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IW Zombies Mega Thread


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Note - Welcome to my mega thread for the IW Zombies game mode. I will try to make this as detailed as I can and try to include everything in it. So far there is not too much information about the game mode so I am purely going off of the trailer and the official COD twitter accounts. Enjoy!



Use Ctrl+F to find for one of these titles and it will take you straight there instead of going through the full guide.


Zombies In Spaceland

"Zombies In Spaceland" is what looks to be the very first zombie map in the Infinite Warfare Zombie game mode. So far from what we can see, the map looks to be a fair ground / theme park and an 80s feel and look to it. The map has several different locations which include an arcade room, the main grounds, rides that your character can go on and also a DISCO! Through the trailer we can see that we have 4 characters and they all relate to the "80s" theme that is going on. I will talk a little more about the characters throughout my thread so keep an eye out for that. Also an image of what looks like to be an in-game map has popped up on reddit that shoes the full playable area and all of the different rides and ride areas. There is 4 ride areas from what we can see from the image and each area comes with there own set of rides. Weither we can ride every single one of them I dont know but it would be pretty awesome to be able to ride a good few of them as it would just add to the fun. The map overall doesn't feel scary or have that 3ARC zombie feel. It has its own fun / silly theme but also that dance / 80s feel too. Its great that IW haven't just tried to copy 3ARC and they have made there own theme to the map. From the image of the map that I will show below, the playable area looks big but it doesnt show much room for training etc. The map also seems to have its own 'Mystery Box' and by watching the trailer, you can see the beems that shoot up in the sky to show the location. From looking at the trailer, it looks like a wheel of fortune that the character is spinning, instead of the usual mystery box we seem. If anymore content or info come sup about the map I will add it in right away!

Below in the spoiler is the image of the map.





The Cast

Zombies In Spaceland includes 4 different characters. They are all related to this 80s theme that we feel off of the map. Below I have listed each character, there theme and also who plays the role of them.


Character #1 - Andre

Andre is the very first character that we see in the trailer and who's name we are given first. Andre looks like some type of gangster and is dressed all in red. He is wearing a Red bucket hat and what looks like a fully red tracksuit. He seems to have an american accent too and looks overall bad ass and a type of character you would expect to see in this type of theme. He doesnt show any special tallents or anything in particular just yet but maybe we are still yet to see more of him as time goes on.


Character #2 -Poindexter

Poindexter is character number two that wee see in the trailer. Again, sticking to the theme, Poindexter looks to be a 'geek' and looks to be really retro. He wears glasses and also a yellow helmet his outfit appears to be just general everyday clothes. Just like Andre he doesnt show any special effects or abbilities.


Character #3 - Sally

Sally is number 3 on the list. Sally is our only girl character out of the 4 and I must say she looks kick ass. She looks to be a 'cool kid' and again its sticking to the theme. You can start to see a patteren appear with the characters but anyways lets craxk on with Sally. She has blond hair and her hair is in pigtails and her outfit looks dressy and sharp. Sally is the character that we see using the magic box in the trailer and like I said above is the only girl character.


Charcter #4 - AJ

AJ is the 'Jock' of the group and this just completes the character set. AJ is dressed the way you would imagine a jock to be dressed and looks really cool. He doesnt appear to show anything special either but I would like to see each character have there own thing.


So there we have it, the characters in Zombies In Spaceland. The people that play these characters are listed below. (Thanks to Charlie Intel)

Seth Green (Robot Chicken, Austin Powers)

ke Barinholtz (Neighbors, Suicide Squad)

Jay Pharoah (Saturday Night Live, Ride Along)

Sasheer Zamata (Saturday Night Live, Inside Amy Schumer). Additionally, players will encounter an enigmatic DJ in the theme park, portrayed with voice and likeness by David Hasselhoff (Knight Rider, Baywatch), who will be an invaluable resource as they try to get out of this horror movie alive.


Below in the spoiler is a picture of all 4 characters that I mentioned above!






Candy Perks & Fate and Fortune Cards


In IW Zombies, we are introduced to "Candy Perks" and "Fate & Fortune Cards" Both of these are simular to what we have in BO3 zombies so let me explain what they exactly are.


The Candy Perks

The Candy Perks seem to work exactly like the perks we have in zombies today. They are candies that grant players unique abilities in-game and can be found at stations throughout the map. IW has actually named some of the candies and they are;

Bang Bangs, Trail Blazers and Slappy Taffy

Once we get a full description of these, I will break them down and explain which each candy does and how its ability effects the player. The Candy Perks just look to be like the perk machines we have in our zombies at this time but with the sounds of things it looks like we will be going to candy machines instead of our soda refrigerators .

Here is an image we have of the Candy Perks.




