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Wonder Weapon Bracket Round 1.5

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Here is the starting bracket for round 1.5:



Here are the rules for voting:


First, I will provide a list with matchups, for example:


1. Monkey Bomb vs Homonculus


You would make your choice by replying with your pick and a reason why, something like:


1. The Monkey Bomb: He just wants to play!


Focus on the design, history, and relevance of the wonder weapon as opposed to just damage.


Next Friday I will tally votes and advance winners to the next round.


Here are the match-ups:



1. Wave Gun/Zap Guns vs Tundragun


2. Wunderwaffe DG-Scharfshutze vs Staff of Fire


3. KT-4 vs Lightning Bow


4. Sliquifier vs The Gauntlets (Ancient Evil)


5. Staff of Ice vs The Jet Gun


6. Winter's Howl vs Alistair's Folly


7. Thundergun vs Blundergat/Magmagat/Acidgat


Vote or die!

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1. Wave Gun is my favorite wonder weapon mechanically and the red/blue color scheme sets something off in my brain. The Tundragun is weak in concept and execution.


2. Wunderwaffe DG-Scharfshutze: Though I struggle to spell or say its name, it is a ton of fun to use and I think I like it more than the Scavenger and the DG-2. Staff of Fire is eh.


3. KT-4: Excellent for zombie killing and gardening, on one of the most underrated maps. The Lightning Bow is undeniably powerful and fun to use at first, but it's so OP it is no longer fun.


4. Gauntlets: Despite being devoid of any side-quests whatsoever, Ancient Evil was enhanced by these gauntlets and their unique attacks. I only wish more people played this map to appreciate them.


5. Staff of Ice: Though it is my least favorite staff, it is much better than the monstrosity known as the Jet Gun. The Jet Gun is a pain to build and use, and its design is... well it's just a Jet Engine with a handle. How does a human even hold that?!


6. Tough but I give it to Alistair's Folly: It's got three stages of upgrade with more and more random abilities that make each encounter using it unique, and they are all very powerful and fun to use. I have a soft spot for the Winter's Howl, however it's just not as interesting.


7. Thundergun: What the shit is a Thundergun?!

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1. Wavegun: I like the effect: The undead seems to swell, float away and eventually burst. For the Tundragun I looked up gameplay videos, but it seems to be some kind of Winter's Howl in the appearance of a Thundergun. While I like the WInter's Howl, I find it a bit lazy to copy a similar effect of it in another weapon (just like the Staff of Ice).

2. Wunderwaffe DG-2 Scharfshutze: Old weapon, new function. Look, that's cool. A brand new kind of wonder weapon, no 'shoot an projectile/orb and everything dies'.

3. KT-4: I'm not a big fan of either of these weapons, as they are both the simplest kind of wonderweapons: Shooting something and the zombies die by exploding. I went for the KT-4 because it also has another effect on plants and spider cogs.

4. I cannot answer this, as I don't know the Gauntlets. But I say this: the Sliquifier is heavily underappreciated (as the entirety of Die Rise). I mean, the clumsy slipping of the undead is just such a cool thing to see, and I therefore find it an unique wonderweapon. I know people dislike it because it can cause players to slip off a skyscraper, but that is in my opinion the charm of the old wonderweapons: They aren't perfect.

5. Staff of Ice: While I don't like the Origins staves for their lack of originality, voting for the Jet Gun is too extreme man...

6. Sadly, just like point 4 I cannot anwer this. Winter's Howl has a badass reload animation, though.

7. Thundergun: Aging from a time blasting zombies away was still original. Also, almost just as deep background as the DG-2, combined with a bit of mystery. Love that.

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Alright, I missed the first one. So I'll participate in this one as apology.


1. Wave Gun. The last "phenomenal" BO1-era weapon. The others after that have been... marginal?

2. Fire Staff. Personal favorite.

3. Lightning Bow. Also a personal favorite.

4. The Gauntlets have such an interesting design to them. It's... honestly underrated.

5. To be contrarian, I'm voting for the Jet Gun. Mostly because I enjoy using it for the memes, more than I do seriously using the Ice Staff. Which is great, because that's just the type of comment that people will be triggered over! Perhaps that was the goal?

