensional beings, have created the 4D realm "Agartha" to inhabite. Via 4D Agartha, Monty created the realm of the House, a 3D realm. You can compare this with a drawing of a world on a 2D paper (the 3D House), laying in your 3D room (4D Agartha). This "House" realm is only created temporary (like the Hypercube in Interstellar), and exists till Maxis, Richthofen and the rest of Primis have done their fate: Saving the Multiverse's ass. Prove for this theory that the House is not Agartha like a village, but more WITHIN Agartha like a piece of paper or a bubble, are the following quotes from the Timeline: You see? Samantha was taken by her father to Agartha after Buried, but Monty appears to have taken Samantha to the House, after Maxis is send there after Origins. This proves that the House is somewhere different than Agartha, and because of the "the house in Agartha" quote said earlier, I think there is no other option than this "Interstellar Ending Theory". The House is theoretical within Agartha, but not really located in Agartha as a village or something. And following Interstellar's story, the House realm will only exist temporary as some kind of "Hub" for Maxis and Richthofen, from where they try so hard to do the right thing. The multidimensional beings, the Keepers and Monty, residing in both 4D Agartha and possibly even also in the 5D Aether, are like the 5D beings in Interstellar: They assist Maxis and Richthofen in saving the Multiverse and create the House (like the Hypercube in Interstellar). Monty could be some kind of agent of the Keepers, to communicate between the Keepers and Maxis/Richthofen. Maybe, just as in Interstellar, the Keepers originate from humans too, and are basically our evolution. Maybe that’s why they want to help us. If we extinct, they extinct with us.
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    So in-case you didn't know, Kino der Toten (and I believe Five too) featured this bizarre note. This note was never fully cracked of it's knowledge. We don't know who the Doctor is. Automatically you assume Richtofen or Maxis. But then you get that second last sentence. "at this Time" seems awfully out of place, like they do not belong in that time. Then you look at the date and it kind of fits. 23rd of January 1975, 12 years after Kino der Toten takes place. So we're dealing with time travel. Of course that fits in Zombies, but even to this day, and even with the help of the Zombies Timeline, it has still never made sense. Kino has always been weird, and while the timeline does establish it in 63 now, there are still oddities about it like the Fernsehturm TV Tower, which did not begin construction until 1965 (2 years after Kino), as well as teleporting to Samantha's Room/The House, and a destroyed version. And this note of course. While Doctor Monty's inclusion could give us who that note is about, it doesn't explain who sent it, and what it's really all about... That is until today. I was going through Kino Remastered. I checked all 3 locations of this note (Maxis Office/PaP Room, Five/Pentagon Room, and underneath the stairs next to the stage). Two of these were the exact image above, straight up texture copy. The 3rd one (underneath the stairs) is different. Take a look. Going between both notes, some obvious differences are that it's a lot cleaner now. The font and readability of it is also greatly improved now. There are some small differences that may actually be pretty big in the long run. I have circled in the same colour the differences between each. Top is the new note, and bottom is the original. Blue: FS ER has become FS FR (it is possible this was FR originally) Red: IHCOMFSQG has become IHCOMESOO Green: All the words in the table at the bottom are now empty. Yellow: GWO becomes GKO In the new one, the sentence is "We are aware on how he arrived at this time and space". In the original, it is possibly "We are unsure on how he arrived at this time and space". It is very hard to tell though. Why would they change this? Why would they only just change on and not the rest? And what does this mean? Could we finally get an answer to this note? It atleast shows us that Treyarch is listening, and is interested in this note (same with Group 601). Otherwise why do this? I have hope this will be figured out one day.
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    You've all fought hard and well. In concluswion of the 2017 Zombies Olympics, the Ancients have chosen their Champions. Congratulations to @andydabeast as the Olympic Champion and @skywhale0 as the Slayer Champion! Please PM me so we can arrange for your grand prize delivery! Things got really heated this year, and we thank everyone who participated and spent so much time grinding into these challenges. As our token of appreciation, everyone who competed will get 500 per challenge to use in our own Divinium Factory! We can't wait for next year's tournament that'll be bigger, badder, and with more rewards. We hope you all enjoyed the tournament, now let's get back to slappin' down some meatsacks.
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    “Remember Forever” Hey guys just want to post that heart dropping song heard in the reveal! Still trying to find what the title of the song.. Remember? Obviously by the beautiful Elena Siegman. Here's the some of what I could pick out. Feel free to add any missed words or corrections and I'll update OP. I've tried to pick out the other voices that are heard during the song. I'll be making frequent updates to the OP as I listen to the delay it's a right at the devils interval which props to these kids.. Also called the Devil's Triad, the Devil's Interval, and diabolus in musica, this combination of tones has led to some of the most chilling chords and melodies in music history. It's one of the hardest things for a composer to teach a singer not to sing the Devils Interval. The Light through the window streams in and breaks on your brow. (Breaks on through to you) and she floats on by Beautiful Sad,Lost Child Cruelty reconciled I stand with you, forever Can you feel me here? Remember (Her love will find you) Forever (Her love will reach you) Forever (Held in her arms, remember) FOREVER (Her love will find you) (Her love will heal you) (Shield you from harm, forever) FOREVER I'll Shield you Remember Heal you, FOREver.. I personally had that heart dropping feeling seeing it and would like to hear what your reaction was to it and what you most excited to see! INTERVALS There you have it guys! Please let me know what's on your mind, because this was extremely tedious trying to start and stop. I find it so interesting that each one of these are in fact during a devils Interval. Well played Treyarch
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    @andydabeast No GGs at all!
