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The Origin of Dr. Monty That I Would Like To See

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I wasn't sure where to post this, but since it is just a narrative idea for the story going forward (and backward kind of), and there is little to no evidence to support this direction, I felt it would be better in this sub-forum. I have been thinking about my Storybook, and the frustration in not knowing how this story will end and thus being unable to properly foreshadow and setup future events. One topic that I am hopeful will be addressed is Dr. Monty. As of now, he is a lame character that has had no proper development in terms of motivation or backstory. He just kind of showed up. I put together some loose threads, and had an idea for how I think Dr. Monty's beginnings should be. If this does not happen, it is my own fault for setting myself up to be disappointed. If it does, well, I guess I can say I predicted it. Anyway, here goes.


The Real Dr. Monty

It is the late 19th century to early 20th century. Dr. Monty is spearheading scientific research in his home country of England, in the heart of London. He has made a name for himself in numerous fields and inspired countless other scientists with his work. Tesla, Einstein... Maxis. Ludvig Maxis spends his years as a graduate studying under Dr. Monty in London. From their time together, Doctor Maxis would be inspired to create his own research organization in 1931, Group 935. However, shortly following their mentorship, Dr. Monty would become disgraced, as he began research into the idea of alternate dimensions and time travel. He heard voices, you see. Calling to him.


The idea was so ludicrous at the time, and he was shunned by his peers for it. There was little to no mention of him in research the following years. He lost his riches as no company would fund the projects of a madman. Losing his lab, he resorted to continuing his research in the basement of his countryside home. Here he would discover a way to breach the barrier between dimensions. To discover the great beyond.


Through no fault of his own, but the fault of those who came after him, time was altered and dimensions shifted. Creatures, seemingly from another time and place, began to appear through portals. They did not come in peace, but instead to destroy all in their path. They unleashed their hordes of undead upon the streets of London, causing a mass panic.


Through the portal in Dr. Monty's home appeared a creature that floated in the air, wearing robes, with clawed hands, massive teeth, and no eyes. It spoke to Monty in a voice he had heard before during his research. It offered him an opportunity. Monty could become like a God, able to pass through dimensions, create anything he liked, and end the suffering going on in London. In exchange, Monty and the rogue Keeper must become one. They would be the same being, more powerful than any other Keeper, and still connected to the human race. This creature claimed to be a Keeper, and the inter-dimensional attacks were perpetrated by an enemy of the Keepers, the Apothicons.


Believing the threat of the Apothicons on his dimension to be his own fault, Dr. Monty accepted the offer, creating an invention to bind the two souls together as one eternal being with near unlimited power. The process was painful, but all too necessary in order to save the human race. The new, all-powerful Dr. Monty erased the foreign undead from existence, and reverted the damage they had caused. With the memories of the Keeper now within his mind, he could see the widespread suffering across dimensions caused by the Apothicons. The other Keepers showed little interest in protecting the humans, but rather in eradicating the Apothicons. Dr. Monty saw the opportunity to help humanity with his new-found power over dimensions.


A great deal of time passed, as Monty directed his attention towards trying to protect and give everything he could to the human race. He listened in to the billions of souls across every dimension: their wishes, their desires, their troubles. He wanted to please them all. He could see the Apothicons looming over their universes, ready to destroy them, and he did what he could to stop them at every turn. He wasn't always successful, and it pained him to see that no matter his will and his actions, people will always suffer in the end.



"It's too much information sometimes, know what I mean? I know you must be struggling to take it all in, but can you imagine how I feel? I've got heart felt prayers to the Angels, dying people's wish lists and letters to fucking Santa coming out of my bleeding ears! It's hard to keep up, honestly! I hardly ever get any time for myself, or even just time to stand back and appreciate all the good that I've done."



A former friend that Dr. Monty's Keeper side once knew, the Shadowman, betrayed him long ago, and led the the corrupted Apothicons from the Dark Aether to assimilate every dimension they came across. Monty could never quite seem to vanquish the threat. For all the Apothicons he would try to help destroy, more would come. All the while, he wanted to keep humanity happy. He did not want to see them suffering and without help. But his efforts would never, ever, be enough.



"I made an app once, at least I think that's what you call it. It started off really simple: All people did was press a button to indicate whether or not they had a good day. I tracked the data for everyone in the world, I mean it was meant to help me understand people. It worked. But even in it's simplest form it was too much to take in. It actually made me depressed. It's hard trying to please everyone."

Over time, Dr. Monty began to resent his position of power. No amount of power would ever be enough to make things right. The humans showed no appreciation for the lives they were given, without the responsibility of protecting the very fabric of the universe. Instead they fought, again and again, in bitter, brutal wars. Humans seemed to inflict just as much pain on one another as the Apothicons would. They repeated mistakes, again and again and again. A select few really, really irritated Dr. Monty.


It seems that the original cause of the tearing between dimensions was caused by none other than a German doctor by the name of Dr. Richtofen. Again and again, this arrogant, maniacal doctor would tear holes in the universe, hopping through time with his three test subjects. All the while, he spread the chaos and pain wherever he would go. Monty did his best to quell this problem without altering time himself, but again, it is never enough.


