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  1. I am really excited to hear about the fact that Cold War Zombies will be playable cross-gen. I think this does something great for the community, finally bringing everyone together.
  2. I am going to be on PS4 playing zombies today around 2 pm EST.  I will have one with me that is a zombie veteran but has not had the chance to play the new hotness.  If anyone wants to join in on the fun, hit me up on psn (JJMFP)!

  3. Looking to do BOTD EE.  Need two.

  4. It looks like the Website is buzzing right now.  I no longer see just two people on at a time.  My prediction has come to fruition.  Its good to be back!

  5. Ah. How fitting. To bad we won't be killing him again.
  6. Did we solve the last game..... I asked for a B. Not sure if we are on the next game or not.
  7. Just giving you a hard time. I like seeing me at the bottom.
  8. I have read it up and down and still have no clue why you would throw me a pity point. Anyway, I am going to go with a B
  9. I'm going to say nix. I want to take my guess back
  10. If I was @The Meh, I would change my word so there are no E's! No E for you
  11. R b/c it is good enough for wheel of fortune.
  12. I actually agree! If you are truly playing regularly, then it should not be a problem. I was just being salty b/c I had a pretty good idea what it was but didn't want to waste a strike on an incorrect guess.
  13. Just swoop in for the kill huh?
  14. Hmmm. Let's see an "L" on that board.
  15. OH, how you are a product of BO2. Zombie Shields and buildable weapons are a new concept for the franchise, and I miss the days of spinning the roullette wheel, and grabbing the thundergun first.(@KlowniiN-)
  16. I could get it fairly easy. Sounds like a viable option.
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