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IX Easter Egg Guide


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Hey all, today I will be attempting to be the first to solve the IX Easter Egg.  Let me tell you guys what I have so far and then I will be adding to this guide periodically.  If you want to track my findings, you can watch me try on twitch.tv/GrenadaMD and help me out ? all tips that end up working will of course receive proper credit.  

As seen in the solo cutscene, this scepter-like item is the key to this quest:



You can see this on the bottom left as the quest tracker which has 5 main steps and then a center piece revealing what is presumed to be the final boss fight.


Step 1: Blood Must Flow





This step is super simple in that this refers to activating pack a punch.  The Blood Must Flow comes from the blood from the 4 heads of the 4 champions that you must summon to unlock it.  When complete, you'll see the very top of the scepter fill in which you can see on the next step.  If you need further help with this step, you can refer to this awesome guide made by our very own @Blurryface


Step 2: Purge the Blight




In order to purge the blight, one must create fertilizer and place it on the bottom level, in between the two main trees in Danu's Temple.  Here are the steps for "Purging the Blight":


1. There is a skull in the PaP area with a blue symbol on its forehead.  Using this awesome picture a user on reddit made plus two new spawns for the skull that I ended up finding in my games, find your skull and what you'll want to do is basically barrel stuff it with your gun (get right up on it) and activate your specialist weapon.  It should drop to the floor where you can pick it up.  




At this point, you're going to need the Wonder Weapon - Death of Orion.  If you do not know how to obtain this, you can find a video guide of it in my YouTube channel linked above.  With your skull, walk over to the grinder in the Flooded Crypt.  There are three possible spawn locations in the flooded crypts for the grinder and they are shown below.




When you find the grinder, hold your interaction button to place the skull inside and with your Death of Orion/Serket's Kiss shoot about 2-3 fully charged shots at the grinder to keep it going.  You'll know it's done when the skull disappeared and then all you have to do is hold your interaction on the collection tray to the left of it to collect the grinded up skull bits. 




2. The next ingredient to our magic fertilizer are the coals (purified wood).  This step is super simple, in the arena there are two flaming pyres with bodies attached to them.  You'll require the axe throwing gladiator to throw an axe at one of these pyres and you'll see this stake-like piece of wood fall.  The easiest way to do this is have the gladiator be the last zombie on the map and once he is about to throw an axe, quickly stand on the other side of the pyre so that is between you and the axe guy.  If you stand in front of the pyre with just the axe guy throwing it, the axe will most likely just hit you and not the pyre itself. 




Take the wood and place it into the chain coupling thing in the cauldron located at the bottom floor of Odin's Tower.  After a round or two, you'll see the wood look a lot more charred which indicates it is ready to be picked up. 




3. The final ingredient for Danu's Magic Fertilizer is probably the meme of the Easter Egg: Poop!  This step is super simple, all you need to do is make sure your affinity is all the way thumbs down with the red smoke coming out of the hand.  Things that lower your affinity are as follows:


- Throwing Grenades at the crowd

- Shooting the crowd

- Having zombies break your shield

- Tigers hitting you

- Running into the fire

- Generally not killing zombies but this is only a slight effect, the ones above are much more substantial as well as easier to perform


Once you are at the negative most affinity, the crowd will throw the poop at you, all you have to do is hold your interaction on it and you will collect it at a penalty of 250 points (jerks).




4. With all of your ingredients, head to Zeus' Bath House and along the edges of his blood bath you'll see a few bowls.  All you have to do is place your mixture into the bowl and leave it for a couple of rounds.  You'll know it's ready when green gas starts to emit from it.  





5. Take your ready Fertilizer to the bottom floor of the Danu Tree and place in between the two trees.  You'll have to leave it there for a couple rounds until it is ready.  It will look like this.




6. The Fertilizer should now be ready and you will require a Pack-a-Punched weapon with the Firebomb Modification on it.  All you have to do is activate the Firebomb modification by walking a couple of zombies over the Fertilizer and shooting them.  Your screen will flash white indicating that it was done correctly and you will also see blue cracks on the ground all around where your Fertilizer is.