Then, Monty had the idea: to create a universe all his own. A place the Apothicons cannot find. A place where he, and only he, had total control. Agartha. He modeled it after his home on the countryside. He now realized, in order to protect this place of sanctity and peace, he would need to eliminate the root causes of the problem across the dimensions. Richtofen. Dempsey. Takeo. Nikolai. He forged a plan, an ingenious one at that, in order to wipe the slate clean and start anew. The plan would involve an old understudy of his: Dr. Maxis.


In his home dimension, Dr. Maxis would go on to have a daughter: Samantha. Through Richtofen's evil deeds, Samantha would wind up trapped in the Aether without a way for her father to bring her home. The quartet of dimension-hopping imbeciles in this universe would not be suitable pawns for his plan. No, instead Dr. Monty echoed Samantha's cries for help into Dimension 63, a dimension where the four had not met yet, and where Dr. Maxis had no daughter. Surely enough, this Dr. Maxis tried to open a gateway to free her, and in doing so he brought Dr. Richtofen to the House. Monty fed Maxis a plan to protect Samantha and end the suffering caused by the Apothicons across dimensions: to do this, the eternal souls of Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai must be collected in the Summoning Key. Maxis enlisted the younger Richtofen, his best friend, to find these souls and collect them.


In reality, with their souls in the House, it would be safe for Monty to wipe them from existence across dimensions. With them gone forever, there would be no more crossing of dimensions. Monty could place all of the Apothicons into one place, keeping them there for good.


The plan worked, it seems, with a hitch or two along the way. Richtofen and his goons managed to bring the Apothicons directly into Agartha, nearly destroying all of the hard work Monty had done. Still, they cleaned up after themselves, and their eternal souls now resided in the house as innocent children. With the Apothicons collected in the Summoning Key, there were four loose thread to deal with now. It seems they have brought blood from another dimension into Agartha, and through consuming it, were protected as all the other foreign matter was placed into the Key. Monty prepared to wipe these soulless problems away, but he realized that was not a fitting punishment for all the chaos that they had caused. Instead, he sent them to a point far backwards in time, dumping the Apothicons from the Key with them, knowing they will not survive.


Finally, it is time to begin anew.



"Thanks to the sacrifice of Maxis and the contraption called Sophia, all the 115 has been purged from the final universe. Thank fucking god. Time to get some rest. -M "


To Be Concluded

It is uncertain what will become of Monty. It seems Primis intends on defeating him along with the Apothicons. I hate to leave it there, and I hope that by the end, Treyarch will have created a backstory this rich for the character. I can only hope they will do right by the character they have created.


Thank you for reading.


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My god, if this, along with EJ's recent comment about the Keepers would be canon, the story would be healed and, what's more, more interesting than ever before in my opinion. I really hope Treyarch will read this or positively surprise us with something similar. It is now I realize how logically it would be if Monty would just have two backstories: a Keeper and a human one. I'm also really fund on the "sciencific god" concept: Monty actually being a scientist discovering the Aether, instead of being a paranormal Keeper. A few things bother me, though.

1) Why would a Keeper want to merge with a human (Monty)

2) Why does Monty want Primis/Ultimis as children safe in his Final Universe, while it are they who are guilty.

3) If Monty has such an idealistic character, why does he want to punish Primis so badly (sending them to the Apothicans instead of peacefully wiping them out of existence)


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49 minutes ago, anonymous said:


1) Why would a Keeper want to merge with a human (Monty)

2) Why does Monty want Primis/Ultimis as children safe in his Final Universe, while it are they who are guilty.

3) If Monty has such an idealistic character, why does he want to punish Primis so badly (sending them to the Apothicans instead of peacefully wiping them out of existence)


1. This I was unsure about as I wrote this. I'm sure the writers at Treyarch could come up with something here. Perhaps this rogue keeper wanted to have a humanistic appearance in order to manipulate humans if he ever had to, and wanted to inhabit the mind of one of the most intelligent humans who is aware of different dimensions, so that by melding together they combine their knowledge base of both Human and Keeper histories.


Alternatively, Monty somehow does something to send himself back to the beginning of creation himself as a Keeper. I just have issue with paradoxical stuff like that. I mainly went with the Keeper and Monty coming together idea because the timeline states that Monty was around at the beginning of creation. So in a way the Keeper that later melds with him is both Monty but also not Monty. A Schrodinger's Keeper if you will.


2. The impression that I get from Monty through what we know is that he does not want to mess with the fabric of space and time any more than he has to, because as he puts it, it is already a fucking shitshow. Perhaps wiping away a being from all dimensions is not as easy unless you have the eternal soul with you. In essence he is not keeping them safe, he is trapping them, so that he can safely wipe away all versions of them elsewhere. He cannot wipe away the eternal souls, however, as that creates a paradox, since them existing in the first place is what allowed Monty to collect the souls. Essentially, he can stop them from causing more damage by trapping them, without having to mess with time in the process, if that makes sense. It's difficult to wrap the mind around.


3. Monty has tried being patient and reasonable for so long. From his perspective, it has been an eternity since he started trying to fix Richtofen's messes. They continue to prod at him for so long that it is no longer about protecting humanity but eliminating Richtofen and those who choose to follow him. He even tried turning the rest of Primis on Richtofen, but they are too loyal to his cause. They will never understand what Monty has gone through, and they will never understand the carnage they have caused across dimensions. In Monty's eyes, they deserve this punishment, to make up for what versions of them have done. Little does he know, however, that he is setting the stage for it all to start again.

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Is there a way to highlight this post or something? I really want the developers to see this. Personal opinion, though

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