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Moon & Der Eisendrache


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 Ok, well will try this thread again with hopes that a fatal error does not occur.

I know this has been extensively covered before, but with the new map finally out, I figured I would open the topic back up for speculation.

After playing a full 24 hours of almost non stop gameplay, one question remains on my mind.  Is there going to be a moon revisit or is it simply attempting to tie everything together.  My initial response was that we would not be revisiting moon due to needing new content, but we are seeing a trend by Treyarc to rinse and repeat maps of previous versions, especially the most favorite of maps.  So I repose the question after everyone has time to play Der Eisendrache for at least a day.  

With the nods to moon, will we ever see it again?



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I stick by what I've always said, and that's no Moon remake. This made it even clearer to me.  They'll explain events through radios and ciphers and stuff so I don't see a need to go back, especially when it all sounds so similar to previous timelines. If they were going to remake Moon, imo, it'd have be one huge ass map with new areas, and I don't see it happening (inb4 someone says next gen).

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That is my thinking as well.


Dempsey says something to the tune of "how are we going to get me on the moon"

Rictofen says something about not going to the moon but simply bringing the rocket back to earth.


I agree that if the moon was the next installment, with all the hints to it being a possibility, there would have to be a whole lot of new content added onto it to make it worth paying money to play it again.  I am still itching to see this easter egg ending though.  I hope it blows my mind.

Who do you think is sacrificed?  I have a theory.

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I am completely unsure who is in the tomb, to be honest. I usually don't theorize on it since I'm sure we'll find out by the end of the week. That being said, I love hearing theories. Who're you thinking?

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I doubt they will have to go to moon again. They are trying to stop the events of moon (the almost total destruction of earth) from happening, so unless they essentially fail their mission, they should not have to return to there....but the Easter egg isn't finished yet so I can only speculate.

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I wouldn't be surprised if either the EE in this map or a future map has us teleport to a small section of the Moon to do something, that way we don't have to have a full-blown remake and still get to visit the Moon again without having to sacrifice an entirely new map either. Basically doing something like what Kino did, but maybe with a slightly bigger area to move around in.

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20 hours ago, Tac said:

I am completely unsure who is in the tomb, to be honest. I usually don't theorize on it since I'm sure we'll find out by the end of the week. That being said, I love hearing theories. Who're you thinking?

I am not to sure about the tomb, but my theory is as follows:


Seeings how Dempsey is in the rocket-ship bound for the moon, and Rictofen says that instead of going to the moon he can simply just return it to earth, my theory of sacrifice is this.  The Dempsey we are currently playing with is the sacrificial lamb and the rocket is brought back to earth, this keeping us from revisiting the moon, and the "Frozen One" is going to be the awakened playable Dempsey for the rest of the story.  Or this can go completely Vise-Versa.  Anyway you look at it, Dempsey is going to die. 

I put it in a spoiler just because, If I'm right :o), The Xbox users might not want to hear any of the details yet.

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15 hours ago, Tac said:

Did you see the end of the EE, @JJMFP? Not trying to be rude, but a lot of that is from a long time ago haha :p

I just tried doing the easter egg last night.  I do not look at the easter egg steps until i give up, but I have heard how it ends and now I am putting the Moon to rest.  Here's why!


1.  We get Dempsey shot down and back to earth, just as Rictofen said he could do.

2.  We Blow UP the Moon!!!!!!!

Have not seen it for myself and refuse to watch it until i do it but, DAMN!, Talk about bringing closure!


Going to have another go at it tonight.  Had a great response from the LFG!!!  Anyone else ready for action just hit me up on PS4:JJMFP

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