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Everything posted by JJMFP

  1. A much longer cool down would be an easy fix. I cannot see why it couldn't be done. Cooling it down to something like three times longer would make you think twice before just using it willy nilly. I am sure there are going to be more game adjustments in the future.
  2. I am going to be on PS4 playing zombies today around 2 pm EST.  I will have one with me that is a zombie veteran but has not had the chance to play the new hotness.  If anyone wants to join in on the fun, hit me up on psn (JJMFP)!

  3. I have only played Classified once. It was never a favorite of mine. The only reason I played it before was because the cast was kind of cool. With that changed, I really just have no interest. Never have done the EE and don't even know how to PAP. I played the Titanic 1 time and it was cool. I just haven't started playing it exclusively due to IX and BotD. I love Blood! Loved it even more the first go round.\ I have not even been able to play the new map. I will look at it later this week. I am just to invested in other maps to start something new.
  4. I have a situation and I wonder if anybody else is having the same. Since we had access to 4 Zombie maps from the start, I have been finding it hard to play just one map. I am an EE fan and really enjoy the challenge of doing them. The problem I am having is that, there are two maps I am currently playing and have come close to EE as possible without completing them. I seriously don't even play the Titanic and the was the map I was most excited about. How do you play four maps, and now a fifth one, and not feel overwhelmed? I think it is showing in this forum as well. Normally full of buzz and theories, it seems as if the game has offered so much, that there is no time to do anything else. What is the secret to sanity? Did Treyarch overdo it a bit? Have you played all the maps? What are your feelings about the gameplay and style so far? ~JJMFP~
  5. I used to rely on the zombie crawler. I could take the crawler down to the rocket/pap area in ascension and then run all the way back to the lander location on the opposite end of the map and lay my controller down and it would take close to 20 minutes before he got to us. Great strategy for high round online games with friends. That is one of the first things I noticed with games that followed. "Who Killed The Damn Crawler?" Oh the glory days!
  6. I rarely even open an easy game due to everything you just said. Without even knowing that I could not do the EE, I assumed that if you were not playing on normal or better you would not be able to. I tested my theory on BotD. The pages in the wardens office are completely missing. I try not to get online for a few months so that I don't spoil the gameplay so I have been in the dark on the majority of what is happening. Hell, it took me forever just to figure out that we gained Speed Cola after obtaining all perks. With that said, I have looked on forward to BotD EE and still haven't completed it. I think that there is replayability but agree with you that it is severely hampered by the fact that they cut out an entire demographic with limiting gameplay on easy mode. With four maps to begin with, I could play this for a year and not get tired of it (well, maybe the blue screen would get old). All in all, you summed everything up pretty well on par with my general feelings about the game. As a side note, I think the EE's are a bit more difficult when playing solo. There are just to many things to do that requires some bit of teamwork, like BotD. Have you tried to find these damn birds alone. F**k that noise. Unlock casual Easter Egg? Hell yes, I say!!!
  7. When everything is good we don't have an issue, but the second something doesn't live up to the elite expectation it seems people are ready to jump ship. Just remember this one thing. Treyarch said that the life of this game will greatly outweigh the life of the previous games. It just came out for crying out loud! I fully expect a lot of glitches and problems. The problem is that the glitches in no way help any of our players like it used to in the past. Remember Ascension? I cannot tell you how many time I exploited that game for the fun of it. You also have got to remember that they added another game type into the mix. When zombies first started it was just a cool mini game and an after thought to begin with. It is way to early for any of these self appointed pricks to be bad-mouthing a game that in my eyes have tried to breech the norm and go balls deep. You got to respect the fact that they are trying to bring Zombies and the Black Ops brand fresh new content. I say be patient. The best is yet to come. I believe in the year to come, the focus and discussions will be different and every nay-sayer will have to live with the fact that they bad mouthed a soon to be classic. Just my opinion. Do with it what you will. P.S. Someone please hit me up on PSN for EE runs. I have not completed one to date and my last run ended sad and "Blue"!
  8. Looking to do BOTD EE.  Need two.