6. Alistair's Folly. Design and everything. Perfect. Winter's Howl's nice, but... it's just not the same feeling, y'know? Plus, that shit gets awful after Round 50, y'know?

7. Thundergun.

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I'm extending the voting until January 6th due to site downtime. Come cast your votes!

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I'm a simple man. My stance is one of cold precision.

What killed the dinosaurs?

The Ice Age.


Ice Staff > Everything Else

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1. Wave Gun. Pretty innovative WW and Tundragun is lame.


2. Sharfschutze. I love how this WW has a pretty high skill gap, at least for wonder weapons. In a good player's hands, it's pretty damn good. But give it to a bad player, they'll be useless. 



3. Both are MP re-skins. KT-4 is not ridiculously OP though so i'll take that.




4. Gauntlets. The gauntlets are absolutely amazing. Each one really feels like you're summoning some ancient power. I do love the Sliquifier as well, though.`



5. Ice Staff. Jet Gun is easily the worst WW ever. 



6. Folly. I love the upgrades for the Folly and I think it's a pretty unique experience in Zombies for a revolver WW.  



7. Thundergun is iconic. Tough to beat it.

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1) Wave Gun - Although I personally don't like this weapon, it's overall effectiveness is far better at the base level than the Tundragun. The downsides out the Tundragun can be mitigated with PHD, but that isn't even an issue with the WG.


2) Wunderwaffe DG Scharfshutze - Firstly, it's the DG-1, that's an insane thing for Zombies lore, but more importantly, it's potentially one the most effective Wonder-weapon of all time. When the map first released, people struggled to use it, however the clue is in the name. A headshot caused not a Ten-Chain infinite damage kill as with the weapon's successor, but an AOE chain, which can be theoretically unlimited. 


3) KT-4 - This is less of a gameplay vote, as the lightning bow is objectively more effective, but a design vote. The actual name of the KT-4 is the Kusanagi no Tsurugi 4, this being a mysterious and ancient sword in Japanese mythology. The Sword had the power to control the wind and was used to put out a burning field, hence the name of Grasscutter Sword.


4) The Primordial Gauntlets - These were hands down some of the most interestingly designed wonder-weapons to date, in both quest and gameplay terms. They all make you play slightly different, and that variety is essential in modern Zombies.


5) The Staff of Ice/Ull's Arrow - I don't think this vote surprises anyone, as in my eyes it wins this one by default. The Thrustodyne is impractical in gameplay, a chore to build and it's only real purpose, in my view, is serving as a glorified Easter-egg step.


6) Alistair's Folly/Chaos Theory/Alistair's Annihilator - As much as I love the Winter's Howl, the fully upgraded folly is, in my view, the other contender for the most effective Wonder-weapon of all time. It has four effects, three of which are instakill, meaning every single shot has a 75% chance of killing not just a single zombie, but a group, at any round. It is capable of spawning drops upon zombie kills, and this - coupled with it's high Ammo reserve, means even in higher rounds, it's unlikely to run out (made even more OP with Ammo elixirs)


7) The Blundergat/Acidgat/Magmagat - Pre BotD, this would have been a lot harder of a decision, however the utility of the magmagat, coupled with it's damage, propels this weapon family miles ahead, whereas the Thundergun becomes unable to kill relatively quickly.

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1. Wave Gun/Zap Guns


2. Wunderwaffe DG-Scharfshutze


3. Lightning Bow


4. Sliquifier


5. Staff of Ice


6. Winter's Howl


7. Blundergat/Magmagat/Acidgat


Sorry for no explanations, but I don't have much time, but still wanted to get my votes in. 


Küsschen auf deine Milz, Rad. <3

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Here are the results:


1. Wave Gun/Zap Guns (6) vs Tundragun (0)


2. Wunderwaffe DG-Sharfshutze (5) vs Fire Staff (1)


3. KT-4 (4) vs Lightning Bow (2)


4. Sliquifier (1) vs Gauntlets (4)


5. Staff of Ice (6) vs Jet Gun (1 Lost Soul)


6. Winter's Howl (1) vs Alistair's Folly (4)


7. Thundergun (4) vs Blundergat/Acidgat/Magmagat/Blundellgat (2)

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