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The locations of the worldmap in Camp Edward

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In the bunker beneath Camp Edward, a large world map can be found

461d9ddd-baeb-4be8-b6a2-1310bbb19258 (1).PNG

It highlights several locations across the globe, all appearing to be connected with or at least discovered by Broken Arrow. Here follows a short breakdown.



  • Hanford Campus: Application Testing Campus. This is the location where the Green Run event and Tranzit took place. It is interesting that they use the word 'Campus', which perfectly fits with Tranzit featuring Broken Arrow facilities spread over such a large area, rather than merely one laboratory conplex. Tranzit also shows this campus was connected with both a railway and a bus with a busdriver of the A.D.A.M. project.
  • Camp Edward: MKAlpha Operation and Mining Operations. So this is Nuketown, the place both Alpha Omega and Nuketown Zombies take place in, located nearby Groom Lake. Apparently, they named it after the scientist that passed alot of scientists and German knowledge over to the Americans... This is the facility where the APD and mind control project was undertaken, as well as the A.D.A.M. project, which eventually led to the facility's abandonance. What is interesting is that this location features 'Mining Operation', while the 115 Depository is located in Groom Lake.
  • Groom Lake: 115 Depository and Moon Teleporter Link Site. Also known as Area 51. Potentially one of the largest 115 sources on Earth, as well as the American's gateway to the Moon.
  • Washington, DC: Broken Arrow Headquarters. As the Pentagon is located in the state Virginia, it appear that Broken Arrow has another facility at the US's capital (or this is an error of the developers?). There is a document found in Classified that talks about a major outbreak in Washington. Could this be connected with this HQ?


  • Dig Site: Potential Gateway. The Dig Site in Northern France doesn't seem to limit itself to Dimension 63... What is interesting is that it is not 'just' a 115 deposit, as Der Riese, Tunguska, the Rising Sun Facility, etc are all not mentioned in this worldmap. But the Dig Site is, and not as a 115 source but as a "potential gateway". To what? Could Broken Arrow have discovered the portals to the Crazy Place, a gateway to Agartha? And could this be the reason why this location is a source of 115 not limiting itself to merely one universe?
  • London Office. Broken Arrow's station in Europe. I wonder why we haven't heard of this yet, and ehy it is located in the UK's Capital. Could it be connected with the London Outbreak of which we read about in the papers in Der Eisendrache? Weird, as Broken Arrow was founded years after The Iron Dragon, but timetravel might make everything possible. Has London, perhaps, have anything to do with the origins of our British friend?


  • Nothing is highlighted in Africa, while in Buried it appears that the CIA, CDC and Russman (who worked for Broken Arrow) knew about the Rift. My guess is that in 1963, the existence of the Rift was still unknown or it didn't even exist at all at that time.


  • Time Paradox Site: Potential Gateway. The mythical city of Shangri La, which seems to be located in the Himalayas after all. Just like the Dig City, this place seems to be referred at as 'Potential Gateway'. We knew Shamballah was believed to be a gateway to Agartha, but in this map it almost seems like it resembles Origins. Could Shangri La be a door to the Crazy Place as well? Or is it, like @Electric Jesus theorized, mankind's 'Ground Zero' of contact with the Aether, possibly being the place where the Keepers ascended to the world beyond ours (see the 14th comment). Broken Arrow could have known about the Lost City via Richthofen, Schuster, or Group 935 intelligence in general. It is also interesting to note that they referred to the location as a 'Time Paradox Site', confirming that they were very well aware of the Time Loop going on there, while we, oddly enough, never have encountered any Broken Arrow related things during the Eclipse.
  • Province 22: Weapons Testing and Bios Testing. It appears that 'Die Rise' also has a crucial role in the Broken Arrow Program. Was it an American facility, or a joint Broken Arrow-China (and later SDC) research station? I wonder if the weapon testing here was done in just as ethical, humane ways as happened during the Green Run event in Hanford. The sleeping cages could have housed innocent, poor, forgotten laborers that felt victim to sciencific tests. Broken Arrow's pressence would also explain why the Perk-a-Cola machines are in Die Rise, and has also ties to the Jumping Jacks (as BA is, next to Group 935, the only organisation tht is known to have experimented on Nova-6 Crawlers, creating the Nova-6 Bombers and Jumping Jolts). The fact that this worldmap also referred to Province 22 as the 'Bios Testing' reminds me of the facility Russman was active, where the comics shows the bios were created/tested. This is also the facility the Die Rise TV is about, the one that is bombed by Broken Arrow personal. Is this in China? This would mean that when the incident occured, Russman was broke and homeless in China...


  • This continent does not exist in the Zombies Multiverse. @PINNAZ proof me I am wrong.