  9. JJMFP

    The Soldier

    Chapter 10 A nurse, responsible for the clean up procedures of Lab 1, has the last remnants of data concerning the Soldier. It all fits in one of those brown boxes you usually see people carrying out of an office after being fired. In less than an hour, all data involving any failed experiment will be destroyed. Of course, she has no idea of the content inside or the impact that it would have if this information got out, she is only the vehicle from Doctor to Incinerator. The nurse turns the corner and notices that the door to the incinerator is ajar. As one of the least secure rooms in the facility, it does not raise any red flags but is has curious connotations. She sets the box of "rubish" down on the floor next to the door and glances inside. The operator must be in the back doing something so she opens the door and picks up the box. "Edward, bist du hier?" There was no answer. As she places the box down next to the incinerator she hears a noise in the back room, a noise that sounded like something fell off a shelf. She stands, slowly and walks to the dry storage area to investigate the noise. On the floor, she notices blood on the floor and immediately knows something terrible is wrong. In her mind, the logical answer is a workplace accident. She rushes into the dry storage and is met be a grotesque human-like figure, still gnawing on its meal. She gasps, and the pile of rotting flesh turns to her and lets out a horrible screech. It jumps to its feet and wildly attacks her. She had no chance to avoid it, still frozen in shock, she falls to the floor as another victim. The zombie pounces on her as she kicks and screams for help. She is able to get back to her feet, but not without being bitten on the ankle. She rushes out of the incinerator room, slamming the door behind her and leave the box laying there on the floor. Her first instinct is to report the incident but fails to report the laceration on her ankle. The complex comes to life, in full lock down mode and seals the area off. They need to contain the situation, and fast. If word gets out that a workplace incident has occurred then that will mean interested parties are going to want to investigate. There can be none of that. The crew that is responsible for responding to these issues suit up and prepare to go into the quarantined area. The nurse is debriefed and sent home. She stops to wrap her ankle in gauze and then leaves the complex and goes home. The response team breeches the area and makes its way toward the incinerator room turning every corner with extreme caution and clearing every room and office on the way. Not exactly sure what to expect, they make every possible effort and prepared for the worst. They reach the incinerator room and stack in a breech formation along the sides of the door. Three...Two...One... The door is opened and the tactical formation enters and the first thing the point man sees is the reanimated body of their super soldier experiment. Without any hesitation, a trained two bullets to the chest and one in the head puts the creature down. They get around the corner to the dry storage and see the operator crawling on the floor. Another military assault and the body of the operator is lifeless. There will be another crew to perform the cleanup process and the doctors are going to want to examine the bodies before disposing of them. There is not any attention given to the box of material that lay semi hidden behind the incinerator. The box was moved during the operation and now is tucked away, out of site and considered to have been disposed of. For now, the situation is neutralized. The nurse gets home and begins feeling flush almost immediately. She takes some pain medication and a sleep aid and crawls into bed. Her muscles are weak and she is sure she has a fever and plans on sleeping it off. After a few hours has past the nurse is dead. Her lifeless body lay there breathless. Her eyes jolt open and she lets out a harsh scream. Her eyes are yellow and jaundice and her movement is sluggish do to the amount of rigor mortis that had set in while she laid there. She moves and clambers to get to her feet and the rigor mortis begins to loosen up. The telephone rings and startles her and another screech comes from the now reanimated corpse. It seems that whatever blood pathogen that was present in the Soldier is highly infectious and contagious when body fluid contact is initiated with its victim. She is no longer a person anymore. She is now the last bit of evidence of something terrifyingly vile. An abomination. A Zombie!
  10. Sounds interesting enough. That is, if they can make sense of it without trying to hard to pull it off. I am glad to see there is still hope for the Aether story line.
  11. I for one never really played the campaign. Even the Zombie Version that came out before. The name escapes me right now, but AI just isn't doing it for me. Besides, The multiplayer and Zombies is the reason I buy the games in the first place. Every year, I give Activision my money for the new Call of Duty and it either sucks and I go back to the latest black ops or it is playable just enough for the next version to come out and I go back to the latest black ops.
  12. Lets get a video tab with all the latest Blundell Interviews, updates, E3 footage, and general video discussions. Make it like a one stop shop so that people don't have to google search each individual item. This will keep threads dedicated to topics like the new A7X video out of other threads that may be better served with other content. Sounds Like An Idea?
  13. It looks like the Website is buzzing right now.  I no longer see just two people on at a time.  My prediction has come to fruition.  Its good to be back!