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    So the WWII Private Beta finally came to us on Friday and what a weekend it has been. It didn't completely go to plan as my cars brakes decided to give up on me so not a good start to my Friday but the weekend got better. I spent so much more time than planned playing the beta and I can honestly say, well done sledgehammer. First of all, the game is still in beta as we know so we're going to give it a little space and time but for the first beta of the game they have absolutely nailed it. Such a big difference in gameplay and over all satisfaction. The 3 maps were really good. The only thing I had a problem with was how small they were and that didn't really give us the best advantage while using snipers but the new war gamemode and map made up for that. All of the guns were usable and good. ARs felt amazing, SMGs melted up close, LMGs were outstanding and longer ranges, especially on their bipods. Shotguns actually felt good and useable as well as the snipers. Another problem I came across was the fact that the game just seemed very SMG friendly. Everyone used them, hopefully with the addition to new and bigger maps this will make people use other guns. The new menu is very clean and nice. A problem i came across with it though was that you can't actually tell if your friend has joined your party. The only way of seeing is going into your party settings and make sure his/her name is there. I also really like the ability to pick character faces and I also love the Divisions idea instead of create a class . I will be playing it again next week in the open beta where more things will be added which should be even more fun. But for the games first beta, it is very good and steady game. The servers were fantastic. Never lagged or got disconnected once. The level was capped at 20 then was raised to 25 which gave us a few extra items bit nothing too big. I can't wait to see what zombies will be like as for only playing a still in beta and very small part of the game, I have been very happy with the outcome. If you have any questions to ask please feel free to ask me anything and I'll try and answer the best I can! :)
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    Zombies TCG (OFFICIAL GUIDE) Introduction On the brink of a fractured universe, the undead mindlessly roam the isolated wastelands that we once called Earth. An alien rock, dubbed Element 115, has become the source of energy for these zombies to continue thriving, reanimating long-dead survivors. This element, unfortunately, attracted an unknown extraterrestrial race from another universe - the Apothicons. These creatures were once said to devour and consume entire worlds, feeding off any form of pure energy and life with an insatiable appetite. This, however, was the least of our worries. In the tear of fabric of time and space, slayers from different corners of realities and time had seemingly bled into this broken universe, unaware of the chaos that lay ahead of them. At the same time, dark entities who once held power over these alternate realities had also passed into this one as well, some still connected to the Dark Aether’s energy. Familiar with these evils, the remaining survivors joined forces to defeat the undead and evil once again. With mortal forces going against both the zombies and long-forgotten evil, the survivors must find a way to eliminate them once and for all before they gain control of the Aether’s true power to take over this, and many other universes.... or before the Apothicons finally consume what is left of this universe. How to Play Respective to the current game-play mechanics of the Zombies mode, one or more players act as the Survivor(s) in a quest to defeat the other player, the Controller, of the dimension. Unlike the actual mode, however, there is an end-game: the one who eliminates the other wins and claims control over this universe. The Survivors are graced with Wonder Weapons, Traps, and Perks to aid them. The Controller has a wide arsenal of enemy types to assimilate the current dimension. What happens when good and evil clash against one another? Well...that's for you - the player - to find out. Since the Controller automatically presumes residence in the Aether, they are allowed to deal the first card onto the arena by pulling a card from the enemy pile. After the first zombie is chosen, the Survivor can now decide what the next move is. A card may be placed or bought which will use up 1 turn, or the Survivor can decide to attack the zombie. When an attack is performed, a card will lose HP in the form of “hit marker chips”. For example, if Tank Dempsey is attacked by a Zombie, his health will go 5 HP → 3 HP since a Zombie deals 2 damage. Thus, Tank Dempsey’s card will have 2 hit marker chips on it. If he reaches all 5 HP in chips at any point in the game w/o Juggernog, he will be downed. Likewise, if Tank Dempsey attacks the Zombie, the Zombie’s will go 3 HP → 0 HP because Tank Dempsey has 3 Attack Points (AP), and the Zombie only has 3 HP. At that point, the Zombie is killed and sent to the “Aether” (used) pile. The determination of how much health a card has is depicted by the value of HP chips attributed to it. In the previous example of Tank Dempsey being attacked by a Zombie, the player must take away HP chips, so there should be HP chips amounting to a total of 3 (the player can choose how they would like to set it up, so long as the total value equates to what HP is left). A die may also be used if certain events, such as special effects from certain cards or hits at the Mystery Box for a lovely weapon to defend yourself. Who knows - it’s all in the gamble! *I will be updating the OP with Basic set ups, Survior/Controller Setups, and much more! stay tuned! Basic Setup Minimum of two (2) type of players - one Survivor and one Controller. The game will allow up to a maximum of five (5) total players, (4) Survivors and (1) Controller. Every action takes up 1 turn, and 1 round is completed when both players finish their turns. At the end of each round, Survivors get +1 HP chip returned as a form of health regeneration unless max HP is achieved. Enemies, Bosses, and Controllers are unaffected by this. Points (Zombies TCG Currency) Rate generated for Survivors: Each attack = 10pts Each Enemy kill = 250pts Each Boss kill = 500pts How To Use A Survivor: Players can choose whichever Survivor they deem worthy to protect the universe. Survivors have the option to reshuffle their used weapon deck for a “Max Ammo” doing so will cost 10 points. If a Survivor uses die and rolls a 6 on the "Power Up" card pile a "Max Ammo” is Granted. (Trap cards require at least 3 rounds for re-use) Survivors can only damage a Controller if there are NO undead are on the field. A total of 4 Survivors are allowed on the field. (*An Extra Survivor can be added at any given time during the Survivor's turn. 1 turn will be sacrificed if a Survivor is added during a Solo game.*) If there are 2 or more players playing only 1 Survivor allowed per player. Chose wisely as you will be stuck with this character until the end of the game. Should a Survivor go down, another Survivor may sacrifice 1 turn to revive them. If 2 Rounds pass (1 Action = 1 Turn ) without being revived, the downed Survivor will bleed out for 5 Full Rounds (Unless reanimated by another card’s effect). If the downed Survivor is the only hero on the field, they automatically lose the game (Unless Quick Revive has been bought). Effects cannot replenish if a downed Survivor is revived or bleeds out.
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    For those who don't know, the Zombies World Championship ("ZWC") is a collaborative effort by popular Zombies YouTuber mcsportzhawk and 1P Entertainment to create the first ever real-time Zombies tournament. The physical event will take place in Los Angeles, CA. in Thunder Studios on August 19th. 12 YouTubers - including MrRoflWaffles, TheSmithPlays, Glitching Queen, MrDalekJD, RadAustin27, and more - will be competing against one another with 4 lucky but overall winners from the online tournament that went down from the end of June to July 26th. In the online competition section, 4 challenges were crafted to test the mettle of slayers - 2 Easter Egg speedruns on Gorod Krovi and Revelations, and 2 high round runs on Verruct w/ no Juggernog and Origins starting room. Each top player per challenge is being flown out to Thunder Studios for free to compete with the YouTubers for a dip in the prize pool of $20,000! As of July 5th, Call of Duty Zombies proudly teamed up with mcsportzhawk to help promote the ZWC! Not only are we advertising it, but we also have special amenities for our fans and community. We are setting up booth at the ZWC on August 19th for giveaways and special Zombies items, but most importantly, we have a very special registration link for those who still wish to enter the tournament and submit their video before July 26th to compete. It's only $15 to compete instead of the normal $20, and who wouldn't want to play with the YouTubers?! Even if you aren't competing, we invite you to come down to Los Angeles in August to meet us up at our CoDZ booth! We got lots of special goodies being given around, and would love to see some Zombies fans out there from the CoDz community as well! Who will we be seeing there?
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    I have avoided joining discussions about life purpose and such because that is not what I come to this forum to discuss, but I think this thread is an appropriate place to offer my perspective. This post for me is opinion and personal belief. I am a Christian. My life purpose is to follow the Bible and spread God's love to the world. After death if someone has recognized that Jesus died for their sins and had surrendered themselves to Him then they go to Heaven and if not then they will be in Hell. Only God knows someone's heart, and what they truly believed at the moment of their passing is a mystery (although we can speculate). Accepting Jesus' sacrifice is the only way to heaven and God in His trinity is the source of all truth. Everyone is naturally "bad" and we are all sinners in need of Jesus' sacrifice in order to be worthy of Heaven. There are lots of tangents and specifics to debate about but really that is the basis for Christianity and what I believe. That is where I derive my purpose. God is alive and working, and He has proven Himself multiple times to me personally. I looked for Him and found Him, and now I would die for Him.
