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  1. skywhale0

    2017 Zombies Olympics

    GG's All Around!! Great fun. I have been a member forever and was finally able to play. These were some tough challenges. Very Fun. In my opinion, its the stuff like this is what keeps the interest in Zombies. I can play the crap outta this game but not with the same game plan all the time. Thanks to @InfestLithium and @RequixEclipse and anyone else I may have forgotten involved in this. Looking forward to the next one,. Thought: Let's add a co-op section!
  2. skywhale0

    2017 Zombies Olympics

    (not a cheap plug here lol) I'd say search my name in youtube if this link doesn't work. I'm embarrassed to have used such a cheap strategy after the effort needed in the last challenge :) I tried not to overthink this one, but it was actually really fun to play, keeps you on the toes in this spot. This challenge would be super fun in co-op.
  3. skywhale0

    2017 Zombies Olympics

    Nice run @STASIBOMB. I didn't even know we could double PAP the Mauser until I saw your video. silly me just assumed it would be like the raygun and you cant do it. (I haven't played bo3 origins until this challenge) So I jumped on for another try and my best went from 28 to 29. :/ can't say it really helped much, just ran out of ammo in it faster lol.
  4. skywhale0

    So Newtons Cookbook? Do you like it?

    Now that is has been out for a few weeks, it is nice we can trade garbage gobblegums for nice ones. I do not mind spending the 3 Liquid Divinium here and there on a batch of distills to make a gumball I know I am going to use. I see it as spending the LD in Doctor Monty's Factory and getting a gum you want with each one, not an issue if spending a few trash gums i'll never use along with it. Some recipes are nice, like 8 Burned Outs for a Perkaholic. Some are not so nice, like 8 Death Machines for an Instakill. At least it shuffles around each day. Overall the addition gets a thumbs up from me.
  5. skywhale0

    Map Layout

    @Hells Warrrior Hi. @Tattoo247 I also thought it would be a very lazy and rather disappointing idea, but I'm glad they did add significant new areas and the layouts are not entirely copy and pasted of what they were before which is cool. Plus they all look great in the next gen bo3 graphics. I'm impressed. p.s... first game solo, my first two box hits I got the Thundergun and AS.... so that's how easy this map is gonna be huh? lol
  6. I had a match the other day where in the first two minutes I was hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat/mace/sword/crowbar at least 5 times and was oneshot by a camping locus another 3 or 4. already you know this isn't going to be a very fun game. lol Matches like these will make you glad that you enjoy playing zombies as well. I play about 5:1 zombies to multiplayer for this very reason. I also don't hate on the shotguns. just adjust your strategy and shoot them from a far, you can usually hear where they are from across the map anyways. but it does suck getting 4 out of 5 shots on them then they get their one half body shot to kill you first. I would rather people put down snipers instead of shotguns in this game all day though. so much more bull with those if you ask me. lol
  7. skywhale0

    Those days when You can't upgrade a bow.

    @Koslans @Greer yup. my bad.
  8. skywhale0

    Those days when You can't upgrade a bow.

    To save some time, walking, or eventual frustration on the KRM pile shot, you can hit the charge shot from the window next to the workbench. stand far left side of the window and look farthest right as you can. Aim the crosshair center at the spot on the smoke where the red/orange meets the gray. leaving a crawler or slow zombie is recommended because a running zombie can push you into a corner trap on the bench. Also its completely unnecessary to do this, but in a solo game where you take your time, get a useful double points, the right step sequence, you can have the upgraded storm bow by the end of 6 if you get a round 7 dogs. takes quite a bit of luck and planning but it can be done. its helpful if trying to do ee or something, but rnd 12 is really the earliest before any true ee progress can be made anyways.
  9. After hearing Blundell talk it sounds like you can only upgrade the WW if you have inserted all the Navcards properly in BO2. Wouldn't that be a nice use for them. lol. but seriously though I have always thought Treyarch would incorporate at least some easter egg in the early maps, significant or not, that can only be done at the end of the season. I'm no dev but it cant be hard to leave out now and add that last line of script in a later update to make it work after all? It would certainly add replay-ability if we can only do certain quests after all DLC are out. Maybe after all is done, we can spawn the cocoons easily all of a sudden, should they be a part of it, or end noire mode. who knows. I'm curious to hear some more of everyone's thoughts on this. Something like upgrading this thing is not game-breaking without it. maybe its meant to be a treat for those that bought the DLCs? Anyways keep up the great work everybody! we'll get this eventually.
  10. skywhale0

