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Map Layout

Hells Warrrior

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14 minutes ago, Hells Warrrior said:

I took the plunge and watched a bit of The Relaxing Ends stream on YouTube and I have to say, I impressed with how they have put all the maps together to form one map. It appears to flow pretty well.


Anyone who has played got any opinions on the map layout?

As a PC player I would have to wait another whole month to get my hands on the map and I just couldn't. So, I went and got myself it on PS4 and I must say I am really enjoying the map so far. All of the maps flow in together perfectly and you really get the different maps feels when entering them. Everything about the map is spot on in my opinion and for people who have to wait another month for it, it is 1000% going to be worth the wait!

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Well i like how they managed to put in all those different maps without the whole thing feeling like a big mess. And it flows pretty good (walking in Origins and suddenly realize this is MOTD etc..) They are also somewhat different from the original so it's not like it's just the same maps as they were earlier. But I would have still rather got more original areas. We have only the starting island and the giant apothicon...

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I thought it would be a cheap and lazy way to make a map, but they did a very good job tying them all in and giving us a nice dose of nostalgia. 

A super minor gripe would be, in the Kino room, they had a perfect chance to add the washed out picture, to finally show us who it is and yet there were only movie posters from the old map, booo.

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The idea of put all the maps together like this was in the letter I sent to Treyarch as part of my own personal map pitch.


Forgive my miss-use of the word accept as the spelling Nazis have informed me should be except... Oops.


Plus, wrong thread but I feel very vindicated on the whole devil thing after the new shadow man quote from revelations.


Dr. Monty was known by several other names. The Great Dragon, The Beast, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Satan, The Devil.


8 years for closure.


Thank you Treyarch.


I'm sure there will always be haters & doubters.


NaBrZHuntr said 




Best regards Alpha.



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@Hells Warrrior Hi.


@Tattoo247 I also thought it would be a very lazy and rather disappointing idea, but I'm glad they did add significant new areas and the layouts are not entirely copy and pasted of what they were before which is cool. Plus they all look great in the next gen bo3 graphics. I'm impressed.


p.s... first game solo, my first two box hits I got the Thundergun and AS.... so that's how easy this map is gonna be huh? lol





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