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    I want to make this for those to feel like they're constantly at the bottom of a never ending roller coaster. We've all been there and sometimes we feel like it's never going to come back up but trust me life is the roller coaster and it's always going to come back up. This past April I lost my 17-year-old cousin to suicide. It was about a girl and he was with that girl. He was threatening to go to himself in front of her and she left the room and eventually left him by himself. That night he took a chair and a belt and he hung himself. Earlier then I he was having fun with his friends out camping laughing and appeared to his best friends happiest guy in tHe world. He had a future after college and a family that cared about him and a girl who he would do anything for I simply want to say that no matter how far down you think you are no matter how bad or how sad the moment seem. You matter and what you do matters. I want you to take your hand and place it where your heart is.. do you feel that? That is called purpose. Your alive for a reason don't ever give up.
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    Oh boy the thread for me. I haven't typed this anywhere before but a very close long-time friend killed herself a few days ago and I never got a chance to tell her that I loved her. I mean I'm sure she knew, but still. We'd been really tight since like my freshman year of highschool, over the years we talked a lil less because she got mixed up with some abusive assholes who didn't let her have platonic male friends. When she finally broke free she moved in with her dad again, and her and i started hanging out semi-frequently, having a really awesome time. It was funny, we spent like 3 years knowing each other only through social media, and when I knew her in high school, she had really short hair, so i got to see it grow out over the years just through her profile pics. Then like a week before I saw her for the first time in years, she cut it all off again lmao. Despite her unthinkably troubling past, she was really consistently happy and borderline giddy all the times I was with her. She was an intrinsically curious and playful person who loved animals and nature. The purest heart and most free spirit I've ever encountered. She hated not living on her own, so I basically offered to give her rides any time she needed any for any reason, cuz I could tell she really wanted to breathe. She really appreciated it and seemed super optimistic about life going forward, like her job prospects and long-term plans. Her and I talked through really unpleasant events in each other's lives, and probably saved each other repeatedly. Whenever she felt tired or sick I let her crash in my bed all the time while I just played zombies or whatever downstairs lmao. I remember less than a week ago, her waking up and asking what I was playing (It was Shangri-La) and I made a mental note to play with her sometime. Saturday I hit her up and was going to ask her to hang out the next day but she was with friends so I was like "i'll be polite and message her when she's home." Well, i never heard from her again. She killed herself in the park in which I spent my childhood, rather unexpectedly, after a few seemingly minor unprecedented psychotic episodes. I've been crying and collapsing on the ground and unable to go to work for days. I'm turning into Nikolai 1.0. It's just so fucking stupid man, she was so level headed. This was out of nowhere. It just goes to show, as Monty said, there are just some things you can't change. A momentary lapse of judgement can cause irreversible change for everyone. There's not much more to say on the matter really, although I still find myself editing this post. Saying my goodbyes to her in 6 hours. Love you Rose. PS Never had much of a family. Had to make do with what I had. Everyone here, + Rose, and others over the years, filled that gap nicely. Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. Love u guys <3
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    Well deserved Congrats @Blurryface
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    Due to an overwhleming majority (and not enough nominations for the past 2.5 weeks), a "unanimous" vote has been made. Congrats @Blurryface for taking on the cyan robes for June 2017! Wash it with some strong detergent, friendo!
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    *BOOM* and the Earth wad gone. Blown up. The ultimate cliffhanger to end Black Ops I Zombies. "What's next?" the fans thought. "Yeah, what's next?" the developers might have thought too... After 2 years, in 2012, we were given TranZit and the rest of Black Ops II, and whenever you like it or not, you have to admit that there is something odd with it. Something not right. I don't know what exactly, but the entire thing of BO2. Take the main menu for example: Green Run has several maps, names and game modes, while all the others have only 1, or sometimes 2 game modes. "Borough", Turned and Grief in Buried, was added last-minute. Or take Die Rise: You have the whole Earth, see "Great Leap Forward" somewhere on the map, zoom in and you'll see the word "skyscraper", select it and you'll see the name "Die Rise", and then, eventually, you enter the game lobby. It just feels odd. It's like every DLC was supposed to be like Green Run, with many selectable maps and game modes. Or perhaps Green Run should have been the main item in Zombies Mode, with all DLC's surrounding it as nice little side-maps, what Downloadable Content actually should be. BO2 Zombies feels weird. Maybe even out of place sometimes. There must be something behind it, shouldn't it? Yes there it. Recently, in a interview of YT folks with Blundell (yes...again. Treyarch why don't you give an interview on our forums for one time?), Blundell has explained quite some stuff about the early development of BO2: The development of TranZit. And it actually makes pretty some sense. So Earth was blown up. Lava, dust and zombies everywhere: A perfect apocalyptic setting. Treyarch could just have continued with the story of Ultimis, and create what Zombies always was: Building barriers, kill zombies, turn on the power, reach the Pack a Punch and do the Easter Egg. Basically the same formula World at War to Black Ops III have. Treyarch can go on forever with this. But the developing team of Black Ops II, which were already with few people (around 30, if I remember correctly), led by the one and only Jimmy Zielinski, thought outside the box. They wanted to do something new. Something revolutionary. Since WaW, Zombies Mode has grew from a bonus mode to something almost equal to Multiplayer Mode. At the end of BO1, the Zombies Mode fans had grew to a height like never before. Therefore, the developers tried to make Zombies Mode more than 1 map and 4 DLC maps. Like Multiplayer has, Zombies Mode could have different game modes. And the developers were actually working on all these different game modes! "Survival" mode would be casual zombie killing, like in WaW and BO1, comparable to the "Team Deathmatch" of Multiplayer. But instead of "Gun game", "Domination", "Capture the flag" and "Sticks and Stones", BO2 Zombie Mode wanted to provide the game modes "Race", "Grief", "Meat", "Turned", "Returned", "No Man's Land" and possibly even more. A ranking-system. Buildables. Maybe the developers even had thought of a "Create a Class" system, similar to that what BO3 Zombies has. All these gamemodes take place in the post-apocaliptic wastelands, playing as some survivors. It might be because of that that all the current smaller maps have basically no backstory: It should go about the gamemode, not the story. Just a bunch of random survivors who "play" these gamemodes, trying to stay alive in the Apokalypse. It should become absolutely ambitious. Let's take the game more "Meat" for example. The game starts with two teams, separated from each other by some kind of fence. The whole game is about, how surprising, a piece of meat. The players of one team have to throw the meat via several barriers within the fence to the other site of the map, to the other team. The site where the meat lays is the site that will be attacked by zombies. So the players of the other team have to pick up the meat and throw it as quick as possible to the other side, before the zombies kill their team. It's some kind of volleyball, and the tactic is to throw the meat to harder accisable places (like on the upper floor of the bar in town). Pretty neat game mode, ja? But there was even one gamemode/map that had a bus driving you through several of the maps of the other gamemodes. This was TranZit: The canon/story map of Green Run. In this map all the smaller maps appeared parts of one big US-military scientific station, the real existing Hanford Site. The map originally had a day/night cycle (the mysterious beams and lazers are most likely a remnant of that). A second bus and bus route. And dang, this map even reintroduced a beloved character of the previous Zombie maps: Doctor Richthofen! But TranZit was not the map it all should be about. It might become the biggest map and the only map continuing the story, Green Run (and BO2 as a whole) should be about the diversity of abilities. All the gamemodes and mini games is what it all is about. It's about the whole. You could maybe even compare it with Zombies in Spaceland: It's not only about surviving and the Easter egg. It is about all those neat mini games, the rollercoaster and arcade for example, too. All in all sounds very ambitious, but things changed. Having a team of 30 people thinking, developing, drawing, animating, programming and creating this in lesser than 2 years turned out to be impossible. It was not achievable. Zielinski kept faith in his project for too long, and refused to give it up for too long. At the time he saw the inconvenient truth and admitted that his vision of BO2 was impossible, it was already too late. There was no time anymore, Black Ops II would be released soon. The developers had to throw away all the stuff that was half done and not entirely done yet, and the map TranZit had some significant changes too. Only a survival bus depot, town and farm, and a grief town and farm had survived it, together with the modified TranZit. Green Run had shrunken like it was hit by a 31-79 JGb215, in both size as capabilities. The game was released, and many players found TranZit a glitchy and empty map. They felt like something was missing and TranZit was condemned to the "worst zombie map ever". Die Rise, Mob of the Dead, Buried and Origins followed, like normal survival maps as we know it. Black Ops III followed, with normal maps as we know it. The casual Zombies-formula. Green Run could have been the flipping point, the map that changed zombie mode enormous. If the developers had succeed, Zombies would have look alot different today. It might look very similar to Multiplayer. Better or worse than Zombies is like today, I leave that to you.....