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Do australians run their zombie-trains counter-clockwise because of the southern hemisphere, like how their toilets flush? 


I’ve got a bunch to say here, when I have the time, I’ll edit this shortly.

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I added a screen cap of the map to your post

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3 hours ago, Boom115 said:

I added a screen cap of the map to your post

'preciated Boom! Some error on my phone made it unable to copy @Monopoly Mac's picture of the Discord, but I'm glad you could do it!

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@PINNAZ didn't expect you would succeed....wow. That deserves Brains and you convinced me.

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Mkay so, Alpha Omega doesn’t take place in the original timeline, but a pretty similar one. The key difference in the AO universe’s timeline of events is that Avogadro was created in the 60s, as opposed to 2025 as it was in the original timeline. 


That’s seemingly how a lot of fractures work. Two universes are identical up until a certain point, until a single event causes them to diverge and grow apart. 


This is also true of the Original timeline and dimension 63. They are Identical from “In the beginning...” up until the end of the first apothicon war in the 1300s. The two timelines diverge when in Dimension 63, Pablo Marinus decides to write a diary documenting the great war. The discovery of this Diary led to group 935 discovering the France 115 deposits very early in the timeline of Dimension 63. 


But yes, on to the main point, the France 115 deposits DO exist in the main timeline. But because Pablo never documented its location, it might have gone undiscovered and un-excavated for several more decades in the original timeline. 


However, Pernell and Broken Arrow are now seemingly aware of the France site. I believe Pernell even says in a radio that he suspects that it’s the single largest 115 deposit on earth. 


I think, considering we’ve had this trend of Aether maps being half-remakes or map expansions, I can honestly see us re-visiting a version of Origins in which America is doing the excavation, at a much later date than the 1910s. It could be the case that in the original timeline, Broken Arrow unearth the crazy place, and we’re going to go there and capitalize on that. 


I’d love to see Origins with a new aesthetic tbh. The dieselpunk is iconic, but imagine Origins except all the generators and technology are in American 1960s Jetson’s style. Nice. 

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Hmm you speak of D63 like it is a fracture. There is, however, a very distinct difference between different universes and different fractures. Monty says that the Multiverse, containing different universes, existed all along and Group 935 creating tears in space-time by using MTD's "merely" led to the creation of fractures. I agree that concerning fractures, one single event causes the fracture and original universe to split and grow apart. And following this split, and tear in space-time, objects and ideas from other universes could flow in. This could be why in the Deceptio fracture, which is by my understanding created by killing Richthofen, Giant Metal Men from Universe 63 can be seen. And why the Japanese soldiers in the Proditione fracture, which diverged from the Original Timeline because the Rising Sun Facility was being overrun much sooner than it originally would, carry KN-44's, rather than 1940s Japanese rifles. However, the people inside the fracture don't notice this. From them, a giant robot or futuristic assault rifles are normal. 


So Origins doesn't take place in another fracture of the Dimension 1, but rather, it is a standalone universe that existed all along. With the source of 115 on the same location.

3 hours ago, Electric Jesus said:

Mkay so, Alpha Omega doesn’t take place in the original timeline, but a pretty similar one. The key difference in the AO universe’s timeline of events is that Avogadro was created in the 60s, as opposed to 2025 as it was in the original timeline. 

This is interesting, and I am beginning to see that it is true. Indeed, Alpha Omega must take place in a fracture, or possibility #2 is that Primis changed the Kronorium, Book of Time, which had affected Broken Arrow in some way and thus resulted in the creation of the Avogadro earlier than originally. This would mean Alpha Omega is not in a fracture, but in a changed future (for us past, of course). It might apoear very similar to a fracture, though it is something very different. Speaking of the Avogadro, if Broken Arrow would originally create it in 2025, would that mean they had an APD in that time as well? Or was he a failed test result of some other experiment, leading to the same? 


Something entirely off topic, but I genuine wonder what the role of the Denizens is. The Timeline doesn't use the words 'accidentally created', like it does with the Avogadro, and they are able to open up portals that enable a human being to travel through space. Almost like an organic Matter Transference Device. Would this be the reason Broken Arrow created them? They seemed intelligent enough to break out of the facility they were captured in (possibly the cages in the Tranzit PaP room), as Hanford's local huntsman seemed to have killed dozens of them. Their skulls are still observable in his Cabin in the Woods, now abandoned, as the hunter could not withstand the outbreak of other beings. Undead ones...

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That is a very good point, that it might not be a fracture, but we’re just actively re-writing over the original timeline. Since the cycle has been broken, I guess the previous / final lap around the cycle is “the real one” that gets cemented into history. 

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