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  1. S3anm3

    IW Zombies Mega Thread

    Is there a thread about the perks and how to get more than five? I have a good theory. I think it has something to do with the perk jingles and the fact that they flash the name of random perks on the screen.
  2. S3anm3

    Candy Perks for Zombies in Spaceland

    I think the way to get more than five perks has something to do with dj Hoff playing the perk jingles and the name of the perk flashing on the screen. I really like that you can trade perks in too.
  3. S3anm3

    Free perks on space Land?

    My digestion is fine, thanks.
  4. S3anm3

    Free perks on space Land?

    I noticed that but there has to be a reason for it. They said there was a way to get more than 5 perks, I' was thinking this might have something to do with that. It makes no sense otherwise for him to randomly play the jingle and have the name appear on screen. .
  5. Please help me out, I am trying to figure out why the names of perks come up on the left side of the screen. I went to up and Adams when it was on screen and it took my perk from me. This is really bothering me but I'm pretty sure someone else has figured it out already. Please help..
  6. Your post makes little to no sense to me whatsoever. Your use of abbreviation is exhausting, and the end paragraph is almost uneligable. And why the need to brag about glitches being responsible for 75%of your deaths?
  7. Nope. I was only on round seven. I believe it has to do with the update and the spot they fixed on the stairs in the canals.
  8. I was playing solo with one zombie left. I just grabbed my sword and was headed to canals perk machine. As I turned to run up the stairs towards the perk machine, I heard a weird noise followed by a laugh. But that's not the worse part, I was instantly killed. No hits or red screen. I had quick revive and it didn't give me a chance to use it. I know it wasn't my connection. Please help figure out what it was, I am going crazy. It almost felt like I ran out of time, the way the sound was followed by the laugh. Anyways, please help me. S3ANM3

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