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    Hey everybody, if you haven't heard, this series is now concluded. All twelve parts of the series have been aired, in addition to the Credits as well as a video that covers my thoughts on the new timeline. The Credits feature every person to my knowledge who ever helped in debating this storyline or helped it out in some other manner. The other video is, well, not exactly how I intended to end the series, but it's done all the same. I hope you guys enjoyed the series, but this marks the conclusion of my time with Zombies. If you watch the last video, you'll understand why. You guys have been great, but I just feel I need to move on with my life. I hope you guys enjoyed this series, this culmination of the work that first brought to this website. I hope I've left something worth having seen. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you all. I'll probably lurk occasionally, but not very often. If you ever want to reach out to me, you can find my email on my Youtube channel. Thank you
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    Thank you very much guys! It's very humbling. There is so many people on here to nominate, it's the hardest part of every month honestly... I'm going for @anonymous @RadZakpak @RequixEclipse @Lenne You guys always post great stuff / are always active and the people I see around here to most! Been having a rough time lately and you guys have cheered me up. :)
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    New medals have been uploaded into the terminal: "In The Beginning" - Reach beyond Round 100 on all Zombies maps. "Fractures" - Complete all Black Ops 3 main Easter Eggs.
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    "Broken Arrow" Informational Prepared by @RequixEclipse "Broken Arrow" refers to an accidental event that involves Nuclear weapons, Warheads or Components, but it doesn't create a potential risk of Nuclear War. Such events include: Accidental or unexplained Nuclear detonation. Accidental Nuclear detonation or burning of a Nuclear weapon Radioactive contamination. Loss in transit of nuclear asset with or without its carrying vehicle Jettisoning of a Nuclear weapon or Nuclear component. Public hazard, actual or implied. Russman angrily threatens Stuhlinger, as he begins to have flashbacks of his time working here as one of Broken Arrow's agents. He begins to remember about the experiments they did to the animal subjects here, using a large shard of Element 115 that the organization recovered from Division 9, mutating the animals into what Russman refers to as "bios". As the crew recovers, they discover various mangled zombie corpses. The bios then begin to escape the lab and head toward the crew, just as the zombies break in. Russman then relives his flashbacks of the initial bio outbreak as he runs further inside the facility. Misty, Marlton and Stuhlinger follow after him, leaving the zombies and bios to battle each other. As they catch up to him, Russman grabs a gun and begins to open fire on Misty, seemingly mistaking her for a bio in his flashback. As Misty gets pinned down by a bio, Russman saves her in time, claiming that he still remembers her. Russman leads the crew inside and find the Element 115 shard, which he claims to be responsible for keeping the bios active and unkillable. The zombies, however, finally overpower the bios, and close in on the crew, as Stuhlinger once again cries out for Richtofen to help them. aAs I continue fixing this OP I keep finding new developments. I will continue researching and piecing together the links along the way. Below is some additional information and food for thought. I hope you enjoy it! Broken Arrow Incidents: Storax Sedan was a shallow underground nuclear test conducted in Area 10 of Yucca Flatat the Nevada National Security Site on 6 July 1962 as part of Operation Plowshare, a program to investigate the use of nuclear weapons for mining, cratering, and other civilian purposes.[1] The radioactive fallout from the test contaminated more US residents than any other nuclear test. The Sedan Crater is the largest man-made crater in the United States, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Sedan was a thermonuclear device with a fission yield less than 30% and a fusion yield about 70%.[2][3] According to Carey Sublette, the design of the Sedan device was similar to that used in Shot Bluestone and Swanee of operation Dominic conducted days and months prior to Sedan respectively, and was therefore not unlike the W56 high yield Minuteman Imissile warhead.[4] The device had a diameter of 43 cm (17 in), length of 96.5 cm (38.0 in), and a weight of 212.2 kg (468 lb).[4] The timing of the test put it within the Operation Storax fiscal year, but Sedan was functionally part of Operation Plowshare, and the test protocol was sponsored and conducted by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with minimal involvement by the United States Department of Defense. The explosive device was lowered into a shaft drilled into the desert alluvium 194 m (636 ft) deep.[3] The fusion-fission blast had a yield equivalent to 104 kilotons of TNT (435 terajoules) and lifted a dome of earth 90 m (300 ft) above the desert floor before it vented at three seconds after detonation, exploding upward and outward displacing more than 11,000,000 t (11,000,000 long tons; 12,000,000 short tons) of soil.[5] The resulting crater is 100 m (330 ft) deep with a diameter of about 390 m (1,280 ft). A circular area of the desert floor five miles across was obscured by fast-expanding dust clouds moving out horizontally from the base surge, akin to pyroclastic surge.[6] The blast caused seismic waves equivalent to an earthquake of 4.75 on the Richter scale.[1] The radiation level on the crater lip at 1 hour after burst was 500 Rper hour (130 mC/(kg·h)),[7] but it dropped to 500 mR per hour after 27 days.[7] Within 7 months (~210 days) of the excavation, the bottom of the crater could be safely walked upon with no protective clothing,[8] with radiation levels at 35 mR per hour after 167 days.[7] l The Sedan shot resulted in a radioactive cloud that separated into two plumes, rising to 3.0 km and 4.9 km (10,000 ft and 16,000 ft). The two plumes headed northeast and then east in roughly parallel paths towards the Atlantic Ocean.[9] Nuclear fallout was dropped along the way, narrowly dispersed in a relatively small number of United States counties.[3] Detected radioactivity was especially high in eight counties in Iowa and one county each in Nebraska, South Dakota and Illinois. The most heavily affected counties were Howard, Mitchelland Worth counties in Iowa, as well as Washabaugh County in South Dakota, an area that has since been incorporated into Jackson County and is wholly within Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. These four counties measured maximum levels higher than 6,000 microcuriesper square meter (220 MBq/m2).[10] Of all the nuclear tests conducted in the United States, Sedan ranked highest in overall activity of radionuclides in fallout. The test released 880,000 curies (33 PBq) of radioactive iodine-131, an agent of thyroid disease, into the atmosphere.[11] Sedan ranked first in percentages of these particular radionuclides detected in fallout: 198Au, 199Au, 7Be, 99Mo, 147Nd, 203Pb, 181W, 185W and 188W. Sedan ranked second in these radionuclides in fallout: 57Co, 60Co and 54Mn. Sedan ranked third in the detected amount of 24Na in fallout. In countrywide deposition of radionuclides, Sedan was highest in the amount of 7Be, 54Mn, 106Ruand 242Cm, and second highest in the amount of deposited 127mTe.[10] Although not detected in fallout, in part because the explosion was well contained, gold (Au) was used in the W71warhead, with one 1971 test conducted in the Amchitka islands off Alaska. Sedan's fallout contamination contributed a little under 7% to the total amount of radiation which fell on the U.S. population during all of the nuclear tests at NTS. Sedan's effects were similar to shot "George" of Operation Tumbler-Snapper, detonated on June 1, 1952, which also contributed about 7% to the total radioactive fallout. Uncertainty regarding exact amounts of exposure prevents knowing which of the two nuclear tests caused the most; George is listed as being the highest exposure and Sedan second highest by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Cancer Institute.