7. Before you proceed, make sure your shield is fully repaired, your specialist is full, and that you have all the perks and weapons you'll need to slay out.  Whether you are playing solo or with friends, I would advise to get the Homonculous out of the box, it will make this step a breeze.  For the solo players, it's actually a lot easier because they will only spawn a couple of zombies at a time which give plenty of opportunity to shoot the corruption in between.  I also recommend an LMG due to the large magazine size and depending on which one you are using, you may not have to reload at all during this step because max ammo's fill your magazine too.  The scepter of Ra is also amazing on this step because you can just plant it and unload on the red blobs.    


So in the image above, you are now ready to enter the dark Danu Temple (it's the same temple, just a darker version of it). All you have to do to trigger this step is to stand on top of your blue crack Fertilizer for roughly 6-8 seconds.  You can easily do this by waiting for a round to end/start or by standing your ground with the scepter of Ra + your weapon.  After about 6-8 seconds you'll teleport to the dark room and it is very simple.  On each of the three floors, there is a red blob on the main tree that you need to unload your bullets on.  You get a max ammo after your first two floors so don't hold back in terms of ammo and Homonculous.  When finish, you'll get the quote saying "Danu has been appeased" and you would have purged the blight. 



Step 3: Answer the Dawn




1. This Easter Egg will now begin to move quickly.  There are two parts to this step.  First, you must find and shoot with your shields the hidden bulls around the map.  Four Bulls spawn within 9 possible locations.  I borrowed some of the images from Reddit as every game the spawns change.  Below are all the possible locations for the Bulls.


Flooded Crypt








Danu Tunnel




Bridge in Between Odin Tower and Zeus Tower




Odin/Zeus Tunnel Entrance




The Pit




Ra Tower - Burial Chamber (look inside the zombie spawn)




The Arena




Danu Altar Room




2. Each bull you shoot spawns a Gladiator that you must kill.  Each time you kill one, you can see its soul leave the body and head toward the Ra temple as a sacrifice.  Please note that people have gotten their games glitched by killing all four at the same exact time.  It's safer to just kill them one at a time.  




3.  Once all four gladiators are dead, go to the top floor of the Ra temple and you will see the obelisk lit up and a blue symbol on it.  Before you proceed double check that you have your shield, it is the single most important part because you're going to be fighting in tight quarters here.  On top of that, get your perks, make sure your specialist is charged up and that you have a good gun that can slay out because Serket's kiss is only good for the very last target because if you use it too early, you can risk killing the wrong zombie.  Killing the wrong zombie at the wrong time will result in you having to try again a round later.  As a solo player I recommend if you get swarmed and there is no other way to escape or you're legit about to die because dying wish is on cool down, kill any of the zombies out of order and just try again as it will basically activate a nuke and respawn all the zombies for that round. 




4. When ready, all players must go to the Obelisk and hold the interaction button around the blue symbol here.  When this happens, you will see the pillar begin to flash 4 symbols.  Each symbol will tell you in what order to kill what zombie.  The symbol order goes from bottom to top.  Below is a full chart of every type of zombie you can get. 




5. Remember that the order in which the four symbols appeared is the order in which you must kill these zombie types.  The scepter of Ra is incredible on this step because the Ray of Life can isolate a target with its stopping power so that it can be killed easily; it is also good for killing gladiators/brawlers.  The Brazen Bull is also good for gladiators and brawlers as it is a one shot to them but you want to save your Brazen Bull ammo in the event that you get a Blight Father spawn because he is a pain in the hindquarters.  If you happen to kill a zombie out of order, you must wait one round until you can try again.  For your knowledge, I believe the Blight Father only spawns on the second iteration of this step (yes you have to do this twice).  If you really want to avoid the Blight Father, fail on purpose and get a brand new order of symbols next round and you have a good chance of him not spawning.  Once complete your screen will glow bright.  Check the obelisk to confirm that you succeeded, you should see the four symbols that you just got stay lit on the Obelisk.




