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Easter Egg Song Bracket Round 1!

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Hello lads, you may remember a little while back I did a tournament bracket for zombies maps that turned some rather interesting results, found here: 

But I have been wanting to do another one of these for a while, and I thought a good topic of debate would be Easter Egg songs! They are something we can all listen to, even if we've never played the maps they came from. Everyone has many different musical tastes, and there are many unique songs in Zombies' history. For this list, I stuck to songs that appear in-game through an Easter Egg process meant specifically for finding said song, so excluding trailer music or background music. I also excluded Aether from Origins and Anton Reicha's Requiem because they don't quite fit in. I have, however, included Imma Try It Out and Carry On despite being patched out after launch, and also I feel it would be criminal to exclude Carry On.


Here is the initial bracket:





Here's how you vote: Below I will list the competitors in the first round using numbers. You will make your own list of numbers, with your choice next to the corresponding number and optionally an explanation why. So for example if the match-up is:


1. Richtofen vs Dempsey


You would reply:


1. Dempsey - He's the best at what he does, and what he does ain't pretty.


After 1 week I will tally up the votes and write up a post for the next round.


With the rules now clear, let's get into round 1! Round 1 will have fewer competitors than round 2 since we have a rather uneven number of songs to choose from at 37. Once the first round is done, we will start to see every song competing to see which is the best in round 2.


Match-ups for Round 1:


1. Dead Flowers vs The One

2. Imma Try It Out vs Nightmare

3. Remember Forever vs Stormbound

4. Shepard of Fire vs Mystery

5. Carrion vs Dead Ended



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My picks:


1. Dead Flowers - A very thematically appropriate match-up! Both songs are so creepy and perfect for the overgrown, isolated atmospheres of both Division 9 facilities. Both are so so beautiful and work so well with their respective cinematic trailers. The edge, however, has to go towards Dead Flowers for the emotion of Takeo's journey through Zetsubou No Shima. I just had to watch this trailer again after writing this up! This trailer is in fact the first inspiration behind the Storybook, showing the emotions the characters were going through. The One is no pushover, though, and I think it is the best song in World at War for sure.


2. Nightmare - While not made specifically for Zombies, it fits so perfectly well with the isolation of Moon. While I can appreciate Imma Try It Out, it feels tacked on because they wanted to add both Carrion and Carry On to TranZit. I also get the impression that Imma Try It Out may have been the reason they had to remove the two songs, as it might not have been authorized to be used outside the Campaign. Who really knows the story...


3. Stormbound - I feel awful eliminating Remember Forever so early because it is a forgotten gem from the Zombies Chronicles trailers which appeared in the Origins remaster. Stormbound, however is one of Clark S. Nova's best, and while not totally fitting towards Ancient Evil IMO, I love listening to it.


4. Mystery - Again, Shepard of Fire is so goddamn perfect for Origins... but it isn't quite as catchy and energetic as Mystery. While Shepard of Fire can feel a bit too long at times, Mystery is the perfect length and proves that Elena's voice is still beautiful after all these years.


5. Dead Ended - For me it is Clark's best song yet. What he is great at is project raw emotional despair in his voice from the POV of characters, and this song specifically seems to be written for Nikolai as he battles his demons in Stalingrad. It is perfection. Carrion is fantastic from the POV of the zombies, but it can be repetitive at times. It is still incredible, however.

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@RadZakpak I've been thinking about messaging you, about exactly this, but didn't want to bother you. Great to see that you decided to do this by yourself.



Will post my choices later this week.

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Wow, if #3 ain’t the most difficult choice ever... hmm...


1. The One - no contest for me here. Classic is classic.

2. Nightmare - is that even a question?

3. After careful deliberation, I choose Stormbound. I adore Remember Forever, just... ugh, perfection.

4. Shepherd of Fire - also no question.

5. Dead Ended - a song with Clark that isn’t remotely a drag to listen to.

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1. The One. Absolute classic, and it's a song from a zombies perspective and I just get chills and waves of nostalgia every time I hear it from what I consider better times in the zombies community and game in general.

2. Nightmare, just cause Imma Try It Out is hideous.

3. Remember Forever. Again, it's just a track that gives me chills, the Chronicles story trailer was so epic and was in a time when I felt extremely excited about zombies for the first time in years.

