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  1. GG's All Around!! Great fun. I have been a member forever and was finally able to play. These were some tough challenges. Very Fun. In my opinion, its the stuff like this is what keeps the interest in Zombies. I can play the crap outta this game but not with the same game plan all the time. Thanks to @InfestLithium and @RequixEclipse and anyone else I may have forgotten involved in this. Looking forward to the next one,. Thought: Let's add a co-op section!
  2. (not a cheap plug here lol) I'd say search my name in youtube if this link doesn't work. I'm embarrassed to have used such a cheap strategy after the effort needed in the last challenge :) I tried not to overthink this one, but it was actually really fun to play, keeps you on the toes in this spot. This challenge would be super fun in co-op.
  3. Nice run @STASIBOMB. I didn't even know we could double PAP the Mauser until I saw your video. silly me just assumed it would be like the raygun and you cant do it. (I haven't played bo3 origins until this challenge) So I jumped on for another try and my best went from 28 to 29. :/ can't say it really helped much, just ran out of ammo in it faster lol.
  4. Now that is has been out for a few weeks, it is nice we can trade garbage gobblegums for nice ones. I do not mind spending the 3 Liquid Divinium here and there on a batch of distills to make a gumball I know I am going to use. I see it as spending the LD in Doctor Monty's Factory and getting a gum you want with each one, not an issue if spending a few trash gums i'll never use along with it. Some recipes are nice, like 8 Burned Outs for a Perkaholic. Some are not so nice, like 8 Death Machines for an Instakill. At least it shuffles around each day. Overall the addition gets a thumbs up from me.
  5. @Hells Warrrior Hi. @Tattoo247 I also thought it would be a very lazy and rather disappointing idea, but I'm glad they did add significant new areas and the layouts are not entirely copy and pasted of what they were before which is cool. Plus they all look great in the next gen bo3 graphics. I'm impressed. p.s... first game solo, my first two box hits I got the Thundergun and AS.... so that's how easy this map is gonna be huh? lol

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