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  1. There has to be at least a EE to get one similar to the ray gun in waw campaign and the thunder gun in bo1 campaign. Or maybe we can get one in the normal campaign?
  2. In waw and bo1 Nikolai refers to the many wives hes had and killed in the past. Do you guys think this all happened in the same dimension or could it possibly be him somehow having knowledge of his other selves? After all the no4 seems to know of things that they shouldn't so Maby the o4 also new things they shouldn't of and we just didn't realize at the time. Plz share your thoughts below
  3. That's strange considering the fact that the box is free and can be hit infinitely. I haven't seen these wrapped up pants but I'll give nightmares another play thru
  4. Could be. But how cool would it be if weasel did something at der reise before the no4 shows up? He might understand more of what's going on. He might of even stopped at SOE for something. He escaped in 1930s after all. He might of met young Richthofen during his 2 years of travels. Richthofen even says he's seen a lot of historys aand futures. Weasel might of told Richthofen about the summoning cube
  5. Yes but there also yellow and blue eyes if I'm remembering correctly. And I figured it might be like the bo1 And bo2 campaigns.
  6. Is this confirmed to be the same plane? If so then I wonder what weazel was doing in der reise? Wonder what weasel's been up to sense he broke his cycle and escaped Alcatraz island? Do any of you think he has anything to do wit SOE? Let's hear the theorys guys.
  7. 3arc definitely did a great job this time around. Iv always wanted a sequel to dead ops because I enjoyed the first one. I love the new fps power up.
  8. I just finished the nightmares story and I never found any wonder weapons in box or as special drops. Has anyone found any or know of a easter egg to get one. It might work like the wonder weapon eggs in bo1 and bo2 campaigns.
  9. no. the game ends when the egg is compleated
  10. when origins easter egg is completed the game ends so theres no possable chance that theres more steps to complete. i agree that its very disapointing that we dont get a reward for completeing this gruling egg but it is what it is. the egg is done and theres no more to it. and the vials is just a reference the campaign team thru in there cuz they made MoTD and origins
  11. i agree that origins is not the first game they played cuz it shows sam and eddies name on the leg of the bed with tally marks showing there score indicating that they have played befor.
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