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  1. yep, yep you can, I only realy tried round front of jug was probs glitchy, since ive placed it just bout everywhere ( haven't tried the tank yet, would be 8-) )
  2. wow, that would be pretty cool, how do you argue with that? so who is the guy that asks telixion to name them?
  3. how about patch notes then,.. Game Update Notes: Aug. 22, 2013 Die Rise ◦Leapers no longer become stuck in the main elevator shaft are we not going with official names anymore? its going to be perma perks, teddy, Leroy again is it? we have an official name for 'jumping jacks',..... they are LEAPERS,.. been waiting to say this since the day i was told there NOT permaperks there persistent upgrades, so without further adue,.. "get with the program people" @MMX, these official names provide your trilogy with undeniable fact! treyarch names them what they want, throw us f'all bones, and its up to us to do the rest! chillax dude, half the people on this site cant even read a guide let alone try to tie up and connect the entire zombies story, and that is FACT! my hat is still off to you mate, EDIT1+2: ok so I may have to take back the "get with the program people" quote, bugger im still convinced this is there official name but, jumping jacks is solid also, as pinnaz explained that telixion explained,.. if that makes sense, heres it is, thanks pinnaz They may just be "code names", but I'll take "One Inch Punch" as a proper name because there is no other mentioned. As for the 'Jumping Jacks', Telixion was the person that got to name the "Leapers" Jumping Jacks. you can check this thread out or the video below explains why. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=139&t=28591&p=275808#p275808 EDIT3: link to discussion viewtopic.php?f=100&t=36656
  4. hmm, used the link and was going through the last patch notes, don't know if anyone noticed at the time but, Die Rise ◦Leapers no longer become stuck in the main elevator shaft. is this official name of jumping jack/nova crawler evolved or whatever?
  5. That's a great idea and way to do it! I bet you could do that before round 8 too. this is probably the best way,.. if your not using your shield, its watching your back, so theres another bonus
  6. the airstrikes, will actually take out the hoard as well, monkeys while great, just don't have the takedown power that the airstrikes do, the airstrikes are also arguably easier to obtain than monkeys, givin that there is no luck involved in getting them, and as a bonus they cost nothing(the doors you are going to buy either way)
  7. Rezurection, if you can truly only get 1 get this, 5 maps is a no brainer, the 1st part of the ee on moon can be done solo and the map is pretty epic,.. Apocalypse, well if your not already saving for this you should be, it is Kaarayzee Siaackk,.. you know what,.. just flip a coin, let fate decide,..
  8. ok, so I tried placing the shield in a few spots on the tank path in the mud and it wouldn't place, but I could place it on the pallets on the tank tracks, I think the muds about the only place you cant plant it,
  9. my vote was probably a little biased, but not for the old 4, Russians are just mad, love it, I mean who didn't like fighting alongside Reznov, or remember chasing the Nazis down that town street in WAW meagaphone blaring "ABANDON YOUR HOMES" good times,.. if their was no Russian, id prob vote for finn, love the quotes, or misty, I always seem to have real good games with her(prob coz her huge cans help reduce recoil ) **all the women in the forum :roll: **
  10. you can definitely place it, Not quite sure how, seeing as it doesn't give you the option to when it's equipped. I do it to get fresh ones all the time, just hit the right trigger,.. pretty sure ive placed one in the mud too, coz I know ive placed a couple on the tank route between jug and wind cave entrance. maybe you cant place it on the walkways, you know those planks and such that are everywhere, im gonna go try some things, see if we cant figure this out, either way it can be placed, il let you know,..
  11. one more thing I just noticed in game,... after you get the first 2 lightning parts, if you run back to generator 2(tank station) and call the tank via the switch on the wall,.. it only cost 500 to call, when it gets there the next ride is free, so only 1500 to build the lightning staff,
  12. this^ it also blocks the panzer soldats claw later rounds if you've been down and cant afford jug, this is a real game saver,
  13. thought I might have remembered wrong, oh well 25 points is still 25 points,.. bugger hadn't tried this one yet, will save a lot of time knowing this edit: the shield definitely blocks the grap hook, you can hear the sound it makes when it hits, makes evading him that much easier
  14. heres what you need buddy,.. courtesy of ApocalypticSk8r viewtopic.php?f=155&t=36258 courtesy of AlphaOmega viewtopic.php?f=155&t=36258
  15. heres a couple point saving ideas,.. -you could just forget about paping the mauser, the lightning staff will only cost you 2000 points, theres 3000 less you have to make, -if you have time, all but the fire staff can be made ultimate by round 8, ice takes some luck for parts, wind parts is like waiting for the bus all over again, good times,.. -is their 115 zombies before round 8, free pap gun if your accurate,.. -if your couple hundred short, with a full health zombie, out run him back to spawn, he should appear behind a barrier, keep it that way, he takes aboard off you put one back on,.. -still short,.. got a shovel don't you, dig up a new zombie then point whore him,.. -ive heard a rumour somewhere round this site, probs the Did You Know Origins edition post, im not sure is true, but apparently if you go prone after buying a perk it costs you 25 points, -save 1 zombie from round 1, when you power up the 1st generator, keep hopping on and off so it doesn't fully charge, Templars are only worth 10 points, but they don't stop coming
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