[12][13] If this test was conducted in 1965+, when improvements in device design were realized, a "100-fold" reduction in radiation release was considered feasible. Conclusion: The Plowshare project developed the Sedan test in order to determine the feasibility of using nuclear detonations to quickly and economically excavate large amounts of earth and rock. Proposed applications included the creation of harbors, canals, open pit mines, railroad and highway cuts through mountainous terrain and the construction of dams. Assessment of the full effects of the Sedan shot showed that the radioactive fallout from such uses would be extensive. Public concerns about the health effects and a lack of political support eventually led to abandonment of the concept.[15] No such nuclear excavation has since been undertaken by the United States,[16]though the Soviet Union continued to pursue the concept through their program Nuclear Explosions for the National Economy, particularly with their 140 kiloton Chagan (nuclear test), which created an artificial lake reservoir (see Lake Chagan).
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    Timeline also confirms @AlphaSnake was right.
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    Broken Arrow created the Denizens, the Avogadro by accident, were the ones using the drill on Nuketown which caused the bomb to go off. Victis (the N4) are really being hunted by Undead Richtofen in the comic books Nuketown takes place in 2025 confirmed Events of BO2 The Flesh, along with the group that aided Maxis, were all killed by Zombies except for Stuhlinger, who escaped. He bumped into Russman who stole the BO2 Bus from a Broken Arrow facility The Sloth's actually name is "Arthur" Maxis' Endgame is canon. By the end of Buried, he has become corrupted by the Dark Aether, and after putting Richtofen's soul in a Zombie, he pulls Samantha into Agartha. Samantha then, after witnissing her father's evil, contacts the version of her father that's in the Origins timeline. Meanwhile, Richtofen instructs Undead Richtofen to pursue the N4 and collect their blood vials Sometime later, Maxis kills everybody still left on the earth. Ouch.
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    Thanks! see that @sushine1?
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    Awarded. Congrats. :) About more IW medals, I'll see what can be done about that. @ZombiesAteMyPizza! I almost overlooked you. ^^ Enjoy your medals as well.
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    Thank you @andydabeast, but I would like to make clear that there is not such thing as a good Christian or a not good Christian. I mean, in your eyes there is and you surely can think and believe whatever you want, and maybe it is the truth what you believe, but that does not make Christians that believe and act a bit different immediately a bad Christian. He/she has just as much right to believe what he/she wants as you. In their eyes, you might be a not good Christian, but that does not make you a not good Christian either, does it? Sorry, I had to say that. Now here are my questions: 1) Someone who does not believe in God yet is a nice person who never killed someone or committed a crime, goes to Hell. A murderer who really believes in God and acknowledges that Jesus is his son, will go to Heaven. Isn't that a bit hypocrite? If I recall correctly, Jesus sacrificed himself to purify the sins of humanity. Humans stealers, murdered and destroyed. Yet God forgave them and his son sacrificed himself. If someone has murdered, yet confesses and believes in the Messiah, he will still go to Hell, even while his kind of sins (murder) were the cause of Christ's sacrifice. A normal person who has not killed someone will go to Hell if he does not believe in God and Jesus, even while he has not sinned. He has killed no one. If there would be only good people like him on Earth, God did not even needed to sacrifice his son. And yet he goes to Hell, while the murderer, the cause of Christ's crusifixion, can go to Heaven. Don't you think that's odd? 2) @NaBrZHunter, this question is for you. You are such a devoted Christian, yet you always make such sciencific topics. The nature of the Aether. Plasma wonder weapons. It's all physics and chemistry combined. Even in the comment you just posted you a talking about "the laws of physics". It's funny, I always (perhaps unfairly) connect religion to the disbelieve in science. So, my question is, do you and @andydabeast and @FatedTitan believe in science? And in the big bang and Darwin's evolution theory? Has God created the laws of science along with Earth and the universe perhaps? Maybe God created things like gravity, mutations and survival of the fittest? I mean, like @DaveLo07 said: What caused the Big Bang? Maybe it was indeed God... 3) You've talked about the Devil. Do you believe he exists too? I self (like I said in the OP) am partly Christian: I believe that God exists in the form of love (remember: love has a very wide meaning: forgiveness, friendship, affection, true love, etc), but not in the form of a supreme entity and a Creator. Therefore, I do not believe in the Devil. Evil humans are just filled with bad emotions and have no God a.k.a. love. If the answer is yes, I would also like to know how the Devil has influence on Earth. What he does and causes. 4) Has God, besides after your death and before your birth, influence on you? Like that he can make you feel happy or sad or some sort. Can he manipulate the mind and feelings of a human being? 5) Have any of you ever had the feeling that you are directly connected with God? "A moment of enlightenment" or however you call it? 6) From Christians here I've heard that humans are basically borrowing Earth of God (forgot the name for that) and that it has to keep it in good shape. How do you feel about the direction Earth is going right now. The destruction of forests, coral reefs and the pollution of the air, sea and soil. What should we do? Should mankind act for ttheir selvesand is it our own fault if Earth becomes inhabitable? Or should we trust in God? 7) When you turns ill, is it God's will? Do you use medicines and drugs to get better or do you trust in God? 8) The last one is a very direct and simple one: Do you believe in extraterrestrials? Thanks in advance. I'm sorry if I have asked a few things the wrong way. It's all curiousity that comes from my side, nothing more. Although I disagree with you some times, I respect your opinion about religion, and after all, we are now talking about YOUR religion. But these things I just wanted to know
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    I just played Virruckt with two friends last night and with no pap or wonder weapons and not relying on GG too heavy we only got to wave 19. It was quite refreshing to play a map designed for what is now considered "low rounds". As for my thoughts on the trailer, Visuals- Holy cheesbergers it looks awesome! Textures seem to be a huge improvement that makes a massive difference. As a PC player I look forward to maxing out the visual settings. Setting- Fantastic! German expedition to uncover an ancient relic and the human experimentation gone wrong thing is great. Dark tunnels and laboratories YES. Gameplay- not a whole lot to go on here, but I am a little sad to see the mystery box return. It is literally the ONLY mechanic in Treyarch zombies that has never been altered. I hope ammo is limited and they do something different than wall weapons. Maybe each new area you enter there is a random gun on a dead body you can choose to pick up, but no ammo buying? Zombies- I am so glad the eyes don't glow. and it looks like there are more different types which is good. I am really hoping it is not just treyarch zombies with a new setting and new visuals. They need to change the formula.
