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A request for the PC users

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Since the release of Zetsubou No Shima back in april, I'm looking for the different technical drawings around the map like the zombies and thrasher in Lab B or the spider in Lab A, etc... And of course the dragons. I know one can just go to theater mode and take a screenshot but I want the best view, the clearest image... and we all know the free cam sucks in theater mode!


I heard it's nearly impossible to extract textures and images from the PC files as of now but maybe someone gifted can work a miracle haha

Or at least perhaps use the noclip command if it's possible, specially for the dragons drawings.


I hope somebody can help me or know someone else who can do it! :D

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While we're on the topic, could a PC wizard also get a picture of the scrap of paper that's in the dragon room? I'm trying to rule out a turning grille cipher and I need a complete image that's proportionally correct. Specifically I need a vertical shot of it, as if you were standing on top of it and you look down. 



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The DLC wasn't available last night. Hopefully it is when I get home tonight. 


I'm going to try to get the DNA paper scrap page.


I'll try to get the Dragon blueprint but you need to use "In Plain Sight" GG for that don't you? Which I don't think I have any. 


Afaik the the only way to get textures (right now) is to use your graphics cards performance monitor to capture the loaded textures/models in a frame screenshot. So it's a really slow process. My PC can hardly run BO3 on ultra settings but I'll see how I go. I managed to get some textures from The Giant but they seemed like their sizes were smaller than what they should be. Possibly due to my settings. 


Have you you asked the question on the Reddit page? Let me know if you get a response over there

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On 23/05/2016 at 10:48 PM, Kalinine said:

I bring some news. Glitching Queen managed to get the dragon drawings in the highest def as of now (I assume she used noclip command so maybe there's a higher definition).


And @certainpersoniomaybe she has the scrap papers, I'm waiting for an answer. :p

Good stuff :D Don't think that was noclip though, haven't been able to use console commands since Black Ops 1!

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Pretty sure the only way people are getting textures, is to use a graphics card performance monitor program. (I don't think anyone's been able to get into the xpak image files yet.)


You capture a frame & it exports all the textures/models that have been loaded to the cards memory. 


These programs are used by Devs & consumers to monitor what/which sections of a game is causing load & lag. It's pretty much a debugger. 

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4 hours ago, certainpersonio said:

My request for the scraps was filled by GQ: 


I would love to see if you can solve this with a grille cipher.... at first sight one can think about a transposition but it looks like polyalphabetical


With a grille you dont use all the letters so i see what you are doing... hope you will get a solution soon 


The only thing i noticed was that you have encircled letters (captain....)


One time 1 letter , one time 3 letters

,1 x 4,

1x 5,

1x 6....


Looks like there is punctuation 



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