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Skill based match making : Why it's broken and why it doesn't belong in CoD.

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Let's start with the obvious. If someone is uniquely skilled, they will be detected by a SBMM system and move up progressively. Think of it like the old fighting games of yore. You might have beasted level 1, but by level 6 you are struggling. The problem with CoD's SBMM is it just throws you from level 1 to level 99 because you maced the whole room. It has no progression, it has no sense of achievement. You just go from Hack to Wack in one game. This is not skill based match making, it's point based freakanomics. I score better than my team because I do objectives, suddenly I'm in the headshot only HC FFA deathmatch? No. That doesn't make sense.

Either tune your SBMM, or just turn it off. it's not making anything better.

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@Sejong TheGreat I think it has everything to do with a change in mindset of how to make money & the implementation of microtransactions. By (1) make people who are new not getting crushed by veterans and (2) keeping a game challenged for the hardcore players, people will keep playing the game and buy microtransactions to improve. Personally, as a player that isn't that great in MP, I don't mind the system and it gives me a better chance to reach a higher K/D ratio, slaughtering individuals that are equally as bad as me. However, I get where your complain comes from, and I totally understand it.

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No one cares about microtransactions in these games. They want progressive advancement. This current implementation of SBMM is broken. It's aggresive and it's not well attuned to players needs. It caters to the highest skillset and it makes everyone else feel like ass. It throws mediocre players up against players who are actually good enough to stand up against hackers in a matter of 2 or 3 games, and they spend 5 or more games in misery wondering why they're getting completely dredged.

SBMM has no nuance or any sense of what it means when players are just "bad" and someone isn't "Good" because they destroy trash players.

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Gimme a ranked playlist that's all I want!!!

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