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  1. Pasta

    IX highest round

    I feel like if you just wait out the timer you don't have to get any kills to get high rounds lmao we have used Treyarch's own fix against them.
  2. Pasta

    IX Easter Egg Guide

    Bumpy Bump! Hey guys so I just finished my extremely comprehensive guide. I made it this way because the short version is already on Reddit but for those who either struggle with the easter egg or like more detail this would be great for you. Not only will it include the steps themselves, but I provide great techniques for how to complete some of the harder steps. Enjoy!
  3. Pasta

    IX Easter Egg Guide

    Hey all, today I will be attempting to be the first to solve the IX Easter Egg. Let me tell you guys what I have so far and then I will be adding to this guide periodically. If you want to track my findings, you can watch me try on twitch.tv/GrenadaMD and help me out ? all tips that end up working will of course receive proper credit. As seen in the solo cutscene, this scepter-like item is the key to this quest: You can see this on the bottom left as the quest tracker which has 5 main steps and then a center piece revealing what is presumed to be the final boss fight
  4. Thank you all! I plan to grind a lot of zombies on stream and such, I'm praying I can solve the EE first lol
  5. Have a medal where after a certain number of rounds, if you have zero downs you can have a medal that says "Flawless Victory" or something along those lines idk. I think round 40 with zero downs is pretty reasonable unless you want to make it that much harder.
  6. 7 years later and I still find myself coming back to this site in the midst of a new zombie game coming. I don't think anybody is here from when I was active back in 2011 but I'm happy to make new friends here. Hello everyone, I'm an up and coming content creator who started on fortnite but I am going to grind the **** out of zombies when it comes out. I will be starting with attempting to solve the easter egg first followed by high round records. If anybody wants to play, let me know I will be playing on the PS4. I'll most likely need a 4 man team who is willing to stay up probably 6+ h
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/40g82b/soe_wonder_weapon_ready_upgrade_0_update/ Recent update holds a slight new discovery in audio ques for the ww upgrade. Reddit is back in full swing. Let's start ww testing, a new patch has changed the map. thoughts? I will be thoroughly testing this weekend.
  8. Well shit lol Gonna keep trying T-Virus thread posts lol
  9. My T-Virus levels are too high, I can't stop. Waterfront is driving me crazy. Okay check this out: You're at the entrance to the boxing gym, looking straight at the altar. Walk right in and immediately walk right and you'll see one of those punching balls suspended in the air, a chain binds it from both the floor and the ceiling. It moves when you shoot it/knife it. I want to do many things to do this ball. Play as the boxer, throw both regular arnies and upgraded arnies, shoot ww bullets at it. Madness. I'll post an image later tonight, busy all day.
  10. Well I gave up on the Noire mode so I'm back to ww hunting. I do believe the sword counter is something. It's definitive in that it only goes down with head hits. There are even apothicon words that translate to "head", "gather", etc. But I am more interested in feeding the A.S something that may be altar related? My next theory: I want to obtain the Apothicon Servant without even touching anything that's keeper related. Items, Rituals, PaP, etc. Let's obtain the A.S and then go through each item location as well as the rituals and sucking up as many keepers as we can along the way. It
  11. Use the "LFG" tab on the top when looking for players. In case you didn't know, LFG stands for Looking For Group. Just a tip for the future. Feel free to add me on xbone, GT in my signature below.
  12. The general rule for gobblegums: If you actually take it from the dispenser, it will be lost no matter what. If you activate the dispenser but don't pick it up, it will cycle back in and it will not be taken from your available count.
  13. I'm going to try running flags on the elemental rounds. I'll let you know if I spot anything. If anybody wants to join, add my gt that's in my sig down below.
  14. There is a new method. Mind you, this is difficult since I've only succeeded once. Here is the tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0RqSMBPEMU
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