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    And the fact that Richtofen's portrait also appears in "Five" means that it isn't Richtofen? The blank portrait is NOT the Mexican's portrait. There are literally dozens of blank portraits. However, the placement of the one particular blank portrait next to the other four characters is the spot where the Mexican WOULD have gone. As for the Nacht der Untoten loading screen, there are literally dozens of different theories for that, none of which have been incorporated, because it is impossible to prove any of those theories' credibility over any other when all they use is the same singular vague piece of evidence. Tank replaced the Mexican AFTER he was killed, its not the Mexican! maybe maxis? think about it, a mysterious character no one has seen till the very last map! maxis! or more likely marlton in the comics? it definitely looks like him, the glasses could suggest Samuel, but I mean look at ascension loading screen, that is marlton,..!! probably lol
  2. good read, mostly agree, have a few questions/ideas though,.. if kino is in 1960's, how then is it possible to have a radio transmission of the o4 arriving at kino in Shi No Numa,.. you know the one? is this recording from the future? how is this possible? I not so sure, the map must start before snn sometime, or at the sametime, but I doubt it. think this map is set in more than 1 time. but then how did the tower get there? cotd modern time, and richtofen hands over the dg2, ending our ability to time travel Shangri-la modern time, time traveling temple, time backwards with eclipse, im guessing to the exact moment were supposededly at der riese, there is an eclipse there 2, der riese is also the 1st we time travelled, maybe it wasn't the dg2. moon modern time,.. marlton in nuketown while ol4 on moon, motd ferguson states he was a guard at the prison from 33-42, so its after 1942, he didn't die that new years eve, al did, weeks later the other 3 were executed, ferguson did not die that night he lived and time moved on, mob 4 are forced to relive that night, so there frozen in time, in their new reality(hell probs), the rest of the world is not, brutus lets us know the truth, or all time realy is frozen but when the cycle is broken time is free to move forward again, this kinda happens in die rise with richtofen being able to pull it off, so maybe motd is a taste of what a REAL CONTROLLER can do(pretty crazy stuff in that map) I cant help but wonder if treyarch planned it all from the start, I mean if they didn't, id be willing to go as far as saying there a bit behind us in terms of the story, things like adding the kino intro to a radio in snn when blops arrived, why? maybe they found a hole in their original plot,.. some trearch guy "so we just throw this radio in here,.. and problem solved" then other treyarch guy goes "no, no,.. this is merely to buy us more time, so we can figure out where this story goes, before they do" **points at codz**

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