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  1. I would play with you but I’m on PS4 sadly
  2. I would be more than happy to help out with anything! If you are needing anything in particular then let me know.
  3. Welcome friend! Always nice to see a new face around. Hope you enjoy your time at CODZ and you will need to let us see some of your artwork for sure!
  4. Quick note! BO4 Has Double XP, Weapon XP and Liquid Divinium starting from today running through the weekend during the Cold War beta event. If your wanting to rank up or finish off some weapons then now is the time to do it! Happy hunting
  5. Welcome back friend! Good to see you again. Hope to see you back to being your active self again.
  6. Welcome back buddy! I feel like I’m the only one that enjoyed BO4 (Partly) lmao. Looking forward on seeing you around if your ever looking for someone to play with, I’m always free at weekends and some week nights. Enjoy your time at CODZ friend!
  7. Welcome to CODZ buddy! Hope you enjoy your stay
  8. Forgot to add that, thanks! Threads been updated. Yes, that's the Vietnam map. The name could be a placeholder but as it stands, that is the name within the game files.
  9. Below is a list of leaks confirmed by the trailer, inside news and some good folks I know over on Reddit. There is so much and feel free to have a discussion below about what your excited for! FREE DLC Zombies Battle Pass No More Perk Limit Elemental Pop (New Perk) Perks can now be upgraded Specialist Weapons Kill/Score Streaks Double PAP Returns Nova Dogs Nova Zombies Pick your character in Zombies Original Ray Gun Returns New Ray Gun Rifle New Panzer Zombie Shield Returns PAP is buildable Self Revives
  10. Thanks mate! Me either will be a great season for sure. As for our little girl, I hope she isn't as controlling as the Samantha we know
  11. Thank you very much buddy. I'll be sure to join the discord and hop on with everyone. Mental health has been great recently and hoping it stays that way for the future. Thank you again man
  12. The woman in the trailer goes by the name of Sam. Upon first hearing this I didn't think too much about it, but after re watching the trailer again - something stood out about here scene in the phone box. She dials the following numbers on the phone 6-2-9-4-7 Now if your as old as me you will remember the old phones that had the alphabet as well as the numbers on the keypad, such as the Nokias. If you use the numbers she dials and translate them to the old phone keypad style, it spells out MAXIS. Does this suggest that this is the Samantha we know? Is t
  13. HELLO AGAIN!.. I have missed you all very much and I am hoping that at least some of you remember me. It has been a while indeed and things in real life take over sometimes and having to put my health and other priorities first was needed to insure the best for me. I am more than happy to be back and getting some content out as well will be another goal of mines in the lead up to Cold War. In short for the people who care, I will list briefly what has happened since my absence and also why I am back! Mental health was taking over and I needed an escape
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