    Gobble gum update

    Also now you can see which Gobblegums are in your pack on the scoreboard/inventory screen (hitting the select or touchpad buttons). This is nice because I always forget what I equipped by round 10. its cool it shows how many megas you have left too.
  11. skywhale0

    Never Ending Round 5?

    same scenario happened to me and it was actually during one of my first times going to the rocket launch area in solo. I had around 390 before the round ended. I can't possibly be the only one that thought of using this as a new form of NML. reminded me of the good ole days. I knew they would patch it though. lol.
  12. skywhale0

    I found somthing Reply ASAP plz

    Sorry I'm late. Thought of this today. Look at the first song we heard for Black Ops 3, Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones. Ya know how 3arc loves their songs and stuff. First Line: I see a red door and I want it painted black. Ya never know. Has anyone tried absolutely lighting this thing up with explosives?? kinda like that old ascension step. lol
  13. skywhale0

    cool find in #BO3FRIDAYS streams

    Thanks for the help clarifying there ‌@PINNAZ. video editing is not a strength of mine. Great research as well. As for this being from campaign or zombies, I guess we'll find out in 10 DAYS!! also op has been edited.
  14. As we know, Treyarch has been streaming interviews every Fridays this month. This week is the third episode. Sidenote: This Friday they MAY talk a bit about zombies. If you wish to tune in its up on Call of Duty's youtube channel by Friday afternoon. I doubt there will be any huge spoilers. The first two episodes have been mostly just technical talk and q&a with a few devs. They have mentioned stuff like how improvements are being made to multiplayer spawn systems and AI, what has changed since the beta and they've showcased the new specialist and MP map. They've also shared their insight and stories about how they got their inspirations and how they set up maps for the new movement system. Stuff like that is quite interesting to some. Anyways as you're watching look for something that just seems to catch your eye, for example: a quickly scrolling text clearly visible behind the banners as the names pop up. Clearly nothing to take a second glance at right? Through a series of perfectly timed pauses on the youtube videos, the message is revealed. I checked they were the same for every scroll in both interviews. It will likely be that way in the last episodes too then. Well, if you're wondering what the message says. SPECIAL OPERATIONS 05/29/1905. ACCESS DENIED. AGENTS SPREAD OUT ACROSS THE GLOBE, COORDINANTS UNKNOWN, SEARCHING FOR TARGETS FOR SEVERAL MONTHS. SUSPECTS ARE LOCATED IN VARIOUS LOCATIONS FOR SECRET ILLEGAL EXPERIMENTATION CONDUCTED ON CIVILIANS AND VOLUNTEERS, AND NON- VOLUNTEERS AGAINST THEIR WILL. CHEMICAL AGENTS WERE CREATED IN LAB 90-3 NOVA AND USED ON UNWILLING SUBJECTS TO OBSERVE REACTIONS AND HOW THEY WERE AFFECTED. SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDED HALLUCINATIONS, UNCONSCIOUSNESS, VOMITING, AND IN MANY CASES DEATH. LAB GEAR MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES WHEN COMING IN CONTACT WITH NOVA GAS. THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE DESTROYED AFTER BEING READ. KNOWLEDGE OF INVOLVEMENT WITH THESE EXPERIMENTS MUST BE MINIMIZED AT ALL COSTS. ANY KNOWLEDGE DISCOVERED WILL BE IMMEDIATELY AND STRONGLY DENIED BY ALL PARTIES INVOLVED WITH THE EXPERIMENT. DO NOT INQUIRE FURTHER. END LOG 048136 (I'm unsure what the year of the date is exactly. looks like maybe 1905? I couldn't get a clear look at it no matter how hard I tried. A name seemed to always be in the way.) Seriously doubt this has any relevance to much of our story coming up, and it doesn't solve past questions either, but this is kinda cool that they would throw that in their stream. But if finding stuff is this easy we'll have the new EE's solved in half an hour. This is my first topic post so be easy with the criticism, or don't so I learn how to improve.
  15. skywhale0

    Finally introducing myself

    @‌NaBrZHunter I'm down. I promise I will never kill the last zombie to get points to hit the mystery box. lol

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