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  1. Hammer143

    Medal Request Topic

    So, I know I've been absent for a while, but any chance I could still get my medals? Lol
  2. Hammer143

    Der Eisendrache - Main Easter Egg

    It can be done with 1-4 players, but if you do it offline you will need to upgrade all bows, while online you only need to build one for each person in game.
  3. Hammer143

    Medal Request Topic

    ...pretty please?
  4. Hammer143

    Medal Request Topic

    Thanks, I still need the marlton and Nikolai medals, and also the regular medal as I've been here for a full year now. Plus the CODZ enthusiast if I get the fore mentioned medals
  5. Hammer143

    Medal Request Topic

    Hey, could I get the medals I provided the proof for on page 2 of this topic? It's only been like a year since I posted it lol
  6. Hammer143

    Medal Request Topic

    So..... How about those medals?
  7. Hammer143

    Medal Request Topic

    And finally for the Marlton medal, this a solo on buried
  8. Hammer143

    Medal Request Topic

    And this is for the Nikolai medal. This is a 2 player co op
  9. Hammer143

    Medal Request Topic

    Will this do for the career kills 4, doors opened, grenade kills, revives, and perks drank medals?
  10. Hammer143

    Medal Request Topic

    How about this?
  11. Hammer143

    Medal Request Topic

    There you go. For the Richtofen's Servant medal, just supply proof that you have the three EE achievements from BO2 (Tower of Babble, High Maintenance, and Mined Games). Will these suffice?
  12. Was not expecting that outro, breathes some actual anticipation into this story

  13. Hammer143

    Medal Request Topic

    I need the introductions medal, and what do you need for varification of the richtophen's servent medal?
  14. Welcome to the forums Hammer143 :)

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