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  1. Welcome to the forums markzwick99 :)

  2. I'm sorry I should have elaborated, I hated the BL2 story maps. Only maps I didn't like in BO1 were ascension, because the monkeys ruined it, and shangrila because it was just so annoying with too much going on. I understand your confusion, my bad.
  3. I started with Kino der Toten, so I'm not a hardcore Der Riese fan like World at War veterans, but I can say I hated all of the maps that had anything to do with the normal story. Could not stand Die Rise, Buried, or Tranzit. Loved Verruckt, Kino, COTD, Moon, MOTD, and Origins. Not sure where that puts me in the parties but if in real life, my guess would be moderate.
  4. that's a very good assessment and very well thought out definitions. Based on that assessment I would say most people are moderate including myself. Good job!
  5. I don't think we can use real-life political parties as a reference, most people that play COD are either unaffiliated or Republican, Liberals are not exactly huge fans of violent video games. But I'm with you as a Republican
  6. That's really interesting I never thought of it like that, I always thought mob of the dead as a separate dimension, with origins starting off the whole thing, because in the cut scene she says tomorrow it your turn. The end of black ops 1, when Richtofen gains control, is "tomorrow". Black ops 1 and origins has Samantha, then Black ops 2 is Richtofen's turn to control them, with Maxis tryig to take over, maybe thinking his daughter shouldn't be playing with this boy and trying to save her by taking over the game from Eddie. MOTD has no linkage into my theory, however, and my thoughts on that is that it is just a random DLC map within its own dimension controlled by Satan (three dog heads are Cerberus, 6 zombies to each = 666, different demonic announcer) and the inmates are trapped in an infinite loop constantly being revived until Weasel can get his revenge and the other three pay for their heinous crimes. What does everybody else think?
  7. Anyone who just wants to talk zombies storyline with no restrictions, this is your place. Bring up a topic about the storyline and we can get a great community discussion going. I have done a fair amount of research and am ready to answer most questions!
  8. Welcome to the forums markzwick99 :)

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