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Those aren't GRAVITY spikes...

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So some people may have noticed at the end of the most recent trailer that you can pull out SPIKES and slam them down like the GRAVITY SPIKES from multiplayer.

However, with the way that the zombies acted in the trailer, they appeared to float, followed by Richtofen saying "What goes up must come down!". 


These are ANTIGRAVITY SPIKES. My thinking is that this will immobalize zombies in mid air, allowing you to escape or shoot them. Would be a really cool either WW or specialist weapon. Thoughts?

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12 hours ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

Or it's just a box weapon. 

Yea but that's too easy, clearly Treyarch have diverted from the simplicity of maps pre Black Ops II. When was the last time they did that, MotD. Even though you could build the Acid Upgrade to convert the Blundergat to the Acid-Gat. To me they look like a buildable.

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On January 29, 2016 at 3:06 PM, The Meh said:

Although I give you credit, as the idea of Anti-Gravity Spikes would be pretty damn cool, I can't say you have the right idea... nor do I think you fully grasp anti-gravitational concepts as well, even though you have a good idea of it with what you've said here.

In terms of actual anti-gravity, it's more... theoretical. All physical objects are bound to a gravitational force, binding us down to the ground we lay our feet on. We may be able to go beyond the likes of the ground itself with flying and more, but we eventually must reach back down to the ground, to our own gravitationally-bound placement on Earth. In such, the mere concept of a weapon capable of stopping something or someone in their tracks, and forcing them midair for a limited time, albeit cool, is not as possible, given how gravity works. Not only would the technology have to be perhaps centuries past our time, but the sheer concept itself particularly goes against one of the biggest physical concepts of our world.
As Richtofen cited: "What goes up... MUST COME DOWN."

Added to the equation of this theory, you have the trailer. You did catch exactly how the zombie's movement is after the use of the Spikes, yet it's really not anything of the "anti-gravity" sort. You see them gradually fall downwards during the use of that time. If the use of this weapon causes a slower fall from the zombies, then we might have something. But, in terms of the video, I'm thinking that was some editing on Treyarch's part, to make that bit of the video slightly more flashy and cool by slightly slowing down the time. I can look over the clip again to check in case of if I'm wrong... but in the meantime, my point stands as so.
(Slight note: You mention how the zombies could possibly be immobilized. Is that not generally how Killing Time is supposed to work?)

As to the nature of the weapon itself, I cannot really say anything until we get a hands-on look at the map and weapons. These Spikes could be like a Specialist Weapon, alongside the Bow (or... Sparrow, so to speak...). The way this weapon works will most likely be similar to how, perhaps, the actual Gravity Spikes may work, but... I digress...

Past that, I can't wait to see just how this map is going to work.
I'll give you credit for this idea, just as well.

Looks like i was right.

when you grab the DG4, the prompt calls it an antigravity field.

gg no re

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On 2/3/2016 at 4:10 AM, PINNAZ said:

Haha. GG @AlphaOmega !!!

Why hasn't anyone given you Brains?


I hope you continue to post quality threads again like you did during BO2


Brains again mate. 


I was just so hyped that i got something right xD i've only predicted something like twice so when it happened I was giddy! And thanks for the encouragement! I've just been lurking fort he past 2 years but with BOIII I will be returning with some more theories and guides, if I can manage. 


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