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In this topic I actually moved towards linking Mob of the dead's story to Origin's story. 



That's what MOTD is I think: A way to understand the Origins story. 



Basically in a nut shell: After the richtofen ending maxis is in hell (argartha) with samantha's consciousness, and the other O4 characters. Because mad richtofen does not exist in this nether world, due to his consciousness being in the aether (samantha's bedroom) his mind is only capable of his biological minimal. Meaning how he would be if he never touched the pyramid on moon. One of the few times he was sane and met with the other 3 was during WW1 in France. Unlike the original timeline, zombies attack here, due to this being argartha, or hell, just like in MOTD. This causes maxis's "death" despite it actually being a case of maxis's consciousness arriving after his body. At the end, quad-rotor maxis accends into the aether like weasel, and begins ripping richtofen from control of samantha's game by "bringing her to the basement" . 


Just my 2 cents. 

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That's really interesting I never thought of it like that, I always thought mob of the dead as a separate dimension, with origins starting off the whole thing, because in the cut scene she says tomorrow it your turn. The end of black ops 1, when Richtofen gains control, is "tomorrow". Black ops 1 and origins has Samantha, then Black ops 2 is Richtofen's turn to control them, with Maxis tryig to take over, maybe thinking his daughter shouldn't be playing with this boy and trying to save her by taking over the game from Eddie. MOTD has no linkage into my theory, however, and my thoughts on that is that it is just a random DLC map within its own dimension controlled by Satan (three dog heads are Cerberus, 6 zombies to each = 666, different demonic announcer) and the inmates are trapped in an infinite loop constantly being revived until Weasel can get his revenge and the other three pay for their heinous crimes. What does everybody else think?

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Ever wonder why they have red eyes? Not just the ones on MotD, but all of them. Do they share the same controller as the red eyed zombies from MotD or what?

Another thing to think about is how they teleport from random places (frequently inside the teleporters) on Der Riese even during regular zombies rounds. Perhaps they're teleporting from the same place in MotD when they are seen on the walls there.

Just some thoughts here.

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@thegoldenspork115 That's a really interesting question. Through various quotes and the very name Hellhounds, we know they come from Hell. Through other quotes, we also know the Devil controls them. With that, I believe that the Devil is in control in Mob of the Dead, so it would make sense that he controls the hounds. It's also believed that Hell is Aether (through other quotes and GKNOVA 6 information), and if that's the case, why don't the hounds change eye color when the controller of Aether, or Hell, changes? I know that's what you're asking, and I don't know the answer to that. But they definitely seem to be special, or unique, given your examples of teleportation.

I have something I want everyone to consider about Der Riese. The building is the Der Riese Waffenfabrik, or The Giant Weapons Factory. We know that in the 1930s, Maxis and Group 935 had been there working on various things, like Vril and Wonder Weapons. In 1915, Maxis was working on the M1916CXS for Mauser, a German firearms manufacturer, and by 1917, we know Group 935 was working on Wonder Weapons. Is it possible that the location in which he first began his M1916CXS was Der Riese and they've been there all along?

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@Tac That would be a very long and standing organization. I would've thought that Germany's fall in World War I would cause the group to shrink back and become quite private. Now ultimately, failing to ensure the motherland a victory would cause Group 935 not to produce anymore variations of Wonder Weapons; hence, they stuck specifically to just manufacturing weapons for the time being. Although I personally believe that Origins was not the actual history of the entire Zombies storyline, I do believe certain aspects such as that to be considerably true.


Whether anyone considers Origins fully canon or not, Der Riese was a weapons manufacturing factory from the entire get-go in order to support the Germans in their endeavors. It wasn't until later that they had to resort to slightly hasty decisions, such as receiving funding from Adolf Hitler and possibly outside organization in the Third Reich to continue their research.

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I always assumed that they were not teleporting, but replicating. As we all are aware from the Der Riese radios fluffy was said to have been pregnant with ze puppies.

Dr. Maxis: "You must feed her every day, and walk her, and be very careful when you play with her. You know she's going to have puppies?"


So all of hellhounds that we encounter are actually the spawn of the original. They exist around the same belief that there are a seemingly infinite amount of zombie corpses in the maps area. If they really possessed the power of teleportation I would assume that they would reflect the movements of the nova crawlers on moon.

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