  14. JJMFP

    Blackout Zombies

    Nuketown is back in November, reimagined and ready for MP. I have not heard of a Nuketown Zombie revisit, but I sure would like to see it pan out!
  15. I agree! This seems fair and just. It is a way for the developers to still make rights exclusive and make money, but it is not such a drag to the rest of the world. In an earlier post, someone mentioned that waiting a month spoiled the game play. The EE has already been solved and they do not get to participate in the action. I wonder, since Blundell said that he thinks the community will be split with which EE gets done first, which map are you guys dedicating the majority of your time to?
  16. JJMFP

    The Soldier

    Chapter 9 At about 1 o'clock, he opens the refrigerator door and wheels out the body bag. By now, all other material has made it into the incinerator and it is as hot as it can get. He was sure to turn the heat up right before he went to lunch. The incinerator room is a balmy 98 degrees, or at least that is what the analog thermometer reads up on the wall, give or take a degree. The operator takes of his uniform jacket, due to the heat and hangs it up on a place hook located next to the incinerator. The operator then heads to the washroom and washes his hands and splashes water on his face. As he looks in the mirror, he hears a faint noise. He grabs four paper towels out of the dispenser and dries his face. He exits the bathroom, with the door swinging outward, and looks to his right, towards the dry storage area. Leaving the bathroom door open, puzzled and curious, he enters the dry storage area to inspect where the faint noise had come from. Everything seemed to be in order. He heads back towards the incinerator room and hears it again. He turns the corner and reaches for the bathroom door and eases it shut. "Ah, da bist Du!" exclaimed a German scientist. "Wir brauchen dich, um eins zu machen und noch mehr Müll zu sammeln." A bit startled, the operator catches his breath and replies, "Ich bin gleich da." He locks the refrigerator door and reaches up for his jacket and then puts it back on. He exits the incinerator room and heads to the lab to gather the waste. There is one thing for sure, this job has a never ending amount of waste, especially during the burn days. Job security never looked so good. The lab only had shredded documents and used syringes and other medical waste. They could have brought this stuff down on the cart it was stored on with no problem, but who is he to stir the pot. Besides, the walk over was an enjoyable one since it is not often that he gets to wander around the facility and converse with whomever may be walking by. He wheels the cart down to his dungeon and and offloads the material into the incinerator. He turns back to the door, with the cart in hand and proceeds back up to the lab so he can return the cart. On his way back down, he runs into a colleague that he used to work with years prior. The facility is so big, he hadn't the slightest clue that he worked here. I guess it was not that uncommon. His friend worked on the opposite side of the facility and rarely came over towards the labs. They catch up a bit and end with promises to get together outside of work to properly catch up on the years that had been forgotten. They part ways, and the incinerator operator continues back down to the incinerator room. Once there, he grabs the handle and pulls the door open. He steps in, looking at the incinerator, and begins to take off his jacket. No sooner did he get the jacket off, he is shoved to the ground by a force that he had never felt before. Stunned, and a bit disoriented, he looks up and behind him and sees the impossible lumbering towards him. It's the body on the stretcher! Lost for words and scrambling to his feet, he slips and struggles to get away. The corpse lumbers forward, steady and determined, and lunges at the operator. Luckily, the operator gets to his feet, but the door to exit is blocked. The only avenue open to him is the dry storage area. He runs into the storage area, which has plenty of space to maneuver, and begins hyperventilating at the fact that this creature is even possible. The dead entity comes lumbering around the corner. Its gate is slow and labored. Swaying from sided to side, and limping , the corpse draws closer. The operator begins to make his move. He dashes to the right and attempts to get around the corpse. As he dodges the corpse and makes his way around and out, a shrilling sound came from the corpse. To concerned with getting to safety, the operator does not look back. He reaches the heavy reinforced door and grabs the handle. What he doesn't know is that shrill was followed by a wild dash of rotting flesh and bones, heading straight for him. He turns and looks as he begins to open the door and realizes that it is too late. Within a second or two, the corpse was on top of him, clawing and biting its way through the operators flesh. It was not an easy way to die. Being eaten alive allows for the victim to feel every bite and scratch until the end. Laying on the floor, in a pool of blood and rotting flesh, the "Zombie" squats and enjoys the rest of its meal. Its hunger is insatiable.
  17. JJMFP