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    A nice simple, easy strategy that can be used throughout the various Double XP weekends I imagine we'll be getting throughout this whole Days of Summer thing we've got going on. A video showing the strategy in full will be at the bottom of this post. You'll need to get to about round 70 (don't worry - as I said, this strategy is very easy!) to go from level 1 to max, which should take 2 hours or less - its very easy, doesn't require a complicated set-up and doesn't rely on luck too much. You'll be camping the first room/spawn for the entirety of the game. You might also choose to camp in the power room with the gate closed for the first 50 or so rounds, which is a little faster but gets pretty dangerous past 50-60, whereas the spawn is always easy. Either way, in the later rounds the spawn speeds average about 10 seconds per hoard with this strategy! Gobblegums needed: Power Vacuum Kill Joy Fatal Contraption Immolation Reign Drops Strategy: You'll be camping the first room/spawn. Get all perks from either Reign Drops perk bottles, or also use the Wunderfizz - avoiding Perkaholics or buying from machines will ensure no monkey rounds, which are crap for XP. Get the Thundergun, Gersch Devices and two guns of your choice that have decent ammo, good fire rate and fast reload speeds. Assault rifles and SMGs are great (while LMGs like the Dingo are BAD because they reload way too slowly), but try and avoid opening any doors if you can and use your Immolation to pick up weapons, since opening the doors slows the strategy a little bit and not opening doors means you won't drop carpenter power-ups from your Power Vac! Also not moving the box means you also won't drop Firesales from your Power Vac. These both in combination essentially means a huge increase in the chances that we either drop an instakill, death machine or max ammo, which is what we want - the only other power-up that can drop is a double points or nuke. Speaking of which, don't take Nukes, especially in the higher rounds, if possible - they slow the strategy down and also steal your kills. It's not always possible to avoid them, but try to (don't get downed over avoiding them though!). You do not need to turn the power on since you shouldn't run out of Thundergun ammo, but you can if you wish - if you get all your perks from Gobblegums and do not use any perk machines, we don't get monkey rounds, and we don't want monkey rounds because they're not good for earning XP and our Gobblegums, particularly Power Vac in the later rounds will ensure we never run out of ammo. Use Power Vac, Kill Joy, Reign Drops and Fatal Contraption to blast through the rounds with instakills and death machines, camping in the area next to the Shieva and lander. In the later rounds, you'll be better off getting Power Vac as often as possible, as Kill Joy and Fatal Contraption won't get you through rounds – so hit the Gobblegum machine at the end of each round, and if you run out of rounds on Power Vac then rinse the machine at the start of the next round. Use the Gersch Devices to buy time to use the Gobblegum machine. Use death machines as often as possible. Use your wall guns or whatever to kill during instakills when you don't have a death machine. Use the Thundergun to kill half groups when you have no instakill or death machine. Aim for the head for maximum XP. When you get into the high rounds, hit the Gobblegum machine every round - you'll either get Gobblegums you don't want out of the way, or you can get another Power Vacuum to refresh the rounds left on it, even if you have rounds left on the current one (only do this if you have a lot of them). If you run out of rounds on it, hit the machine a few times in the next round, using the Gersch Devices to protect yourself - you'll make a lot of points anyway so you should have plenty to spend, until you get to the very high rounds. See 1:49:20 for a demonstration of how to do this safely, and keep in mind that when your Gersch Device activates after throwing it, you have 8-9 seconds until it deactivates and the zombies start attacking you again. I'd also advise "dashboarding" at the end of the game or if you go down, to avoid losing your precious Gobblegums.
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    Firstly, and I want you to look to a clock. What time is it? Remember the time we were said we could save the planet by using different lamps? By driving less by car and more by bike. Well people, we are now beyond that era. We cannot stop the end of the living world as we know it only by these things. Climate change has already begun. Although I consider myself as an optimist, I always feel extremely pessimistic when I think about this inconvenient reality. Remember those sad pictures of a polar bear, floating around on a small iceberg? On the edge of extinction. Ahh, how sad he is, ja? You know, I frankly don’t give that much about polar bears. I don’t give that much about the extinction of a single, or a few animal races. But the edge we are standing on, people, is the edge of the end of life as we know it. Human caused climate change causes the extinction of many animal and plant races, many ecosystems, and yes, also the possible extinction of the human race itself. Maybe a few million doomsday preppers may survive, but it is the end of our current society and the end of our current ecosystems. The fresh cool air we breathe in today, the masses of clean, fresh water we can feel with our fingers today, the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. It’ll be all gone. Note that I always speak of climate change, and NOT of global warming. You see, climate change does not necessarily mean global warming. The average temperature will rise, sure, and the world will become dryer, yes, and for most areas in the world, it will be a permanent and global “Dust Bowl”. But that does not apply for everything. The huge masses of ice that melt, cause the sea to have relatively more fresh water. Less “heavy” salt water causes the severing of several sea streams, like the Gulfstream. No Gulfstream will bring the continent of Europe into another ice age. Some northern areas will become completely inhabitable. Life will become impossible in those areas (except for some polar bears maybe, if they aren’t extincted in that time). Of course, this are all predictions. Predictions by the majority of scientists, but predictions nonetheless. But climate change is already happening. Several small island nations in the Pacific are, since recently, completely inhabited. Islands that used to have thousands of citizens are completely empty now. Everyone has fled. The only memory of those communities are the half-flooded villages on those islands. Or take Miami. Miami is literally sinking away in the Atlantic ocean. Each year, Miami has to invest millions in rising their dikes and building more pumps. Deserts are growing. Forests are shrinking. The three lungs of Earth, the Amazon, Central Africa and South-East Asia, are dying. In the Amazon and Central Africa, the rainforests are destroyed for oil and earth elements. In South East Asia, the forests are destroyed by fire (smoke! smoke!) for the creation of palm oil fields. A very lucrative market, since many Western companies buy alot of palm oil, a good alternate fuel instead of the “so bad” polluting oil. And then we have the growing population of Earth. Take India for example. India, a country in which farmers have recently seen half a year’s rainfall in 5 hours. India has 300 million citizens without power, just as many as the entire population of the US. What do you think will happen if they all gain power? And coal is the most cheap way of gaining power, we have to admit that. Smog is already killing millions of people in India each year. Talking about smog: China. A polluting country full of smog you might