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*POLL* BLOPS II Wrap up: Exlusive Weapons

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Hi everyone! I hope you have all been enjoying Labor day and are ready to get back to zombie killing. As most of you know, this will be Treyarch's last official map pack. Thus, I have decided to create a few poles on how well Treyarch did.

This poll is based on Weapons. But not just any weapons. These are Era/Map specific weapons that only appear in one map. For the sake of space, I did not include stuff from Origins, which basically has around 7 something new weapons, but I have the basic ones for it.

So go ahead for 2 of your faves. Let's make this a review for Treyarch! If they really pay attention, this poll may very well change the very next game!

Congrats to Treyarch on an awesome season of zombies and I hope to see you all soon!

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Golden spork and reznovs revenge was just too much win on Motd. Knifing till in the 30s was too epic. Should put the hells redeemer though.

very well put, id vote this order,..




edit: era specific I kinda enjoyed the Remington new model army, even if it was just a reskinned python or whatever,

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