The Fate & Fortune Cards

The Fate & Fortune Cards seem to be something simular to the Gobblegums that we have in BO3. IW's description of the cards is " Single match upgrades that can greatly enhance a subject’s abilities " Just like Gobblegums, they grant the user with an upgrade that can enhance the players abilities to help them in-game. They have not named any of these yet or gave much information on them. Another comment that they did add was " Build a deck of up to five cards to bring into the game. These cards can be earned in-game by completing challenges and progressing through the story  " Note that is says at the end that these can be earned by completing challenges and progressing through the story. We are not sure if "Challenges" are zombie related or just general challenges but if it keeps going the way it is, it looks like we could have zombie challenges just like BO3. Now this is just speculation but that comment leads on to the possibility of it. Below is an image the IW gave us of the cards. They looks pretty awesome!







Zombies In Space Weapons

As this thread is still a work in progress, we currently only have information for two guns at the moment but as soon as we have more information on more guns, I will add them here.

Something I want to point out is that IW stated that while playing the Zombies mode, you can actually use guns from Mutiplayer aswell as the guns that are specifically Zombies mode only. This means we wont be using all of these custom guns but it also adds a little thought into what these zombie only weapons could be. They also added that you can use weapons in the mode that are unlocked by completing quests. We don't have any information on quests at the moment so lets crack on with the guns.


The Dischord

The Dischord pistol is single shot and fires energy bullets. Kill a zombie with this and they spin around, arms out, gibbing and knocking other zombies into the stratosphere.

This gun doesn't sound like your regular starter pistol but this could be one of these zombie only guns that I mentioned above. It sounds really awesome and puts so much fun into the game.

The Facemelter

The Face Melter pistol is single shot and fires energy bullets. Kill a zombie with this gun and they literally rocket upwards, exploding and raining fire down on the other zombies.

Again, the gun doesn't sound like a gun you would spawn with but yet again it sounds awesome and fun. The gun basically fires a zombie up into the sky and explodes him and after he explodes, he sets all of the zombies on the ground on fire.


I do however has images of each of these weapons so I will leave it below. They do look really cool and retro and fit in perfect with the whole maps theme.








HUD & Screen layout




This is the very first image we have on in game footage and this actually gives us a little information about how the game will work.

Lets start off with the bottom left ofm the screen. Here we have a card that shows what character we are playing as and in the image we are playing as A.J the Jock. We can also see a money counter that I am guessing will work the same as the way the score counter works in todays zombies. Nothing to special but what is special is the little ticket that is next to the score counter. This is something we haven't seen before and it is a little ticket that has "Spaceland" in it. It also has a counter beside it that shows 0. Going off complete speculation, I am guessing that these tickets will allow us to ride some of the rides around the maop or to open certain locations on the map. I will keep the thread updated as soon as I find out anything more about the tickets.

Bottom right of the screen we have our basic ammo counter and what looks to be a clock grenade counter aswell. These are very unique and something we havent seen before. I am going to say that these will replace grenades that we use in the 3ARC zombie series and will work very simular. We can also see one of the Fate and Fortune cards on the right which says "Get Revived" . This looks to be the same as Quick Revive and it looks like it is toggled by pressing up on the dpad.

We can also see what looks to be the starter pistol and it looks rather basic and does not look space themed at all. I can't sayn too much as this is only an image and not a video but the layout and the pistol looks pretty cool. The layout does remind me of EXO Zombies just a little but I guess we will have to wait and see!





Lost and Found

Lost and Found is a new feature that we will be seeing in IW: Zombies. Lost and Found helps a location on the map that allows a downed player who has lost his weapons due to being killed, retrieve them again for a fee of $2000. In a little more detail, if you are playing and you die, after respawning you will have your starter pistol again but if you head over to the Lost and Found station you are able to buy your weapons back again so you can continue on. This is a nice little feature they have added into the game and will make a lot of players happy that they can get there weapons again without having to spam the mystery box.





So far this is all I have on the Zombie mode at the moement but I will be updating this thread as soon as I get any new information, videos or pictures.

I really wanna keep this post open for discussion and keep it at the top of the list for as long as I can. I am looking to put a lot of work into this thread and I know it is only small right now but I will be adding on to it daily and constantly updating it to the best of my standards. Enjoy guys! :)

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I must say I liked the trailer a lot. It seems to be somewhat different from Treyarch zombies, but still it's not too far from that. I am still probably going to wait some actual gameplay footage of the mode before deciding to buy it. But it definitely looks promising. The whole theme park consept on the map looks pretty cool :D


My favorite parts of the trailer must be the rollercoaster ride and the clowns. I also like the characters. Feels like they've gone wih more cartoony aproach to the whole mode! I'm pretty excited to be honest :)

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1 hour ago, jiipee95 said:

I must say I liked the trailer a lot. It seems to be somewhat different from Treyarch zombies, but still it's not too far from that. I am still probably going to wait some actual gameplay footage of the mode before deciding to buy it. But it definitely looks promising. The whole theme park consept on the map looks pretty cool :D


My favorite parts of the trailer must be the rollercoaster ride and the clowns. I also like the characters. Feels like they've gone wih more cartoony aproach to the whole mode! I'm pretty excited to be honest :)

I think it looks awesome! Looks more fun than anything and also being able to get on the rides looks sick. Can't wait to see what else comes from this mode!

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