think. Yes, that's true, together with the US the most polluting country of the entire world. But do you know what's so great about China? Chinese citizens know about and believe climate change. There are protests in China against their polluting government every day (that's not something we hear about in our news, do we?). And the government responds. There is an app created in China, which shows all big factories in China on a map. If they are green, they are keeping to national climate agreements. If they are red, they are not. Most factories on that map are red, but still, it's a begin. The citizens of China can now see which companies are the bad and most polluting ones, and can take actions their selves. In 2015, China had 36 percent of global investment in sustainable energy. Besides this, China is currently building HUGE windmill farms in the Eastern wastelands, and has made a deal with the EU to together take the leading role in the world in fighting climate change and pollution now Trump has retreated from the Paris agreement. Talking about Trump and US politicians, according to Leonardo DiCaprio, one fourth of the US senate is fund by fossil fuel giants like Shell. Do you think it is odd that there are so many (from what I’ve heard) climate change deniers in the United States? Some US senate members who are actively trying to do something about the climate change are even send murder letters, and some eventually have to stop with their work. Also on US soil: Cows! I self love cow meat and I bet you do so too, but beef is actually pretty bad for our world. 47 percent of US soil is used for the production of food. 70 percent of this is not even for growing food for humans, but for animals. The biggest share is food for cows. Also, cows produce methane (CH4) and methane is a powerful greenhouse gas. Every molecule of methane is equivalent to 23 molecules of CO2. About 10-12% of the total US emissions is due to beef. So if you are in the supermarket next time, and you don’t care what meat you take, take chicken! Or horse! Or anything except beef. Of course, beef sometimes is okay, but try to reduce it. You may notice this post is pretty devoted to the US. That is because I’ve recently seen the movie “Before the Flood”. It is a real must-see documentary, and if you ever feel like and have time, please watch it. Note that the movie is a little bit old (1 year or something). For instance: At one moment they talk about the disasters that will happen when the Great Barrier Coral Reef dies, and that we should take action VERY quickly. Last week, I’ve heard on our local news that it is too late: the Great Barrier Reef is doomed. No matter what we do now, it will be dead within a few decades, together with the millions of living organisms that live there. The movie is American made, and therefore talks alot about the US. There is no country that produces and consumes so much, and yet has so many climate change deniers. I’ve once heard 42 percent of US citizens questionize or deny climate change. That's quite a number! And if it was Palau, or Micronesia, okay. But such big and important country as the US! You must believe climate change is real, because without you, we cannot save the world. I know there are many American friends on this forum, so that's why I made this post. In case you don't feel like watching to movie, here’s a short summary, but without images, proof and explanations. Again, I heavily recommend watching the movie. http://www.causeyoucareco.com/before-the-flood/ There is a point of no return. A point on which Earth takes over and, no matter what we do, Earth will fuck up life. But we are not on that point yet! Climate is real, and we have to take action. And it is possible! Germany and Denmark are gaining an insane amount of energy by windmill farms. Sweden has announced that it wants to be fully energy-neutral in 2050. Morocco, along with some other North African and Iberian countries, is creating enormous solar panel installations, that cover huge areas of land and are able to power complete countries! There is a Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada, of which are only 100 needed to empower the complete world! One upcoming sea tide power plant (which gain power by ebb and flood) can empower a complete city. We have to get rid of fossil fuels. We are able to save the world. We only have to recognise that the problem does exist. Oh, and just to let you know, every 8 seconds a forest of the size of a soccer field disappears. Count how many forests have disappeared while you were reading this!
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    Hey folks! I have extended the registration date to Tuesday 11:59pm due to bad advertising on my part. Sorry folks! This means the first challenge will be pumped our next Sunday!
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    Thank you so much friends! Glad I now wear those robes, really means a lot. Thank you so much for the nominations!
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    Hey all, pretty simple, straight forward topic. Basically list any and all bugs you have found in any of the new zombies Chronicles remade Maps. To keep things easy to find, list your console, then map name, then the bug. I have only found one, and it doesn't always happen but I've got it to work 3 times now. Ps4 Origins Using the "Undead man walking" gobblegum on origins will freeze the Templar zombies on top of their spawn points, they even stand like their basic model (feet together, arms at 5 and 7o clock) which makes it easier to charge those generators. I'd like to note I have only done this on generator 1 and 2 ,but will test the others out. I'm sure it's going to be the same result though. So there's mine, it's small but in the rare case, this bug is actually helpful (sorta) so let's see what everyone else has discovered. Edit: it seems to not he related to Undead man walking gum but just a random occurance.
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    Treyarch just recently announced that Black Ops fan-favorite, the M1911 pistol, will be returning to Zombies Chronicles per Tweet today: They definitely felt the heat about it not already coming with ZC in the first place, since they also released both the M1911 and the Ak-74u into Multiplayer but not the Zombies mode. Even though we'll be missing out with PhD Flopper, you can expect to see the Mustang & Sally back in action again.
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    Requix Recommends These are some recommendations on weapon setups that I've personally found (in my opinion) most effective. Below are a few classes with 1 weapon that I've picked. I will include more if people are interested. Also I'd like to hear what you find most useful so please comment below! In the words of @Tattoo247 "Fast mags are a must, everything else is just icing on the cake." But with each cake a different Icing with each Icing another class complete the OP will Update with additional classes if other survivors would like. Also if you've suggested a Class Setup allow me time to add it and I'll be sure to give credit where credit is due! Shotgun SMG hipfire is usually garbage without the laser while you can still ADS mostly good without quickdraw. Some guns need more than others tho. all LMG's need quickdraw and laser to even be used effectively when training. @andydabeast LMG Assault
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    I also nominate @Blurryfacewho has been active nearly every day in nearly every forum, even when no one else is.
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    De Kempen (The Campine) area, North Brabant, Netherlands. BTW, for those who care: This is my 935th post!!
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    I'm just saying @InfestLithiumis the bomd for making these and the look so good as well.