6. Now you must do this one more time.  Again, check your shields, specialists, perks, etc.  Reactivate the Obelisk and do this once more.  Once complete, your obelisk will look like this and you will hear "Ra has been appeased" and you have Awakened the Dawn. 


Step 4: Summon the Storm



1. There are four lightening rods that have now spawned in the underground.  All you have to do is shoot them with your gun.  As your shooting it, you'll see it spin upward.  You'll know it is done if you keep shooting and it doesn't spin anymore.  Below are the locations of the four rods.  


Odin Tunnel




The Collapsed Tunnel




Danu Tunnel




The Cursed Room




2.  Go to the podium with your team and interact on the center piece which will teleport you underground.  Simply walk back up to the arena and you'll find these four rods have just went up.  Before you can proceed, you will need the Kill-o-Watt modification on your Pack-a-Punched weapon.  You'll see these four circles of lightening on the ground beneath each rod in the Arena.  What you'll have to do is with your Kill-o-Watt weapon, activate it on a group of zombies and you must kill the zombies that are electrified.  Even though technically once they are zapped they will drop dead, you'll have to kill the zombie twice for it to count towards filling the rods.  This step is easy with friends but for the solo players I have a special trick for you guys.  This technique is demonstrated better in my video guide but what I do is I bring the horde into the radius of the rod (you can see this radius on the floor) I activate Kill-o-Watt and while they are electrified I immediately pull out my specialist weapon.  The action of pulling out the specialist weapon should wipe out the whole horde so that you don't have to worry about getting swarmed and if the electrified zombies are still alive, you can quickly melee them with your specialist.  You'll have to be pretty close to the horde of zombies for this to work so having a shield, the "Anywhere But Here" gobblegum, and dying wish are HIGHLY recommended in case you make a wrong move and get stuck.  





3.  Once completed, you'll see these four Orbs appear on the challenge pyres the podium.  Before you proceed, make sure you have your shield, perks and ammo.  Homonculous is HIGHLY recommended for this part.  The scepter of Ra is the best specialist weapon for this step so if you don't have it, then make sure you have the Homonculous.  Hold your interaction button on the blue orb and you will begin the Arena challenge and you will have to face a ton of Gladiators, Brawlers, and Tigers.  




It starts off pretty easy only spawning a couple at a time.  But either way, the best Strategy in my opinion is to set up two spawn camps (one if your solo for obvious reasons).  Only use your Homonculous in emergencies or when they start spawning a crazy amount of the mini boss zombies (Glads, Brawlers, Tigers) and when you use it, make sure you throw it within the radius of the Ra scepter so it gets the effect of the scepter + the Homonculous damage.  If you are playing with friends, have one or two people camp each door.  Place your scepter right outside the door like in the image below to start the spawn camp and it will immediately give the stopping power effect on the mini bosses as they spawn in.  With your scepter planted, you are free to use your gun or Serket's Kiss which is amazing for this step.  Once complete, the screen will return to normal and you will hear "Zeus has been Appeased" and you have summoned the storm.  This technique is very close quarters but it is worth it because during this step the fire grates are constantly open so it makes it hard to run around the arena anyway.  




Step 5: Channel the Flood




1. This part of the Easter Egg is pretty short but it is very easy to mess it up.  There are three blue symbols underground that you have to shoot with Death of Orion (you're probably going to want to have it Pack-a-Punched by now) at very specific angles.  Note the position that I am standing and where in the symbol I am aiming for, I took these at the exact time I fired the weapon. For the Danu Tunnel symbol, that shot is hit mid air by the way so be mindful of that.


