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LEAK: Zombies Royale in Warzone


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Dataminers have dug into Warzone and Modern Warfare to find some interesting info about the modes included in future updates with recent announcements of the upcoming Black Ops: Cold War.






One particular tidbit that catches the eye:


A description of the Zombies Royale mode was also found. Be the last team with a human alive to win. Players turn into Zombies on death, but can become human again by consuming fallen player’s hearts.

I'm sure this is meant to tide Zombies enthusiasts over until Cold War's supposed Zombies mode, but can we say that Zombies will make a reappearance from Treyarch?

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This reminds me of the sentence "Know your history or you are doomed to repeat it". I assume Verdansk and Warzone are in the same universe as Black Ops Cold War, but taking place many years later. Is this infected zombie event in warzone a "doomed repeat" of the events of Cold War Zombies?


Or does the chemical gas or the WMD the Coalition and Allegiance battle for contain chemicals that lead to zombification?

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We have two instances here implying Zombies - Pandemic / Outbreak and Zombies Royale.


Is Pandemic / Outbreak just large-scale Infection, or is it planned to be the Zombies mode Battle Royale everyone has really been asking for this whole time? Or maybe something in between, it's up in the air until we have a description for the mode.

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Looking at the rate of the leaks this year, they might as well just officially announce all that stuff, right out of the gate.


And yeah, I know some leaks are intentional for marketing reasons, but at this point it just is pretty annoying.

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