    The Soldier

    Chapter 8 The facility is abuzz, with workers cleaning labs and rooms and scientists pouring over the documents that are set to be destroyed. There are probably more people in the facility this day than there has been in quite a long time. It takes a lot of work to sterilize the facility to ensure that nothing contaminates the procedures that goes on inside. For the working class, it is just another day of sanitizing but for the scientists, it is a cold reminder of just how close they were to success. All the time spent accounting for every detail and dotting every I, how could they have overlooked something so easily rectified? The point is a moot one. Next time, there will be no drawbacks. The incinerator operator passes through the security check point and waves at the cute secretary behind the desk. After a little chit-chat with a few other colleges, he heads down a hallway to a large steel door. There are no fancy locks or mechanisms attached, simply the door. It has a handle on the left side and slides on a track suspended from the top of the jam. There are no windows on this door and there is a simple latch that keeps the door closed from the inside, yet it is never used. In an facility of the utmost security, this door is an oddity. After all, who in their right mind would want anything to do with the trash. Now, the refrigerated holding room is a different story. It comes with the standard padlock that most freezer/refrigerators come with. The safety mechanism on the inside remains intact on the off chance of an accidental lock-in. The incinerator operator unlocks the pad lock and steps inside to inventory the days waste that is due for disposal. He notices the body bag and wonders about its contents. Not exactly "in the know," there is still little that escapes his notice. If you want to find out something about someone or some place, you look in their garbage. Everything that is anything can be found in the unwanted refuse, left behind to forget. There are other things slated to be disposed of for the day. the operator checks over all of the contents of the fridge, looking back at the body bag every so often. He leaves the fridge and steps over to the dry storage to inspect the waste there that is due to be incinerated. His curiosity has always been a weak point for him. He wraps up his "inspection" and heads to the control panel for the incinerator and fires it up. The dry waste will be burned first. It gives the incinerator time to heat up and aides it by serving as fuel. It is the refrigerated waste that proves to be difficult to dispose of sometimes. You learn these little tricks, only by doing the job and he has been operating this incinerator for the better part of nine years. His tenure has seen some serious things come and serious things go. There isn't much that surprises him anymore. The operator, finished with the dry storage disposal process, heads back to the refrigerated storage and opens the door. As he steps inside, the body bag grabs his attention once more. His curiosity is eating at him. He walks over to the bag and begins to unzip it. The fowl odor that emits is enough to make one's stomach eat itself. He takes a step back to gain his senses back and reaches for a cotton mask to help with the smell. He unzips the bag down to about halfway. He grabs both sides of the zipper and slowly pulls the bag open. What lays before him is grotesque and unnerving. It is a body, but not just any body. It looks as if it has been laying around for quite some time. The decay suggests that this body has been expired for some time. Rib bones can be seen in spots and the flesh is dark and scabby. After all the time spent in this incinerator room, this probably takes the cake on weirdest shit seen. He turns his attention to the cart next to him. He has decided to wait on disposing of the body until all other matter has been incinerated. He knows that it may take an extended amount of time and heat to burn the bones. He will wait till after lunch to do the dirtiest work for the day.
  18. JJMFP