4. Mystery. Elena > A7X every time, for me, she IS zombies.

5. Carrion, only just cause I don't really like either song but I had to vote one and I only slightly prefer it.

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@Schrödinger You cannot make a normal, serious comment, can you?❤️


Okay, first I'd like to say that I am not a fan of death metal, so my taste might be a bit unnormal, I dunno.


1) Dead Flowers: The One has great lyrics, but for the song and melody itself I find Dead Flowere topping it. Truly writes the creepy and depressing atmosphere in the Island Facility.

2) Nightmare. I dislike dubstep more than metal. (btw, I haven't ever heard about CoD: Battlefields before)

3) Remember Forever: Less extreme, more melodic, Elena singing and that weird feeling I get with Samantha's Dream and Lullaby as well.

4) Mystery: Elena

5) This is the hardest one, as none of these I actually like. Think I'll go for Carrion, since its a bit more 'steady', and less 'chaotic'. Also, nostalgic feeling since Tranzit was my first map.

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1. The One - Still holds up IMO after all these years. A classic as Pizza said.

2. Nightmare - When was Imma Try It Out used in Zombies?

3. Remember Forever - Completely biased on my part, as I’ve only heard Stormbound maybe once or twice.

4. Shepherd of Fire - Works great in the Origins intro and is probably my favourite A7X song in Zombies.

5. Dead Ended because Carrion is straight trash.


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1. The One Cause Elena is my one.

2. Nightmare Cause I rather listen to Peppa Pig than ITO.

3. Remember forever I just hate Clarks voice.

4. Mystery Elena could sing me my grocery list and I would love it. I also feel like Mystery is the best BO 4 song. Don't @ me

5. Dead Ended What spider said.

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On 7/28/2019 at 2:04 PM, Spider3000 said:

2. Nightmare - When was Imma Try It Out used in Zombies

TranZit, at first. In fact, you can uninstall the base updates and activate said song (and Carry On, if I recall? Requires a different order).

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1. The One. Dead flowers is definitely my favorite Malukah song though, followed closely by always running. Dat high note. But The One is almost too classic to handle. And the fact that you can flush the toilet and activate it in Blackout is great. 


2. Nightmare. I do love A7x, but also I just respect the obscurity of how you activate the song. Get cut off by the excavators on Moon in multiplayer, then bleed out and re-spawn on the other side with your friend. “Bridge the gap” by dying. Pretty neat. Imma try it out worked really well in Campaign and Multiplayer tho. 


3. Gonna pass on voting on this one for now because I don’t know either well enough. I’ll edit in later if I get a chance to listen to both. 


4. Shepherd of Fire. I mean, aside from the fact that it’s borderline a cover of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica, the Origins intro cutscene is iconic. iirc it was featured in zombies before the album even came out, as a tease of sorts. 


5. Dead Ended. Clark is honestly my least favorite of the guest musicians, but this is probably his best song, owing mostly to Kevin on the guitar. Clark’s bridge is pretty good tho. 

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16 hours ago, The Meh said:

TranZit, at first. In fact, you can uninstall the base updates and activate said song (and Carry On, if I recall? Requires a different order).

Huh, TIL. Can understand why it was removed, if only for the reason it doesn’t really fit with Zombies.

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It has now been a week so let's tally up the votes for round 1!


1. Dead Flowers (2) vs The One (6): Dead Flowers simply didn't stand a chance against the Elena classic.


2. Imma Try It Out (0) vs Nightmare (8): Ouch! I guess dubstep really is dead, because Nightmare has taken the victory. Could it really have gone any other way?


3. Remember Forever (4) vs Stormbound (3): This time we had a close match-up between two popular contenders. However, the unique trailer music by Tori Letzler eeks ahead.


4. Shepard of Fire (3) vs Mystery (5): As perfect as Avenged Sevenfold's music is for Zombies, and Shepard's perfect use in the Origins intro, Mystery is an Elena-sung piece. Elena Siegman IS Zombies.


5. Carrion (2) vs Dead Ended (6): It took time for Clark S. Nova to grow on us as a performer, and Dead Ended truly exemplifies his greatest strengths in bringing raw power and emotion.


Well all, that's round 1! Prepare for round 2.0 to be posted shortly!

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