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Interview w/ RadAustin!

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Now's your chance to ask the fantastic RadAustin any questions you want him to answer! Whether it be his YouTube stardom, his love for Zombies, or just a question about what cereal he ate this morning, HE WILL ANSWER IT ALL! The CoDz team will interview him Wednesday 11am PST / 1pm EST on Skype, and will have the recording on YouTube, Soundcloud, and Reddit!


Don't be shy - he loves questions, especially when it's about his love for everything Zombies! :smiley:

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I'll start off with a cool 20 questions.


  • Where do you see Zombies in 5 years?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Opinion on the Nacht der Untoten loading screen?
  • How would integrate Nacht der Untoten more into the story?
  • Do you like the Multi-verse/Alien aspect Zombies has taken?
  • Your unpopular opinion about Zombies?
  • What's the most disappointing thing that could happen in DLC 4?
  • What's the best thing that could happen in DLC 4?
  • Cake or Ice Cream?
  • Why did you start creating Zombies videos?
  • Any aspects from Zombies you apply into real life?
  • If a real life zombie apocalypse did happen, what would your plan be?
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar, Misty, or Jessica Rose?
  • Do you play the Campaign and Multiplayer at all?
  • Favourite non-Wonder Weapon?
  • What's a Wonder Weapon you would like to see?
  • What is the one thing you would ask Jason Blundell if you had the chance?
  • What theory do you believe in and want to come true?
  • What do you think Richtofen's intentions are?
  • How's your day going?


I absolutely love this idea by the way.

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9 minutes ago, Koslans said:



RadAustin is a popular Zombies YouTuber that's been around for years. He's always been that steady-paced guy who never begged for likes and subscriptions, and posted LOTS of in-depth videos like no-clipping maps, lore, all the works.


He's actually a member on here as wel, and such a totally cool guy!

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What was your most "out there theory" that never really panned out?

Do you believe with the multi-verse cannon Treyarch will continue the game mode in the next game?

What is your favorite color?

What other projects are you currently working on?

Least favorite zombie boss and why?

Anyone on youtube inspire you during your come up?

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With an accumulated 21 hours of rendering and uploading, the interview with @RADAUSTIN27 has been uploaded! This is definitely work the listen, since Reed had nothing but wonderful things to say about everything Zombies and even answered community questions as well. If you enjoy good discussion about the Zombies lore, his love for Jason Blundell, and ice-cream, you'll definitely get a kick outta this. :tongue:



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