    Blackout Zombies

    7 hours, 23 minutes, and counting! I get off at 1 o'clock Eastern Standard Time. PS4 for the win. All social media will be put on hold for the week. Ciao.
  19. JJMFP

    The Soldier

    Chapter 7 It is day three, and the subject is still experiencing all the telltale signs of nerve gas poisoning. The copious amounts of nasal discharge and increased heart rate are being monitored closely. The subject is complaining of frequent headaches and has not been to ambulatory lately. It is a surprise that he is still alive. Just yesterday, it was noted that a spike in core body temperature rose to 104 F. and remained there for about an hour. There is no telling how long the subject will continue to experience these effects. It all depends on just how much exposure there was, and how the body has determined to deal with the chemical agent. The lunch meal came, and an untouched breakfast tray was removed from the room. There is little contact with the subject to save from the possibility of upper respiratory infection. Taking every precaution is necessary because they are in a medical unknown at the moment. Blood tests have been ordered to ensure that his levels of saturation still remain at normal operating levels. It would be a devastating tragedy if they were to lose their work and research on the whim of a mad SS Officer. The decision to use chemical agents in the field is not an uncommon practice, but the blatant disregard for the lives of German soldiers must be investigated. At about 1 o'clock, just after the lunch hour ended, the charge nurse arrives with the blood collection kit. As she preps the patients arm with alcohol swabs, she notices a bit of translucence in the skin. Finding the vein was not a problem and the draw was complete. She takes the rubber band of his arm and there is an immediate bruising noticed around the bicep. She annotates the bruising and leaves with the samples. In her mind, it does not look promising. Dr. Straub makes his daily visit to the subject and becomes concerned that they may be losing the patient. His eyes remain blood shot and his motor functions are slow and labored. He looks over the log of vitals and begins to think of the possibility of scraping the project. A fresh start may be needed. The data suggests that the nerve agent may have been to much for the subjects body to combat against. Either way, data is data and results are results. It is probably a good thing in a way, now they know that there is an invulnerability and their search for a perfect super soldier will have to be tweaked. It is possible to engineer certain resistances to outside interferences. The next iteration of soldier will have this taken into account. It wasn't long after Dr. Straub left that announcement chimed over the overhead speakers. "Code Blue" in patient room one. Straub, sitting at his desk, hangs his head a bit in defeat and vows to improve on this recent loss. He pulls the file and updates the findings. "DECEASED." The disposal process of the subject is a simple one. The subject will be wheeled down to the incinerator and burned. It is clean and effective and the risk of any possible cross-contamination from the body's secretions are non-existent. For the time being, the subject is zipped up into a black cadaver bag and stored in the refrigerator down in the basement. The incinerator is fired up twice a week and it will not be until tomorrow before the waste will be disposed of. In a matter of days, all data and information on the failed test will be cleansed from the record and a new trial will be rescheduled. There can be no evidence of failure, even if it did produce positive results.
  20. I would love to see it start backwards. By that I mean, I want to be able to get to the Situation Room as part of the Easter egg. I think it would be a nice touch to start us out somewhere deeper in the Pentagon and that part of the map will be available but not the whole thing. I think it would be really cool to have to go into the older parts of the map to secure things that was left behind during the first iteration. I do not want to see a complete copy of 5!
  21. Ah. How fitting. To bad we won't be killing him again.
  22. Did we solve the last game..... I asked for a B. Not sure if we are on the next game or not.

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