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Completely forgot to do this (sorry)

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So some of you may have seen a few of my posts go up recently, or talked to me in the CoDZ discord, but I thought it would be a good idea to stop being anti-social and actually introduce myself.


I've been playing Zombies since 2013, though I started with World at War and played the hell out of that before even touching BO1 - yet since my first game of Der Riese, I've been borderline obsessed with this complex mess of a story we all know and love.


I really became active in the Zombies Community in around 2015 ish (where funnily enough I met @The Meh for the first time, but I fell into my stride in about 2017, meeting @EricMaynard and really starting to grapple with the story.


I'm really into the real life connections (especially the mythological ones) within Zombies, but I also really find conceptual stuff interesting, so that's most of what I see. I also make the occasional video on these very same topics, one of which I adapted into a forum post, so check that out if you'd like.


Thanks for reading and giving me such a warm welcome (it's far better than anything you'd find on a certain other popular zombies forum), and if you're struggling to say/type "caljitsu", just "Cal" is fine.




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Welcome to the forum officially! Great to see your insight in recent discussions!

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Thank you for your intro, I really love reading these and your activity in the forum and on discord is very much appreciated.


Keep it up!



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Welcome, dude! Your story is so familiar - there's something about getting started in WAW, even if it was long past by the time you discover it. I was the same, except on mobile. LOL! It's captivating.

So glad you've joined us. Here's to the emergence of a new CODZ legend!


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I actually read your (and @EricMaynard's) first part of Mictlantecutli even before I joined this wunderbar Forum. In fact, it were the Asylum posts (including yours) that made me creating an account here, together with Bus Route B?


Welkom friendo!

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