The Pit




Danu Temple (This one is the hardest, if you need more help check out my video guide)




The Crypts




2. The final step is to head towards the workbench of the Brazen Bull.  Before you proceed, if you don't have the Homonculous please for the sake of your valuable time get it from the box.  You have come too far to die here.  In my opinion, this is the hardest step of the Easter Egg IF you are unprepared.  Have all your perks, shields, ammos, maxed out weapons, Homonculous, etc.  When ready, head toward the Brazen Bull workbench in The Pit. On the Floor you'll see a large metal grate and then a platform right behind it.  Stand on that platform until you the gear locking noise occurs.  When finished, keep standing on it and press your interaction button until your screen flashes white and you hear "ENDURE".




3. You are now confined to The Pit.  There is a spawn to your left, straight ahead, and to your right.  You'll have to fight off multiple waves of zombies in this small space so you must be smart with your load out.  You get one max ammo at the halfway point and that's it.  The plus side is that you have unlimited shield because if it breaks you can get a new one.  Note that this also means you have access to unlimited Brazen Bull ammo as well which pretty much one shots anything you shoot it at.  The strategy here is simple.  You'll want to try and stay right where you activated the step so you can see all three spawns.  I recommend a maxed out LMG for this and just shoot at everything as it comes in.  You can get through most of the step just killing them before they even come in.  There will be points where you'll feel the pressure with all the gladiators, brawlers, tigers and zombies all at once but don't panic.  The most important thing to remember is to use your specialist ONLY AS A LAST RESORT or once the Blight Father spawns (multiple if you aren't playing solo) because killing him means the end of this step.  You'll get a total of four homonculous if you include the max ammo here so use them to your advantage when the horde builds up.  When you get swarmed, try and train them around a bit while throwing your Homonculous and using Serket's Kiss on everybody while also using Brazen Bull ammo to one shot the problematic mini bosses .  When the Blight Father spawns, wait until he gets a little closer and then plant your Scepter down on the ground and give everything you got to finish him out.  Serket's Kiss + Brazen Bull will make quick work of this entire step especially when the Blight Father spawns.  Once everything is dead, walk up to the grate and hold the interaction button to pick up the key.  Your screen will flash white, "Odin has been appeased" and you have channeled the flood.  This step is also covered in my solo video guide.




Step 6: Fury and Wrath



1. At the Arena, the door to the final boss will now be available.  You'll get a crap ton of max ammos in there so don't worry about that if you are low from the Odin step.  Just make sure you have all of your weapons, perks, shield, and specialist.  You will not be able to return to the map once you enter start the fight.  Once you are ready, hold your interaction button on the door in the image above.  There are three waves: Mini Bosses, Fury, and Wrath.


Wave One: Mini-bosses

Your Specialist and Serket's Kiss will make quick work of these guys.  Mind the tigers as well.




Wave Two: Fury

1. To kill Fury, you first must shoot off the sides that have the glowing red gem.  After that has fallen off, aim for its heart which is near where you shot the saddle.

2. You'll get a ton of Max ammo's so don't hold back on your Homonculous, use them to steer the zombies so you can focus on shooting Fury

3. ALWAYS STAY MOVING. When Fury has no saddle in solo, she CAN one shot you with her charged fire ability.  You'll see it approach from the ground instead of her usual aerial attack.  Holding shield in front is the only way to avoid getting downed when this attacks comes.





Wave Three: Wrath

1. Killing Wrath is the same process as killing Fury.  First shoot the saddle off marked by the blue gems on the side.

2. Wrath is a little stronger than Fury in that her charged ability is MORE LIKELY to one shot you.  Again, having a shield in front is how I have avoided death and be left with low HP.

3. Wrath also has a larger radius when she stomps.  Anyways, shoot the saddle and then the heart which is also revealed on her side and that's it.  Easter Egg Done!










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Bumpy Bump! Hey guys so I just finished my extremely comprehensive guide.  I made it this way because the short version is already on Reddit but for those who either struggle with the easter egg or like more detail this would be great for you.  Not only will it include the steps themselves, but I provide great techniques for how to complete some of the harder steps.  Enjoy!

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