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    The origins of the Illuminati The Illuminati, a secret demonic orde who are believed to be involved in anything: The CIA, NSA, banks, governments, media and much much more. They operate from the Catacombs in Paris, the Vatican, the laboratories in CERN and secret Sovjet cosmodomes. In the Pentagon and the Kremlin. They are everywhere and behind everything. Conspiracy believers think they are working hundreds of years towards a secret grand scheme: the establishment of the New World Orde. Everyone knows these stories, so I am not gonna explain that much. Whatever that "New World Orde" is, it will be a cruel and chaotic time with nothing else than suffering. The Illuminati are the ultimate "bad guys". (The symbol for the Illuminati, a pyramid. A triangle with an eye in it also stands for a god or a omnipotent being) But where do they originate from? Their origins lay outside Earth. Thousands of years ago, alien-like beings landed on Earth. They built pyramids, their symbol, all over Earth, with the pyramids of Giza in Egypt as the biggest known one. These days, their everyday business are things like anti-gravity, mind control, free energy, creating wars, stargates, the universe and eternal life (undead). That all sounds pretty familar, doesn't it? (Note that the M.P.D., the device that connects to the Aether, makes the occupant omnipotent, gives power over space, time and life and drives Richthofen and Samantha insane, is a pyramid) Now the roots of the Apothicans, which goes back to the roots of the Vrill-Ya. Aliens landed many years ago on Earth, in the deserts of Sumeria to be exacly, built pyramids and other ancient buildings, and eventually found and inhabited Agartha, a.k.a. the Aether. The Dark Aether corrupted some of them and the Apothicans were born. These two backstories are pretty similar, aren't they? But lets move on. The Knight Templars, Crusaders and the Illuminati Lets leave the conspiracy theories behind and go to the reality of the Illuminati. The Illuminati was an secret society of scientists, writers and other "illuminated" persons founded to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power. The Knight Templars were a (partly secret) Christian military order and the most skilled fighting units of the Crusades. Non-combatant members of the order managed a large economic infrastructure throughout Christendom, developing innovative financial techniques that were an early form of banking, and building ancient fortifications. (The symbol of the Knight Templars, also seen on the chests of zombies in Origins) The Illuminati and Christianity were each others arch enemies. The Illuminati was standing for science and against the enermous power of religion: The Church. Not only that, the Illuminati was a threath for the Knight Templar's banks and other secret Christian societies. Therefore, the Illuminati was forbidden. In secret, a huge and very important war was going on: Illuminati vs Church, with the Knight Templars as the most important fighting units. I don't know if anyone has ever seen or read Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons", but if not I highly recommend it. Beside that it is just a good and exiting movie, it gives you a good vision of this "secret war". Both the Illuminati and the Knight Templars did extremely brutal, cruel and unearthly things in this war. So in Origins, we see Crusader and/or Knight Templar zombies, fighting against the young Primis, who obey Samantha's voice and eventually release the Apothicans. After Revelations, Primis is send back to the Medieval Era, to stand with the Ancient Order of the Keepers and Knight Templars to fight the Apothicans. Is this the war between the Illuminati and Knight Templars? Richthofen, the voices and the Illuminati Ever since Doctor Edward Richthofen has used him self as a test subject for the Matter Transference Device, teleporting him to Moon and touching the MPD, the good doctor seems to hear voices in his head. These voices slowly drive him insane, becoming a sadistic grim yet very intelligent person who has a unsatisfying hunger for power. This community has discussed this many times, and the present general thought is that these voices are Apothican, inhabiting the person who touched the Vrill machine. Now since Richthofen's discovery of the MPD, it seems that he has contact with the Illuminati, which Richthofen mentions as his "masters". At a certain moment, the Illuminati orders Richthofen to kill dr. Ludwig Maxis, causing the whole misery to start. You know the story: Samantha finds her way in the MPD, later Richthofen, the Earth blows up, the Undead terrorizes the globe and eventually, eventually Samantha tells four unknowing heroes in a previous time to release the Apothicans. Ever since the moment Richthofen betrayed Maxis, in order of the Illuminati, the world, what do I say, multiverse started to fuck up. That one moment, caused by the Illuminati. (Richthofen, just after teleporting Maxis and Samantha away. What's that symbol on his hat?) But what after this moment? As said, Samantha enters the MPD, becoming Apothican-corrupted too. After the death of her father, her single goal is to destroy everything Richthofen-related. Doctor Richthofen flees Shi No Numa, where he, together with his testsubjects Nikolai, Takeo and Dempsey, tries to survive the endless waves of the undead, send by the demonic girl once being Samantha. While fighting the rotten corpses, he mentions the Illuminati several times. Later, when fled to the Der Riese Waffenfabrik, he also talks about his masters. It seems like Richthofen constantly talks to the Illuminati, and kills zombies in order of them. So could he be talking against the voices in his head, the Apothicans, who pretend that they are the Illuminati? But Doctor Richthofen says more. He says this when he receives the Raygun from the Magic Box. This is strange, because the box is controlled by Samantha, isn't it? Now comes some kind of theory within a theory. Is it possible that, besides the occupant in the MPD, something else is inhabiting the Aether, who also have control over the box? The Apothicans, a.k.a. the Illuminati. I mean, why would Samantha help Richthofen and his crew by providing weapons and power-ups? Perhaps the Apothicans help their Earthly servant, doctor Richthofen, by gaining him power-ups and weapons, in order to give him eventually ultimate power, which in the end leads to the release of the Apothicans. Samantha might interrupt the signal sometimes, and as a saboteur, gives Richthofen a teddy bear, and teleports the box away. After Der Riese, a drastically change occurs. Instead of worshipping the Illuminati, Richthofen is angry at them. Funny enough, he says this when he aqcuires a Raygun. After Kino der Toten, he never mentions the Illuminati again. One time, in BO3, the Giant, Richthofen says: "The Illuminati will never find me here". Is he hinting to the Apothicans, that they never will find him there/in that universe? Richthofen's promise During Revelations, the Apothican Shadowman says this. So Richthofen once made a promise with the Shadowman. When? Why? Was it when the Apothicans were in his head in the standard timeline? Or perhaps Edward Richthofen actually WAS a member of the Earthly part of Illuminati, a group of scientists, before Origins. It seems anyway to fit really well in this whole Illuminati=Apothican theory. Richthofen was for real a member/servant of the Illuminati in the standard timeline AND he made a promise to the Apothican Shadowman. Coincidence? So the thing I tried, and you probably knew already, to say: Are the Illuminati Apothican? I leave that question to you.
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    Hey guys, I went through the effort of transcribing the entire timeline and putting it into a conveniently made google doc. Credit to @Lizizadolphin@Tacand @MrRoflWafflesfor helping to make it. It's easily navigable and at the end of the doc, it even has the paths for all four groups. https://docs.google.com/document/d/13mvveTKpC-z1-bPLIMPBGnTerlsr-NgdLaIudg948Dk/edit?usp=sharing
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    Woot woot!! Should be fully updated now. Thanks to @Monopoly Mac, @Lizizadolphin, @InfestLithium and @BlindBusDrivr for participating in transcription!
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    Ok here is a short review- The cards in my loot crate came in sleeves with two posters. The cards seem to be of great quality of print resolution, card material, and design. There doesn't seem to be anything armature about them. As a player of board games, I look forward to acquiring more of these to play with friends. I am not sure I will adopt the "Trading Cards" model of everyone owning their own and bringing them to play, but more like a board game (in part because my zombie slaying friends live far away). The posters are nicely printed as well. One uses thinner paper than the other and Die Riese is one of my least favorite maps, but it was a mystery box after all :-)