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What is up with the Wunderwaffe?


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I have found that the Wunderwaffe is, simply put, bad in The Giant. I don't know if it is just me, but sometimes when I seem to shoot straight at zombies they are unaffected - and even when hit, the chain reactions seem reduced. Combined with the slow nature of using it, I have found that guns like the Drakon are now my most wanted guns.


Anyone having the same kinda experience?

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It's definitely less powerful than it used to be, and now that PaP makes it a crawler maker, it's best to just not PaP it at all...


As someone who has never liked using the weapon, I can't be bothered to hope for a fix. You're right about one thing, many other weapons are better than the DG2 or 3, I've been really satisfied with how powerful shotguns are in the Giant now, the PaP'd haymaker is a life saver if you get cornered, quite overpowered in my opinion but I'm not complaining lol 

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