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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/40g82b/soe_wonder_weapon_ready_upgrade_0_update/ Recent update holds a slight new discovery in audio ques for the ww upgrade. Reddit is back in full swing. Let's start ww testing, a new patch has changed the map. thoughts? I will be thoroughly testing this weekend.
  2. Well shit lol Gonna keep trying T-Virus thread posts lol
  3. My T-Virus levels are too high, I can't stop. Waterfront is driving me crazy. Okay check this out: You're at the entrance to the boxing gym, looking straight at the altar. Walk right in and immediately walk right and you'll see one of those punching balls suspended in the air, a chain binds it from both the floor and the ceiling. It moves when you shoot it/knife it. I want to do many things to do this ball. Play as the boxer, throw both regular arnies and upgraded arnies, shoot ww bullets at it. Madness. I'll post an image later tonight, busy all day.
  4. Well I gave up on the Noire mode so I'm back to ww hunting. I do believe the sword counter is something. It's definitive in that it only goes down with head hits. There are even apothicon words that translate to "head", "gather", etc. But I am more interested in feeding the A.S something that may be altar related? My next theory: I want to obtain the Apothicon Servant without even touching anything that's keeper related. Items, Rituals, PaP, etc. Let's obtain the A.S and then go through each item location as well as the rituals and sucking up as many keepers as we can along the way. It would be ideal with multiple players to help keep the last few zombies safe seeing as we may be going round 15+ without even touching the rituals yet.
  5. Use the "LFG" tab on the top when looking for players. In case you didn't know, LFG stands for Looking For Group. Just a tip for the future. Feel free to add me on xbone, GT in my signature below.
  6. The general rule for gobblegums: If you actually take it from the dispenser, it will be lost no matter what. If you activate the dispenser but don't pick it up, it will cycle back in and it will not be taken from your available count.
  7. I'm going to try running flags on the elemental rounds. I'll let you know if I spot anything. If anybody wants to join, add my gt that's in my sig down below.
  8. There is a new method. Mind you, this is difficult since I've only succeeded once. Here is the tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0RqSMBPEMU
  9. It's very simple. If it is a proper game mechanic, use it all you want and be on your merry-fucking-way. The flags are a game mechanic. If people hate on the fact that they are being used to make it easier on Margwa's, then they are just immature haters. I'd love to see them want to grind through a 3 hour solo game with Margwas everywhere. The issue arises when you use a game mechanic to your advantage that is NOT supposed to be there i.e all of the barrier glitches/pile up glitches. It's pretty silly that in previous games people would glitch to the 200's and up and nobody bats an eye but find a loop hole in a coded game mechanic and everybody loses their minds. (see what I did there) If you glitch out the Margwa completely, I take the stance that yes you are violating the game's mechanics therefore it should be discredited. But if you pick up the flag just to have some one on one intimacy with the Margwa to kill him easier then I see nothing wrong with that. Max ammos aren't even a big deal. Wall weapons, Gum-balls, etc there honestly isn't even a need for a max ammo that often. Use the coded game mechanics and you're fine. As long as you grab the flag only to kill the Margwa without the threat of zombies it's all good. @mmm chocolate says it pretty well also. I do believe that Treyarch's opinion on these glitches/bugs should reflect our own. If they deem it that big of an exploit, they will patch it end of story. Yes they are slow but I just think they are being thorough.
  10. T-Virus warning What if we complete the easter egg in Noire mode? Before any possible steps, even if we have to push the rituals a few rounds up, we get the Noire mode and do everything. The rituals, sword step, and then the rest of the easter egg.
  11. Pasta

    Old Ranks?

    So my account decayed since back in 2010 and I don't have any of my old ranks since coming back on. Any chance I can get those recovered?
  12. So as we all know that by crouching underneath a certain photo at the waterfront whilst looking at it and hold square/x, the entire game turns black and white. Now, my question is, does this last forever? I've done it and it lasts the whole game while I've heard that some peoples have come back to color after a few rounds. Is this another easter egg we have to solve?
  13. I love how this thread went from disproving its existence to more theories lmfao
  14. As of right now, my focus will now be on the sword counter lol that's the only concrete finding we have left as of right now.
  15. The only thing that was bothering me about searching for this upgrade was the dawning realization that it may not be upgradeable. If this is the case, then honestly my mind is at ease. T-Virus cured.
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